2016 Holiday Shopping Tips and Gift Giving Advice for All Astrology Signs

Happy Holiday Season Everyone! 

I can’t believe how fast 2016 is going by, can you?

I am happy to share with you some Holiday Shopping Tips and Gift Giving Advice for each Astrology Sign below!

I know a lot of people get drawn into feeling the need to spend more money than necessary during the holidays. This is a great time to have a lot of fun celebrating life. The holidays are all about having a good time enjoying people and it can feel nice to splurge after a long year of ups and downs. If you’ve got lots of money, great, no problem. Enjoy! But it can be easy to overspend this year and keeping a healthy balance will keep you satisfied longer term.

If you’re like a lot of people with a tight budget it’s better to be smart about it this year, especially with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn this holiday season. Think twice about your spending habits.

With the New Moon in Sagittarius at the start of the holiday shopping season, it’s best to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of your life before pulling out your credit card. If you want to grow your money you're going to have to be smart about how you use your money. Pretending you're loaded just because you want to feel super abundant and prosperous having fun during the holidays or looking like a big shot, is just playing games. Reality will settle in soon enough if you are disregarding the consequences of spending beyond your means.

There’s a lot of pressure in our society to have more, give more, be more, prove more, show off more of what we’ve got and be the big hero… but this year is a good time to take a bit of a different approach, a less egoistic approach, a more conscious approach.

Get real about how you envision your year ahead in 2017 so you can make better choices now.

If you know your financial situation is tight and you’ve got a lot of responsibilities to close out 2016, you’ll need to be smart about how you’re spending your hard earned money during the holidays. Maxing out credit cards, lines of credit, or dipping into your savings will only complicate your life in the future. It’s notoriously easy to spend more by using your credit cards than you think you’re spending.

Starting 2017 in debt is not going to make you feel great in the long run. Once the holiday fun comes and goes and the bills start arriving, plus interest, reality will settle in according to the choices you make now.

I think most of us have enough to deal with in life, setting yourself up for unnecessary debt in the future can be like self sabotage. So, it's best to be conscious of what you want your life experience to be like in the months ahead.

If you are shipping items, try to get your shopping in early. Mercury goes retrograde on December 19, 2016 indicating some delays and snags in exchanges and shipping times are likely to increase.

Since most packaging just ends up in the garbage and plenty of it ends up in the ocean it's a good idea to be environmentally conscious with good karmic intentions for the world. Trying to be responsible whenever possible and minimizing plastic bags can help our planet. Bringing along your own reusable shopping bags is any easy way to reduce waste. Choosing paper wrapping paper that can be recycled when possible, rather than excessive use of unnecessary plastic wrapping is also a big help.

Also, be sure to remember those that are less fortunate. Whether you give to your local food bank, or donating at your grocery store or charity, it’s good to help those that could benefit most from what you have to offer. Giving food so people don’t go hungry for the holidays is most important.

Simplifying your life is recommended to start 2017.

Here Are Your Quick Holiday Shopping Tips and Gift Giving Advice For Each Zodiac Sign:

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Aries: If you are an Aries, be careful you don’t buy the first thing you see without thinking it through. Your impulses can get you carried away with excitement to get things fast. Take someone with you that you know will ask questions and make sure that you identify strongly with the item before you make the transaction. You could easily overspend and not realize it, so do try to slow down your pace a bit, look around more and think things through. Consider the bigger goals for your life going forward when deciding how much you want to spend overall.

If you’re buying for an Aries, items that you know definitely match their personality is best. Guessing on random items is least likely to bring satisfaction, so try not to buy an Aries something if you are not totally sure they would absolutely love it. They need to be proud to wear or happy to use whatever the item is and identify with it. Get to know the likes and dislikes of the Aries in your life so they know you them well. Athletic types will appreciate a gift card for their favorite sports store. The magic of movies, video games, or virtual reality gear is likely to be well received by the Aries in your life this year. Aries will be happiest when gifts are inspiring and encourage imagination.

Taurus: If you’re a Taurus, try not to spend all day hemming and hawing over what you want to buy. You could spend all day and still not get anything if you move at too slow of a pace. Make sure you really love what you’re buying and that you feel grounded and confident when you commit to the payment. Using your own money, instead of dipping into credit, will be much more satisfying. You want to be sure you have a sense of financial security after the holidays are over.

