New Moon in Scorpio. Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for October 23 to 30, 2016

Weekly Horoscope Overview
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It’s a New Moon in Scorpio at the end of this week on Sunday, October 30th
. I’ll talk more about that in a moment.

Mercury and Venus are in focus mostly this week, with each connecting to a variety of planets, indicating dynamic fluctuations of positive and negative experiences.

Mercury follows the Sun and enters Scorpio this week on Monday, October 24, 2016 at 4:46 pm EDT.

Do you remember when Mars was retrograde in Scorpio over the summer? Well, Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio are bringing even more focus to our thoughts, behavior, actions, reactions and motivations now.

There is an analytical, deconstructing type of energy with this. It’s where we shine light on the truth and examine psychology more closely.

The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio encourages additional focus on the detective, no-stone-unturned, investigative approach. Our inner sleuth puts on her thinking cap and we investigate what is true and what is false. We naturally become more curious.

Now is the time to be more aware of the deeper psychological, underlying factors and motivations that lead to people’s behavior. Looking behind the curtain, behind the veil of illusion, more pertinent questions to weed out intentionally misleading information, lies, and fabrications are likely to be asked.

As you know, I have an interest in all facets of people’s personalities, psychology and human behavior. I’ve watched a few episodes of a show called Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners that reveals the thinking processes of people with OCD as well as those who are hoarders. The show details the juxtaposition of these types of people confronting their underlying issues. This relates to Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio now.

I mention this because Mercury in Scorpio can bring attention to obsessive thinking, and OCD type qualities, while the Sun brings further awareness and a need to acknowledge the truth of reality. Getting deep down into the very depths of grime and dirt, to the underbelly, to the truth of what is below the surface, is a very Plutonian thing, and Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.

This indicates an increased lack of trust in the actions and motivations of politicians and powerful leaders. Conspiracy theories can grab more people’s attention now. People want to find out the truth, and see more of what’s going on behind the scenes so they know where things truly stand.

In personal relationships, a lack of trust may need to be faced this week if there is suspicions of hiding things.

Speedy Mercury also catches up to the Sun in Scorpio a little later in the week on Thursday, October 27, 2016. A stronger focus on talking about people’s actions, behavior and motivations is going to increase. A revelation or important insight can show up this week. Write down your thoughts and ideas to explore and investigate further.

With intuition on high, it’s much easier to understand what’s going on behind the scenes with other people. Hidden motives, secrets and underlying reasoning is likely to come out in the open. Those who are sneaky and hide things could get discovered. The hidden cause of people’s behavior can be revealed, particularly of those who are in the media and the political arena. This is a good time to get a reading, or work with your own tarot deck for behind the scenes insights.

This is a great time for investigative journalists to get the inside scoop.

If you are voting, this can be a good time to look at alternatives, so you are more aware of those that don't get as much media attention.

Venus and Neptune are not in harmony on Tuesday, October 25, 2016. A sense of inner discontent can arise. Even superficial concerns like physical beauty can be more challenging for some now. Those with obsessional tendencies may have a false self image that causes an unhealthy perception of their physical body. Unhealthy, possessive fantasies about love and relationships can create problems as well.

This is a time to pay attention to how your body and spirit feel disconnected. Whatever keeps you from feeling connected to the physical, can be the catalyst that gets you to start reconnecting to your body in spiritual ways now.

For instance, if you spend way too much time in virtual reality, online and on your phone, and you neglect other areas of your life in the real world, it’s going to impact your body and spirit more noticeably now. If you are so addicted to the internet and virtual reality that you aren’t eating properly or taking care of yourself as you know you should, it’s going to feel more harmful now and force you to wake up to your body.

If you are a dreamer but aren’t getting anything done in the real world, you’re going to notice it more now too. This is a good time to discover what needs to be corrected within yourself so that you can enjoy the physical well being of life and feel spiritually balanced.

Those with harmful addictions will have to face reality to bring the focus back to self love.

Venus does have a positive connection with Jupiter the next day, on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. This can be a great time to get back in touch with your senses in a positive way, especially if you’ve been feeling disconnected (as mentioned above).

A boost of confidence is especially pronounced when giving or receiving a compliment now. You can create a better aura around yourself and make others feel good with honest, sincere, kind words to share good energy. Beauty, harmony, laughter and joy in relationships is valued now. Love and peace grows the more you share it. A more positive perspective on this day is very helpful overall and can align you with optimistic blessings.

