Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 18, 2016

Uranus will be retrograde until the end of December. Today the Moon and Uranus are at odds.

Our identities are never set in stone. They change from moment to moment. From thought to thought, from emotion to emotion, we are constantly changing our perceptions of ourselves.

Today, reflection on the past could change the way we feel about ourselves. We’ve all made mistakes. Try not to be too hard on yourself. There is always an opportunity to become someone new. If others are bringing you down, you may need to step away to find your own space of comfort. For some, a mid-life crisis type of perception can lead to a big shift today.

Mercury and Neptune are at odds today as well. What is rational and what is a belief may not be well aligned today, leading to lots of questions. Doubt and a lack of faith is possible. If you are in disagreement with someone, trying to explain yourself and your point of view may fall on deaf ears.

Difficulty conceptualizing ideas can lead to writer's block. If brainstorming isn't working, asking for an external points of view could help.

Giving into temptations, particularly to addictions, can feel especially impactful on your karma today. You can read more about Mercury and Neptune in the Weekly Horoscope here.

The Sun and Moon are positively aspected today. Taking some personal time to take care of yourself is recommended. Self care is good for your psychology now.

If you’ve had a chance to be well rested, this evening is great for enjoying entertainment. Artists and musicians will appreciate the magic of late night.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon and Uranus -
Mercury and Neptune -
Sun and Moon +
Moon enters Leo at 5:02 pm EST

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