If you’re buying for a Taurus earthy, natural, substantial products are best. A real silver chain would be more attuned to a Taurus than a light and flimsy gold plated one. The least plastic and unnecessary packaging the better. Organic foods, delectable desserts, woodsy fragrances, and whatever brings pleasure to the 5 senses are your best bet. Art with a futuristic flair would be well received this year. Choosing something relating to the career goals of the Taurean in your life is an excellent choice now.

Gemini: If you're a Gemini, you should get yourself a good shopping list and make sure you have everything you need written down. Spending too much time being indecisive could have you running all over the place, and wasting time will just be stressful, especially if you’re a last minute shopper. Try to plan in advance and double check the prices, but don’t spend all day comparing items and prices from one shop to the next. Creating a list and a budget will be super helpful in keeping you on track.

If you’re buying for a Gemini remember they can never have enough storage for information, whether it’s a new book to write in, a DVR or a memory stick to save their favorite downloads, television programs and movies. Just about anything that keeps the mind interested and stimulated will be appreciated. Electronics of all types from smartphones to televisions are a great idea for the Gemini in your life. Include receipts in case they change their mind and wish to make a return or exchange.

Cancer: If you're a Cancer, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes, especially comfortable shoes when you’re out shopping, especially if you’re out on the busiest days and expect to be waiting in line. Schedule some down time, perhaps lunch or time to snack so you feel like you have a good balance amongst the rush.

Cozy pillows, home decor, bedding, house coats, slippers, big bath towels, bubble bath, and kitchenware are great choices when buying for the Cancerian in your life. Whatever brings comfort to home and body will be appreciated. A gift certificate to a spa, or a self care spa item they can use at home is a great idea. Delicious desserts and comfort foods are a sure way to a Cancer's heart. Enjoying baked goods and sitting by the fireplace is most welcome.

Leo: If you're a Leo, your eye is easily attracted to the most beautiful items but you should be careful with your budget. Your taste in the gorgeous and glamorous items can be pretty expensive and you may not realize how much you’re spending. Your generosity and warm hearted approach is more valuable than any physical item. The intention behind the gift matters most. Having a plan, list and schedule for shopping is going to be helpful for you this season.

When buying for a Leo, the glitzier and more glamorous the better. But you don’t need to buy big, lavish and expensive. Small items are appreciated as well, but make sure they are good quality, not knock offs. If it sparkles in some way, or has a good finish, they are most likely to adore it. Anything you give to a Leo that comes from the heart will be loved. Tools for business or smart clothes that help a Leo feel like an empowered, organized leader is a great idea. Entertainment and arts are also sure to be much appreciated.

Virgo: If you're a Virgo, you can sometimes be too picky for your own good. Trying not to worry too much about all the little details is easier said than done. Realistically though, you don’t need to analyze a gift to the point of mental exhaustion. When it feels right and destined, it’s likely the best choice. Do be sure to be extra smart about your budget so you can keep yourself on track after the holidays. Don’t rush into things, but do try to do your shopping earlier if possible before it gets too hectic. Items you wanted could start to sell out last minute.

Do be sure to give a gift receipt when buying for a Virgo this holiday season. They can be extra picky this year especially with Mercury retrograde coming up and may wish to do an exchange. Natural wellness products that enhance a healthy lifestyle are a great idea. Books on money and business, a new office chair or electronic gadget is well appreciated. A gift certificate may say to a Virgo that you didn’t put in much effort, but it could still be your best bet so they can make the final decision on what they like best for themselves.

Libra: If you're a Libra, you could find it difficult deciding what to buy most people this year and that could use up a lot of your time. With so many options and so much to think about you could end up feeling a little overwhelmed. If your budget is tight, remember that it’s not the physical gift or how much you spend that matters most now, it is the intention of understanding who others are and creating good relationships that is most important. Gift giving surprises will make it most fun.

If you’re giving to a Libra, most would love to get away and go on a vacation to experience more of the world. That’s a big gift, but if you get together with others to split the cost it could work out nicely. If you don’t know the destination they’d like to go to, or when would be most convenient for their schedules, a gift certificate to a travel agency could work out best. Travel items or a new piece of luggage is another good option. Items for the house, especially beautiful art and decor, are highly recommended for the Libra’s that will be staying close to home.

