Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for October 5, 2016

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We can share love, or we can go to war. The reality we create in life lies somewhere in between.

Some feel the need to be right, to dominate, to bully, to flaunt power and riches, and more of us are realizing that what we really want and need is to live in peace and harmony. The power of the heart can change the world and turn relationships into beautiful experiences. If we could replace fear with love, the world would be a different place.

The ego is a mechanism of survival, to ensure you understand you are important enough to keep on living. Unfortunately, too many take their desire for self importance overboard, and become selfish and unquenchably hungry for money, fame and power.

Mars is in Capricorn now, highlighting the power struggle of politics and business affairs. The push of right and wrong, fair and just is up for debate today.

We are tasked with figuring out how to tone down power struggles, to calm the egos insatiable appetite, and instead grow more harmonious relationships. As the politics of the world stage show us how divided we are, we are reminded how we need to bring more peace to the world. Start with our own personal relationships.

If you can be peaceful, loving, and sharing, you are adding to the good karma that has the potential to spread and grow among people. Be the example whenever possible to help change the world. There is enough division in the world, we don’t need more of it. We need to start leading with our hearts.

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