You could find you regain more faith in yourself and in relationships now. Something that touches your heart can remind you of the power of love and peace. This is a great time to open your heart to give and receive good energy to help bring balance to life this week. Hugs are freeing.

A few days later, Venus meets Saturn in Sagittarius on Saturday, October 29, 2016.

So, Venus first met with Neptune, then Jupiter and now Saturn this week. Introverts could find themselves more shy on the weekend than usual. Self love and self respect are the lessons to learn this week, and the feelings can go back and forth. Love brings rewards.

Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here.

It’s officially a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 1:38 pm EDT.

Mercury and Neptune have a positive connection on Sunday before the New Moon.

Intuition and intelligence are highlighted as we head into this New Moon. There is an especially strong psychic quality at this time which will increase once the New Moon arrives. An interest in esoteric subjects, fantasies and creativity are increased. If you’re a creator in any capacity this is the time to stay up late and access your creative genius. Artists will find hidden meaning and symbolism fascinating.

Meaningful coincidences are sure to show up. Repeating numbers and messages are set to bring some curiosity and mystery to life.

The New Moon indicates the importance of becoming more aware of the truth as well. Less of us will be willing to put up with contradictions, corruption and hidden information, particularly in politics and business.

Behind the scenes behavior and actions can become much more obvious over the coming weeks, and can reveal what people are really like. As mentioned earlier, the inner sleuth wakes up. It becomes much easier to see the hidden motivations of others now.

I know I’ve been talking a lot about politics lately since Pluto and Mars are so strong in Capricorn now, of course it’s to be expected. I think for some of you, it can be overwhelming, even stressful with the state of politics. It can all be so intense. With Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio, the New Moon in Scorpio, and Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, these considerations are going to increase though… talk of finance, debt, politics, economy, business, war… all of those things are strongly highlighted with our current astrological atmosphere. They will pass, but now we’re in the thick of it.

Remember when Pluto was retrograde and when Mars was retrograde in Scorpio. This all comes together on the world stage with these two power players now in Capricorn. The intensity of leaders battling it out is sure to be high this week.

Finding ways to relieve stress, anxiety and worry is important this week. I recommend focusing more time on bringing positive energy to your personal life to help create some healthy distance from the escalating tensions in the political arena and media circus. Wednesday can be the best time to focus on the positive to help smooth out the week.

The New Moon in Scorpio encourages more interest in the mysterious side of life. I recently heard an interesting interview on the radio with the creator of Twin Peaks that discusses the curious quality of the show. Though I’ve never watched that show, the intelligent discussion captivated my interest and is very much in tune with the mysterious qualities of Scorpio. You can listen to the interview here.

There’s lots more to talk about and I’ll be sharing more in the Daily Astro Advice Horoscopes each day this week.

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I hope you all have an awesome, healthy, healing, blessed week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so thankful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namasté.

Quick Overview of where the planets are this week:

The Sun is in Scorpio
The Moon transits from Leo to Scorpio this week
New Moon in Scorpio is on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 1:38 pm
Mercury transits from Libra to Scorpio on Monday, October 20 at 4:46 pm
Venus is in Sagittarius
Mars is in Capricorn
Jupiter is in Libra
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is retrograde in Aries
Neptune is retrograde in Pisces
Pluto is Direct in Capricorn

*All times in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs:
Astro Advice for October 23 to 30, 2016

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Aries: Getting to understand your money situation more deeply is important. Digging deep into all your paperwork and organizing your files regarding your bills, investments, life insurance and your will is a wise choice this week. Wrap your head around your money situation and be on top of your game. Being more intuitive will help you make better choices. Clearing out your cabinets, drawers, your attic or your basement can bring you treasures.

Taurus: Your debt situation and interest rates could use some attention. If you have a high rate on your credit card, try to reduce it now. Limiting yourself from spending too much gives you a sense of responsibility and also helps you to know what has real value for your life. Spending on things without good reason just isn’t the best option now. Wise investments can bring good returns. Look at the big picture of your finances and balance that will the everyday details of transactions for best decisions. An honest perspective creates changes in your relationships, setting the stage for new beginnings.

