Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for October 25, 2016

Don’t we wish that everything would be wonderful, and the world was full of peace, love and harmony? Well, many of us do, but not everyone is so compassionate, empathetic and understanding. There are a lot of selfish, competitive people in the world, to be quite frank.

A lot of what causes problems in the world is of course how we relate to, and are connected to, money. Once the ego is involved things get complicated. Money touches every area of life these days, ranging from the basic needs of survival to the highest power of world dominance and military might.

Money was meant to be a form of exchange that would make it easier to give and receive goods and services of your choosing. Bartering worked to a degree, but had limitations, so money was developed to assist in the process of exchange. But, as we all know, lots of problems surrounding money only grew over the years. Now the world is governed by a system of debt that is only escalating with complications.

Venus and Neptune are not in harmony today unfortunately. This reminds us of the subjective illusions and delusions we may have about money. This is especially significant now that Mercury and the Sun are in Scorpio, pointing to other people’s money, banks, debt and the financial system.

Scorpio invites us to do some detective work and look deeper into what’s going on behind the scenes to discover more of the truth. Below is a documentary that talks all about the financial system and how it affects our lives... It’s not a bad idea to become more aware of what we’re dealing with.

The Money Masters talks about how money has developed and shaped the world we live in. Though it is a long documentary, it is worth the watch. I believe education and greater awareness helps all of us make better choices.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon and Mercury +
Sun and Moon +
Moon and Venus -
Moon and Neptune +/-
Venus squares Neptune at 9:54 pm EDT -

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