Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 28, 2016

Today there are no major aspects with the planets, astrologically speaking. The Moon usually makes a few major aspects to other planets every day because she moves through the sky so quickly, but not today.

When there are no major aspects, like today, this is when the Moon is considered to be Void of Course.

Traditionally, this has been seen to be a good time to unwind, relax, care for yourself and take it easy. But sometimes, that's not practical when work needs to be done, so trust your flow today.

I actually knew someone that demonstrated strong obsessive compulsive tendencies about astrology. This person believed nothing significantly productive or goal oriented should be done during a Void of Course, to the point that if you did do anything at such times it would be considered bad luck, even detrimental to bigger plans. Unfortunately, this person would actually get upset, and unleash an emotional mini-fit if tasks were done during this period.

I think that’s just a bit extreme and I don’t think it’s wise or healthy to operate your life in such a controlling, fear-based, demanding way. Having such an intense lock on the planets to the point that it actually dictates your every move and every decision is just a little bit much, to be frank. Needless to say, dealing with such a high maintenance person was... well, No Thanks.

If you are that obsessive, and addicted to anything dictating your life, it can become a dogmatic tool that just ends up being misused for control issues.

It’s important to remember that the planets do not control you. You are not a robot, and you do not have to act like one by being in lockstep to “appease the gods” and attract good fortune. The universe will not punish you for being productive during a Void of Course. If you have responsibilities to do today, by all means get to it.

Astrology is great for reminders about life and times, and is great for a wide variety of insights, ideas and advice about life, but it should also be fun and reasonable.Coming back down to earth, ensuring you have a good dose of Free Will is an important part of feeling free and empowered to be human.

Generally you would probably be more comfortable and satisfied with the day if you were to have some downtime to ponders life's mysteries and access the deeper parts of your psyche now.

With the Moon in Scorpio for most of the day today, it is a good time to reflect and tune into how your own inner world of psychology manifests in your behavior, including your worries. Do you have any hangups that could be flushed out a bit?

Meditation can help you see yourself and your life in more expansive ways, helping you to release some of your internal retrictions.

The Moon enters Sagittarius later this afternoon preparing to meet the Sun tomorrow for the New Moon in Sagittarius. I talk about that in the New Weekly Horoscopes for November 27 to December 3, 2016 here.

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Today's Spotlight:
Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:46 pm EST

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