Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 17, 2016

To have a career that you love, it’s got to feel right in your heart. It’s got to excite you and give you a sense of accomplishment while also feeling comfortable and in tune with your personality.

If you’re working towards a career because of the money, eventually you will burn out and feel dissatisfied. Chasing after money day after day, and compromising yourself as if the ends justify the means, will only lead to anguish in the long run, and could be detrimental to your health and well being.

Today it’s a good day to dream a little. Imagine yourself doing something that you would actually dream of doing with your life. Music and meditation can lift your spirits well now.

The way you feel today can lead to some pivotal changes about what you want to do and why you want to do it.

Justice, law, politics, business and media are also in focus today. It may not be easy to trust what is being reported. Those who paint a picture of being in positions of authority, may feel less credible than once thought. Who is sharing the message, and do they have a personal interest in skewing the information to their own agenda?

Where there is bias, misinformation is likely to follow. It is best to trust your gut and your instincts, rather than blindly following an authoritative story handed to you now. Do be cautious of business people that backtrack or say what you want to hear, or pull at your emotions so you hand over your money for their services.

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Moon and Venus, Pluto +/-
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Moon and Jupiter -

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