Full Moon in Taurus Supermoon. Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for November 13 to 19, 2016

Weekly Horoscopes for each Sign are listed below after the overview:

It’s officially a Full Moon in Taurus Supermoon on November 14, 2016 at 8:52 am EST. 

The Full Moon will be its most glorious on Sunday and Monday night this week. The Moon will look bigger and brighter than usual due to the close proximity of the Moon - the closest it has been in almost 70 years - since January 26, 1948.

We had a New Moon in Scorpio a couple of weeks ago. The Moon has been growing since then towards this Full Moon in Taurus.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus entered Capricorn last week. This brings a lot of attention to the earth element, as both Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs.

Greater attention is brought the material world, our physical bodies, the earth, nature and the environment. Stability and changes of the physical world come into focus. Money matters, how we relate to money and use money, our financial goals, and careers are also in focus.

Issues of power, control, possessiveness and ego can show up giving us all a lesson to learn. Money matters may be a catalyst.

The Full Moon reminds us of the need to come back down to earth and doing things with our lives that we really want to do. Spending time on what really matters to give you a sense of well being and security is important.

Letting go of the thoughts and feelings that have a hold over you can transform your life now. Love as a priority will help you let go of the negative, and focus on positive ways of manifesting what you want. If you usually find it difficult to share, this can be a good time to break down some of those barriers and know that sharing brings happiness.

This week can highlight for all of us big realizations about the above mentioned. To become more centered and attentive to your wants and needs, this is a great time to spend time outside, observing nature and recognizing how you are a manifestation of this beautiful planet. Earth expresses itself through life in its many forms.

The Full Moon reminds us to become more embodied in the natural world. 

Yoga is one of my passions. I have experienced how profoundly life changing and transformative the practice is. Spending time with your own physical body in an attentive, conscious way, is a large part of what we’re meant to do here. We are embodied and so to honor the body as sacred helps find value and appreciation of the gift of life we are each granted the privilege to experience.

We are only here for a short while, to be able to honor this physical experience is a gift like no other.

Massage therapy is a great option now. There is so much wisdom in the body.

Slow dancing with graceful movements and deep breathing is another awesome way to get in touch with your physical self. Adding music that touches your soul, is a great way to get into a groove of connecting with the physical.

I remember years ago in a theatre class in college we would move our bodies and vocalize to express how our bodies were feeling. We’d roll out our mats and just explore our bodies, where the pain was, where the weakness and strength was located. We tuned into our emotions and how they impacted the connection to our bodies. It’s a wonderful practice, one which I still do regularly today. Learning about acting is about letting go of inhibitions so you are free to express yourself fully from the very core of your being.

Taurus is also a vocal sign, and usually loves to sing. I recommend spending some time exploring your voice this week, perhaps in the shower or in a room with great acoustics. Perhaps you may want to spiritualize it and do some yoga chants or sound out Aum, as is sometimes practiced in certain yoga and meditation styles.

Although each of us are designated to one of the Sun signs, it is a great idea to explore the characteristics of all the signs to see what resonates with you most. We all experience each of the archetypes within us, some more than others.

This Full Moon is great for getting in touch with all your senses. Connecting with nature and the moment, enjoying the fragrance of natural essential oils, baking natural, organic foods, savoring the flavors of your favorite dishes, taking care of your houseplants, going for walks in the forest, enjoying the sunshine on your skin, is all recommended now. Connecting to nature and your senses will help bring you discoveries about yourself and the pleasures of life.

Caring for yourself and the environment and considering how you are impacting the world is foundational in manifesting good karma. We can either pollute the world or heal the world, it really does come down to our personal choices.

Most of all, The Full Moon reminds you to stay positive!

Venus now in Capricorn reminds us as well that to achieve financial security, you should really love what you do. Artists and creative types especially could find this week to be eye opening regarding how to turn what you love to do into a career. It’s a good time to pay attention to your visceral reactions to career choices. If it feels right, you’ll know. You’ll feel it in your body.

