Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 23, 2016

Mercury meets with Saturn in Sagittarius today.

Our perception of the world depends largely on how much and how little we know.

What we each think and believe depends largely on the information society has handed to us.

We are all shaped by the people around us, and whatever location and culture we are born into in the world. If you were born in another place and time, your life, your thoughts, your beliefs all would be very different.

Imagine if we were not given the information, the learning, the perspectives that have developed and accumulated over thousands of years. If we started from scratch, with no language, no beliefs, no rules, no thoughts or ideas about the world provided for us, and began life as a blank slate with no external input on what to think about reality, our lives would be closer to that of wild monkeys than who we know ourselves to be today. Consider how much civilization has changed in the past 100 years alone and how that has changed who we are.

The life we live today is as it is because of what our ancestors learned, believed and taught to each generation, building over time throughout history.

Yesterday, I talked about the importance of expanding our worldview, and to expose ourselves to more information so our perceptions of reality grows.

Now, with Mercury meeting Saturn, it is a good time to consider how limited we are. With so many varied perspectives on reality, how do we know which is true? Which storyline do we accept as reality?

Take facebook for example. The information provided to you is largely passive. As you scroll down the page, you see things other people have posted. It is not information you are actively curious about seeking. It is merely random information others have chosen to provide to you.

Taking it a step further, consider that Facebook’s computerized algorithm decides what you see and don’t see. They have all kinds of reasons for deciding how information is displayed to you - mostly to benefit their bottom line of course.

Ultimately, these algorithms remind us that it’s largely not up to you to decide, it’s up to the rules and policies of the company that filters what you do and don’t receive. Do we want a corporation to be feeding us the information they believe we should or should not be exposed to? How does the decisions by a corporation of what information you do and don’t see, affect, mold and program your thoughts and your worldview? Can Facebook decide to create social changes by exposing or not exposing people to certain information?

With Jupiter in Libra I’ve been talking about truth and bias, especially regarding the media lately. Well, yesterday I read that Facebook will be implementing censorship algorithms so that the Chinese government will allow facebook to expand in China. In other words, Facebook, a corporation, is agreeing to censor people from sharing information so that it can go into China to make money advertising. Is it really any surprise, that a corporation would put profits before human rights? And if Facebook is willing to do this for China, do they do this anywhere else in the world as well, and perhaps we’re not aware of it?

Yesterday, I somehow came across the hashtag #NoDAPL on twitter about the Standing Rock Resistance against the oil pipeline in Dakota. But what struck me as most interesting is that I did not see any articles listed on google news, which draws on mainstream news sites, about the pipeline whatsoever, unless I did a search. The story was basically buried by other news, as if it is not very important. From reading people’s posts on twitter, I saw that people were complaining that the mainstream news has mostly silenced the subject - meaning a lot of people would have no idea about the pipeline or that people were protesting. Silence in the media… is it really that uncommon?

So we have to ask, okay, so if the the mainstream media is not talking about this, why not? Who is deciding what information is being talked about what is not talked about and why? Do the oil companies perhaps have invested interests in the media corporations that gives them power to keep certain stories quiet?

Since this is just one example, how often does this sort of thing happen? Who is deciding the story lines that we are exposed to, and how does that shape our perceptions of what’s really going on in the world?

These are the types of things that Jupiter in Libra is bringing our attention to, truth, justice, fairness, equality, balance, particularly in the media.

With Mercury meeting Saturn in Sagittarius today, it’s time to consider what information is being held back is in focus.

On a personal level, this is a time to ask yourself how your own limited perspective, is holding you back from experiencing the greater potential of your own life. What limiting beliefs do you have about yourself that keeps you from reaching your wishes?

Putting in the effort to seek more information that matters will open you up to a whole other reality. Intentionally choosing what you want to focus on today is rewarding.

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Mercury and Saturn meet at 1:43 pm EST
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