Scorpio: If you’re a Scorpio, hunting for just the right gifts can be a lot of fun for you this year. If you’re not sure about an item, ask the store owner or someone that knows more about it. Knowing the way the receiver thinks will make it easier to make the right choice. You may need to be extra secretive to ensure your gifts are a surprise though. Adding your creative inspiration to your choices is your best bet. If you’re that passionate about a gift, it’s probably the right choice, but make sure you aren’t sacrificing too much money just to make a statement. Donating to a cause will feel right.

If you’re buying for a Scorpio this year, items for the home are a great choice, particularly mechanical and technological items. Anything that gets the creative and innovative ideas flowing for your special Scorpio is most likely going to be well received too. Showing the Scorpio in your life that you understand and care about their feelings is most important. Entertainment and fantasy themed items and events are a great choice this year.

Sagittarius: If you’re a Sagittarius, being conservative in your spending is going to be your better option this year. Even though you may wish to impress, consider your bottom line first. People can be fickle about what they want, so doing your homework on what each person likes is recommended. What’s more important this year is the social element. Lots of people, parties and social gatherings can be a lot better for you than overspending on a collection of items.

Giving the Sagittarius in your life your friendship and a sense of camaraderie is most important this holiday season. Carve out time to spend with your Sagittarian friend. Showing you care, and sharing humorous times and jovial gifts will provide a nice boost of esteem. An invitations or ticket to a big event is a great idea. A heating pad for back care, or a trip to the masseuse or chiropractor would do well too. What matters most is giving a gift that you know will bring a happy smile to the Sagittarius in your life to encourage bright spirits.

Capricorn: If you are a Capricorn, you could come up with some great gift giving ideas if you spend some time visualizing and dreaming about possible options for people. However, you could change your mind quickly and be more indecisive than usual this year. If you end up being a last minute shopper, you will definitely want to get receipts. Making a list in advance could help, but decisions at the last second could sway you from your plan. Do be attentive to your bottom line as your eye will likely be attracted to the more beautiful, and expensive, items.

If you’re buying for a Capricorn, give gift receipts when possible due to Mercury retrograde. Capricorn’s with their birthday’s close to the holidays often have their birthday gifts overlooked, or lumped together with their holiday gifts. Try to make Capricorn feel extra cared for by celebrating their birthday distinctly separate from the holidays this year. Some people get depressed during the holidays and on their birthdays, so the extra positive attention can help provide Capricorn’s with a dose of good self esteem. Capricorn’s would definitely appreciate a nice vacation. One of the favorite gifts would be visitors from afar showing up for the holidays. Spending time together is most important.

Aquarius: If you are an Aquarius, you will certainly be tempted to buy the most beautiful things for others this year. But you may end up getting stuck on your own ideas about what’s beautiful to you, which can cause you to overlook the tastes of those you’re buying for. Coming up with new ideas is your forte now, but if you aren’t sure what people like, ask them or the people they know well. Virtual products like gift cards are easiest, but when doing any delivery, mixups in scheduling are quite possible, so the earlier you shop and ship the better. Double check all the details.

If you’re buying for an Aquarius this year, they will most likely enjoy anything that makes them look and feel beautiful. The latest, or forward thinking, fashions and beauty trends are going to fit well with Aquarians this holiday season. Anything that sparkles, shines and attracts onlookers is well suited to the Aquarian in your life now. New communications technology is also high on the list. If you’re far away, an online live chat could be your best bet.

Pisces: If you're a Pisces, this holiday season can have you feeling activated. You’re the compassionate type, but if you have a surge of ego and self empowerment, you may find yourself feeling a little pushy. Malls often turn the heat up to encourage people to shop faster, to get in and get out as soon as possible. That may actually work well for you this year, but if you get hot under the collar you may need to cool off. Shopping with friends last minute can lead to a lot of confusion, missed communications and conflicted schedules, so try to get in early if possible. Trusting your intuition is best when deciding what to buy. Make sure you don’t go overboard and go into debt.

If you’re giving to a Pisces this year exercise gear is a good idea. Many Pisceans will feel the need to improve energy levels this holiday season and into the New Year. A ticket to watch a sporting event or high energy spectacle could bring positive anticipation for future fun. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. An all expenses paid vacation is a lot of money, but if you can get a group to chip in, most Pisces would love a getaway to find some inner peace. Travel items are a good choice for a modest budget.

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