Mercury and Mars connect positively on Tuesday, this can be a great time for inventors to come up with amazing ideas for the future, particularly technology and mechanical devices.

More attention will be brought to immigration and discussions on how to make choices that create a better future is likely to get more attention in social circles and in the media.

If you’re a student, this can be your time to look into what university or college you want to attend. Tuesday is a good day to make decisions that are to be followed up by action.

For those that want to get away, traveling to local or distant locations can be equally enjoyable. A change of pace can give you a new perspective on life and the world.

Mercury and Neptune are at odds on Friday. (More on Neptune below). Do be attentive to who you surround yourself with. Deceit, deception and lying are set to become an area of focus. If you are traveling make sure you know where your luggage is at all times. It’s not a good idea to leave your luggage unattended.

Those who have addictions to drugs or alcohol could find this time gives a big wake up call to reality.

Differences of beliefs and cultural ideologies can create rifts. If you disagree with someone, it could be best to simply stay silent to avoid difficulties or challenging, emotional conversations. As I've been mentioning for some time now, with Jupiter in Libra, bias in the media will continue to become a growing area of discussion.

Getting grounded early in the week with the Full Moon can help you find your center in any situation. A good dose of stability, and feeling anchored in your wants and needs will be beneficial in helping you navigate the week well.

Neptune stations direct on November 19, 2016 at 11:38 pm EST. Neptune now going direct is excellent for visionaries and artists going forward. This can be a pivotal time where higher consciousness and realizations of oneness gently arise. Secrets can come out that change priorities in life. You may see more evidence of people becoming more conscious, compassionate and caring or you could be prompted to bring more love into the world.

Before Neptune stations direct Venus sends her love. This is where we recognize how much more potential we have to live in harmony and open to higher expressions of love. Emotional sentiments can be heightened and love can lead the way. How karma affects others, like a ripple in a pond, becomes more important.

Empaths will find this to be an important turning point. Compassion for innocent and helpless people and animals is needed.

I will be talking about Money tomorrow in the Daily Horoscope and more about what’s happening each day this week in the Daily Horoscopes.

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Wishing you all the best this week!


I hope you all have an awesome, healthy, healing, blessed week. Thank you for reading and sharing. I am so thankful for being a part of your routine. Enjoy the Horoscopes for each sign below. Namasté.

Overview of where the planets are this week

The Sun is in Scorpio
The Moon transits from Taurus to Leo this week
Mercury is in Sagittarius
Venus is in Capricorn
Mars is in Aquarius
Jupiter is in Libra
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is retrograde in Aries
Neptune stations direct in Pisces November 19, 2016 at 11:38 pm
Pluto is in Capricorn

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*All times in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

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Aries: Money matters are in focus for you this week. Taking a look at your budget early in the week and your spending habits will help you make sound financial decisions. It could be a good time to open a savings account or put money in a safe to save for the future. An active social life can be expensive, but if you’re making good connections it could lead to further business opportunities. Appreciating the money you receive for your hard work can attract more your way.

Taurus: This is a great week to get in touch with your body, your health and well being. How much do you value yourself? Do you take good care of yourself? Your emotions are likely to be the gateway to self realization. Check in with yourself and how you feel and you could awaken to a new understanding of who you are. You are sure to have a realization about your self worth. You could have a breakthrough of awareness about the one you love. Other people can remind you of the qualities in you that are awesome. This is a great time for you to look at your creative goals, and to explore a wide variety of inspirations. Create a vision board or collection of ideas that make your heart sing. The Full Moon reminds you to stay positive.

Gemini: What are the dreams you have for your life? Spend some time thinking about that as the week begins. The Full Moon shines a light on your highest aims and wishes in life. What kind of life do you fantasize about living and how can you make it a reality? Relationships become increasingly important for you. With your gift for gab, picking up the phone to talk to someone far away can bring you joy. An enthusiastic approach to your future and a desire to learn new subjects can expand your worldview delightfully.

