Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for October 14, 2016

Have you been noticing the gorgeous, growing moon in the night sky lately? We’re heading toward the Full Moon in Aries in a few days.

Before the Moon leaves Pisces and enters Aries today, she is in positive connection with Venus. This reminds us of the healing, compassionate, loving qualities that is an important part of living a well balanced life.

The Moon entering Aries today symbolizes a larger focus on the warrior, athletic, initiating energy. It is a power packed Moon that is likely to bring surprises over the coming days.

Mercury and Saturn relate today reminding us of the importance of peaceful, mature talks. Responsible choices help us find better solutions. Communication has far reaching impact, and seeking the truth is highly valued now.

As instincts strongly impact reactions and choices now relations with others becomes significantly more important. What’s right for the individual, and what’s right for the collective group is up for debate.

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Have a wonderful day.


Today's Spotlight:
Moon and Venus +
Moon transits from Pisces to Aries at 11:08 am EDT
Mercury and Saturn +
Moon and Jupiter -

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