Gemini: It’s a good time to think more about how effective your daily routine is. Asking yourself lots of questions about why you do what you do is important. Your unconscious habits can use your attention. If you have fears that are part of your reasons for what you do, it’s time to think about that more. How can you live each day without so much fear brewing below the surface? It’s a good time to do affirmations to remind you of making better choices. Your thoughts are powerful.

Cancer: You have a deep well of creative, intuitive insights. This is the time to put your pen to paper, or your paintbrush to the canvas and enjoy what arises. Your best ideas can be absolutely brilliant now. By exposing all your vulnerabilities to inspire your creative self, you have a much broader tapestry to work with. Dive deep into your psyche and explore. Too much time focused on money matters can drain you of vitality this week. If you’ve been passive and neglecting learning and expanding your philosophy on life, this week can motivate you to take meaningful action. You could be asked to spend more valuable time with family and those close, and it can end up being good for you.

Leo: You don’t know everything about your family and those close. This is a good time to take a look at your family tree and investigate who is who. Knowing more about your origins and background can lift a veil of mystery about yourself and those you care about. It can be difficult to translate your creative ideas into the real world now. Discussing and deciding on what is worth your time is useful. Exposing yourself to a wide array of beautiful, inspiring works is good for you. However, to create at a higher level you’ll need to figure out how to get the resources and supplies that makes your dreams a reality.

Virgo: Talking and reading about mysterious, dreamy, fantastical subjects is especially beneficial this week. A deep well of knowledge can stimulate your mind in amazing ways. You could also meet the most interesting people that you may never have imagined you’d meet. Be open to discussing subjects you know little about and your intelligence quotient will thank you. Relationship and family matters can be blurry this week. Trusting your intuition in relationships later in the week helps bring you new answers. The New Moon brings you a different point of view.

Find out how the cosmic trends speak specifically to you and your relationships with your own Personalized Astro Advice Reading

Libra: Do you feel secure in your money situation? This week should help bring you some clarity. Talking about money matters and limitations can actually help you come up with solutions and help you feel like you’re growing. You may not be able to figure out the exact best approach yet, and you may feel like your options are still somewhat vague, but keeping your thinking cap on will help you see what is possible. Cleaning up your paperwork can be a good start. The New Moon encourages a fresh start to try different approaches and imagining new possibilities.

Scorpio: Happy New Moon in your sign. Mercury is also in your sign now. A new way of thinking about yourself is right around the corner. Goals and changes are a big part of your way forward now. This is the time to follow up your talk with focused actions so you can get the results you want. Meditate this week if possible. The most creative, brilliant, imaginative thoughts can give you a new lease on your life. It’s a great time to do a self assessment test to learn more about where your head is at now. Use your smarts for good.

Sagittarius: Self love is increasingly important for you now. The type of people you enjoy being around most should be a part of your week. Enjoying the company of others that are balanced and positive, will give you a boost of esteem and self confidence that empowers you. Your dreams and imagination can take you on a journey of great self discovery now. Take some time to meditate and visualize and brilliant insights can expand your experience of life immensely. Look up to the stars in wonder.

Capricorn: There’s a lot of energy in your sign now that is putting you through some personal changes. Exercise to burn off excess energy. It’s good for you. Your social life comes more into focus this week. The New Moon can have you seeing people in a new way. Seeing the depths of people, and talking about your feelings is good for your spirit. Difficult feelings can arise this week relating to love, faith and limitations. Talking about your deeper feelings with those you trust is helpful.

Aquarius: Your motivations are likely to lean more towards your goals and career matters this week. Your financial situation, especially if you have found it to be vague and unpredictable, can start to make sense this week as it relates to your career goals. You could find that putting some limits on your social life and relationships is necessary this week to get yourself in order. Spending on a luxurious, fun, eventful and adventurous life can give you a reality check this week. A more serious tone is likely to be required of you now.

Pisces: Your career could feel like a bit of a mystery this week. Are you doing what you love? Is it really aligned with your best abilities? Does the work satisfy you? Exploring the possibilities of living a life that is smartly inspired by curiosity is recommended. Follow your curiosities and see where they take you. Writing can be of great value now, and travel to places you know very little about can give you a new worldview that expands your mind to all new levels.

I am so glad you enjoy these horoscopes. My hope is that you find them useful for your life.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing online.

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