Cancer: This is a great week to create, particularly in a group effort. A social atmosphere can stimulate amazing ideas and lead to discovering awesome ways to express yourself. Being fully you, comfortably you, in social atmospheres is great for your esteem. Later in the week you may feel unsure about what you’re working towards. If you’re disorganized, it’s going to make thinking clearly difficult. Distractions or procrastination that holds back your productivity will leave you feeling disconnected and mentality weakened. Spend some time organizing your thoughts, your paperwork and your schedule this week.

Leo: A big realization about your career can arrive this week. Is what you’re doing what you really want for your life? Go for what you know will bring you the most stability and a good dose of financial rewards. Taking care of your body is also a priority, and your efforts toward helping the environment is good for your karma. Your family or those close can help you discover what you want to achieve. An ancestor could be a good role model. This is a great week for you to spend most of your time doing what you love. Organization helps your money matters gain clarity. A healthy routine is recommended.

Virgo: As a fellow earth sign you will appreciate this week’s Full Moon well. It puts a spotlight on your philosophy on life. The inspiration to move to a distant land can arrive for some Virgos. A change of pace and seeing the world in bigger ways can be exciting. Learning more about how money works is also recommended. With your smarts, you could become an excellent money manager. Talking about your options with family members is recommended now. Take action toward adjusting your schedule so you can have a better lifestyle in the future.

Libra: Money touches just about every aspect of our life in modern times. This week you need to get realistic about your financial situation, and the Full Moon can be the reminder you need. If your debt is getting out of hand, you’ll need to reign it in. Having debt like a monkey on your back with accumulating interest is no fun. This can be a good week for you to consider the type of achievements you want for your family. Family finances are in focus, and will need you to make some changes over the next few weeks.

Scorpio: The Full Moon Supermoon is highlighting stability in your relationships. Are you committed? Some Scorpios will feel the urge to propose, while others will see the truth of partnerships come to light. This is a good time for you to consider which direction you want to go and what your family life will look like in the future. Faith in your financial situation may not be enough. Wishful thinking only goes so far. If you’re unsure how to create the money you need, take another look at the education required to achieve your aims.

Sagittarius: Your day to day lifestyle routine comes into focus. Do you feel satisfied? You can change your money situation for the better by changing your work and lifestyle routine. This is not the time to hope and wish half heartedly, it’s time to go for what you love and make it a reality.
It’s important that you spend some time in nature regularly. It is healing and grounding, and that will help you feel more stable and secure. Big ideas can show up for you early in the week about how to make the most of your time so you can manifest the lifestyle you desire.

Capricorn: Self love is one of your biggest priorities now according to the sky. With it you will be able to create and express yourself in ways that empower and strengthen your esteem further. A realization can show up for you early in the week that inspires you to manifest awesome creative projects. Fixing yourself up a bit, in tune with a good self esteem, will also make you feel more attractive. Tuning into your senses, enjoying healthy foods and nourishing your body can become an important part of your identity. You could have some weird or confusing dreams this week. It’s best not to discuss secrets now.

Aquarius: Feeling the need to exercise and energize your life is likely now. Your ego becomes an important part of your identity. You may be tempted to use it to impress others in social situations, but make sure it doesn’t overtake you. The Full Moon can wake you up to the importance of home and family. Those close are more important than you may usually realize. Underlying truths to your career and home life could be revealed now. Facing the truth about money matters will eventually help you make better decisions about maintaining a sense of stability and security. Secrets about money may not go over well with your peers and social circle.

Pisces: Conversations are your key to big realizations as the week begins, long distance conversations included. Having a good connection to others helps keep you grounded. Though Pisces can sometimes be the private, personal type, this week your social life wakes you up. Career and money matters can affect your esteem this week. If you’re looking for a new career, it may feel challenging to your identity. If you’re only at the wishing stage of what you want to go for, conversations with others can help you identify ways forward. Neptune stations direct in Pisces at the end of the week. This is a turning point for you where you will come to realize your purpose more fully.

I am so glad you enjoy these horoscopes. My hope is that you find them useful for your life.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing online.

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