Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for October 1, 2016

Welcome to October! I will be publishing your Weekly Horoscopes later today.

Yesterday was the New Moon in Libra. Today we are heading forward and a sliver of the Moon will appear to grow in the sky in the coming days.

Today is a good day to create structure for yourself so you find a good balance of work and rest. The work you do today should be geared towards your personal goals for best effect. Being productive and facing small challenges can provide personal satisfaction and self respect. If you know your limits and give yourself some down time to create balance, you can accomplish much.

I know some people are literally addicted to the news. A step away from the world of politics, news and the complexities of society to give yourself time for your own goals and wishes today is best. Getting wrapped up in the problems of the entire world should not be on your shoulders now.

In terms of health, pay attention to your posture and your breathing today. Standing or sitting up straight with deep breaths for a few moments can help relieve stress and bring composure. Pay attention to the structure and habitual postures of your body. The spine appreciates your attention today.

Venus and Pisces positively connect today. Pisces is considered the higher octave of Venus in astrology. Consciousness is most affected by the beauty of the natural world now. Using all your senses to connect with the beauty of life can create a healthy psychological connection to a more mystical experience of the world.

The changing colors of the leaves and the sweet fragrance of autumn in the crisp air creates a beautiful backdrop to ponder, gaze and meditate upon. The wisdom that arises does not need to be rationalized now, but rather it is most likely to be felt on a heart level and can make a lovely impression on your subconscious mind. I speak much more of Venus and Neptune today in the Weekly Horoscope here.

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Have a wonderful day.


Today's Spotlight:
Moon and Saturn +
Moon and Pluto -
Venus and Neptune +

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