Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for October 18, 2016

Venus enters Sagittarius today. A more philosophical, learning approach to money, love, your physical body and senses is on the rise.

What you believe about money, what it means to you, how you attract it into your life and how you associate with it is in focus. How you value and appreciate your possessions in the material world can teach you a lot about yourself and those you love.

We all know that we don’t truly own or possess anything in the grand scheme of things, since everything is transient and material objects come and go. But how we relate to things and associate value to them is what we are learning more about ourselves now.

Having a heartfelt connection to a wider variety of people and cultures by growing your social circle is recommended. Diversity can expand your horizons and give you a new appreciation of life.

It’s a great time to expand your palate, trying a diverse variety of flavors and textures. Explore and you could find that you love ethnic or exotic foods you never knew existed before. Colors, patterns, designs, and fragrances that are foreign to you are likely to start catching your eye while Venus is in Sagittarius. If you are a collector, this is a great time to explore and find new items of interest to display and enjoy.

Learning more about love and relationships through books is helpful, but even better is having first hand experiences. Adventures with a significant other will teach you about love best.

Happily embrace yourself and others. Your hugs will communicate everything.

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Have a wonderful day.


Today's Spotlight:
Venus enters Sagittarius at 3:01 am EDT
The Moon enters Gemini at 10:30 am
Moon and Venus +/-

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