Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 11, 2016

First, I would like share my sincere, heartfelt condolences to all those men, women and children across the world that have suffered at the hands of war. It is heartbreaking to know that so many have been lost or damaged physically and emotionally. Some wounds will never heal. Maybe one day nobody will need to suffer devastating losses to war. I wish for peace and goodwill towards all people. In rememberance...

Today our relationship to others is in focus, particularly those that we have a different worldview from and those we may not see eye to eye with. Whenever we’re aware of what divides us from one another, it is an opportunity to wake up to finding common threads, but it's not always easy.

Contrast between individual points of view with those of authority figures is likely to be strong today as well. Selective bias in the media comes into question further thanks to Jupiter in Libra.

At the end of the day Venus enters Capricorn at 11:54 pm EST. Mars has now left Capricorn, and Venus now enters. Now I know we’ve been talking a lot about politics because this is Capricorn’s domain, but with the feminine energy of Venus I’d like to focus a bit more on the earth element.

As a nature enthusiast that cares about the world and environment I’d like to share a point of view about something we may often overlook about our relationship to the earth. For many of us living in modern times, we are increasingly becoming disconnected from the earth and our bodies as we live more in our minds, plugged into the online world.

This fall I’ve had the pleasure of picking apples from an orchard. They have been so delicious and simply couldn’t get any fresher.

Picking an apple off a tree and eating it right away is one thing. Getting an apple from a supermarket is something very different. Why does that apple from the supermarket not taste nearly as fresh? Well, because more often than not, our food comes from distant lands these days. Whether it’s somewhere else on the continent or on the other side of the planet, it takes time and a whole lot of energy for that apple to get to the grocery store.

What getting an apple from the other side of the planet really means though, is there is a whole lot of transportation to get it to you, and that means using more oil, and that means a lot of pollution blown into the air. Does that make any sense to pollute the earth to such a degree simply for an apple, when it really isn’t necessary? Perfectly delicious apples grow locally for most of us, why are we purchasing from the other side of the planet when it has such consequences? The apple is just one example of the many things we do that does a disservice to the planet.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, the belief doesn’t really matter. Beliefs are subjective and usually biased. The truth is, we are polluting the planet with toxic chemicals every day. That certainly can not be legitimately denied. As just one small example of the problem, multiply all those toxic cleaning products under people’s sinks by billions of households. All of that is going into the water of the earth, into our air, and coming right back into our lives and into our bodies. Polluting the earth, does not help life on earth.

The truth is, day after day, we are destroying life and habitats on earth by polluting. Bringing this back to the corporate angle of Capricorn, we all know there is too much corporate selfishness that leads to damaging choices. For many companies, the ends justify the means, all to get a bigger bottom line and make wallets and egos fatter.

Venus in Capricorn, reminds us that our goals need to also include the feminine qualities of love and caring. To have a goal of honoring the earth, and making it a better place for all life, we need to think differently, we need to choose differently, and we need to act differently. It’s time we wake up and do what is beneficial for all of us, instead of fighting against one another for survival, for more bling, for more plastic, polluting junk that’s going to go in the garbage and end up enlarging the body of plastic floating in the ocean that is already larger than the size of Texas.

Venus reminds us that love is a sacred goal and through it we can achieve positive changes.

We need to change our ways so life on earth in all its forms can thrive, be respected, and honored as sacred. If we were to come from a place of love, give the mutual benefit to one another, love one another, we could change the world.

We can make the world a most beautiful place, instead of a place full of pollution, violence, war... We need to choose to live from a place of love for life and the world around us so we can make choices that bring harmony, or the result will inevitably be more chaos and destruction. Haven't we done enough of that already? It's time to prioritize love and beauty as the road to success.

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Venus enters Capricorn at 11:54 pm EST.

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