Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for October 27, 2016

Mercury meets the Sun in Scorpio today. Get your pen and paper, or your note taking app ready for a day of useful information. Deciphering and interpreting hidden meanings behind behavior, words and actions can open you up to new information and clues about yourself and human psychology. The knowledge you discover today can be enlightening.

Today can bring intelligent transformation, self awareness and a greater understanding how your thoughts and emotions impact your behavior. It's a good time to wonder, "What lights me up? What motivates me? What are my real interests I want to explore?"

This is also a good time to learn and focus more on money matters. Money touches just about every area of life unless you live off the grid - but if you are off the grid, you are likely not reading this horoscope.

Mercury rules commerce and trade and the rational exchange of information. However, money also has a lot of emotional implications as well. How we relate to money, feel about money, whether we love it or hate it, it has deep roots in our lives.

Today could transform the way you relate to and perceive money matters. Curiosity of what is going on behind the scenes and intuitive hunches can open you up to new information. Revelations of what is happening in the financial and political world is likely to wake more people up to the truth of reality now.

Mind Over Money is a video that explores our rational thoughts and emotional feelings about money and how our psychology and perceptions drives the economy.

You may also like this article that explores the symbolism of the architecture of the New York Stock Exchange.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon enters Libra at 9:51 am EDT
Sun and Mercury conjunct +

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