Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 22, 2016

Mercury and Jupiter in positive aspect today remind us of the importance of thinking more about what the whole point of life is.

To be curious, to ask questions comes naturally to some of us, but wanting to know why you’re here and what your purpose in life is, isn’t always top priority for everyone.

A lot of us get super busy with the day to day necessities of life, and get too distracted by mundane concerns to see the world from a more philosophical viewpoint. Some just don’t seem to have the time in their day to dream a little, to think outside the box or to learn a new perspective. While others still, may not really care about the meaning of life, and are perfectly fine with repeating the basic maintenance and survival routines day after day.

We all live in a sort of a bubble of ideas about the world, and that bubble is as small or as large as we wish to make it.

Some people oblige and accept the story provided to them as-is without question, and live on autopilot from there onward accepting and obeying the status quo. Other’s will look at life from different points of view and see a much larger picture of what reality is, tapping into all kinds of information and perspectives.

Today is not the time to have a closed mind. This is the time to expose yourself to a wide variety of ideas and take a bird’s eye view of your life.

To grow and become more conscious and aware, requires an open mind, there is no doubt. Today dialogue, contemplation, accessing and sharing of information with an eagerness to learn the truth is well aspected to benefit the evolution of your wisdom and intelligence.

It's a good time to expand your thoughts, ideas and beliefs. An open mind builds bridges that can take you far and wide today.

It's also a good day to see the larger picture and how truth, bias and untruth are presented in the media. News and journalism from any country in the world will show different perspectives of reality with an intended emphasis on some subjects and less on others. Listening to what others say can provide a broader perspective and larger world view.

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