Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for October 17, 2016

The Moon is slowly moving away from the Full Moon this weekend and is now in Taurus.

A slower approach can do your health and well-being good now. Soaking up the energy of natural surroundings is calming. It’s a great time to have a cup of herbal tea, put your bare feet in the grass and enjoy the earth.

The Taurean energy is tactile, so enjoy a massage, or feeling the texture of nature - plant leaves, flowers, stones, fruit… It is the sense of touch that brings you back down to earth. Foods, flavors and fragrances can all have their magic and bring you a sense of appreciating embodiment.

The Moon positively connects with Neptune, Mars and Pluto today. As you are aware there are heightened tensions with Mars and Pluto. Neptune is like a magical potion of higher consciousness. The magic in natural surroundings coupled with your imagination of a more mystical experience of life can bring much comfort and calm to help relieve stress.

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Have a wonderful day.


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Moon and Mars, Pluto, Neptune +

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