Repeating Numbers. Are You Seeing Double and Triple Digits Often Lately?

I just read my daily, and it said there may be repeating numbers, well I had those yesterday 333 once and 222 twice. Wondering if where I live means my readings pertain to me a day early?
~ Wanda from Canada

Dear Wanda,

Generally, your time zone wouldn’t make a difference regarding the Daily Horoscopes, as we’re only a few hours apart in the western world.

Repeating numbers is the phenomenon of synchronicity playing out in your life. It can show up in many ways, but when numbers keep repeating over and over, seemingly at random, the coincidence is hard to ignore.

When you saw the repeating numbers, on the day of the New Moon - the Moon, Mercury and the Sun were close together in Scorpio. Mercury was also connecting with Neptune. This suggests the mysteriousness of repeating numbers and meaningful coincidences showing up with messages to be discovered these days.

Mercury is the main symbol for repeating numbers grabbing your attention now, while the Moon in Scorpio indicates intuitively recognizing personal meaning in these coincidences.

The Moon is now growing forward from the New Moon, and Mercury and the Sun are still in Scorpio, so the trend of noticing repeating numbers more frequently will likely continue to be more obvious for a couple more weeks for many of us. It isn’t reserved to a single day.

Repeating numbers can get to the point where they are just too uncanny to ignore and can happen at various times in our lives. The next few weeks is a great time to tap into that inner sleuth to decipher and interpret the hidden meaning these coincidences are trying to tell you.

Look for clues and write down any thoughts and ideas you may have whenever these coincidences show up.

The great thing about seeing a series of numbers that keep repeating is that they can remind you to take a step back, pause, reflect and wake up to something important you may be overlooking. Though they can be mysterious and make you feel like you’re living in the twilight zone at times, they can act as a springboard toward discovering deeper meaning to your life and realizing your destiny.


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