Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 3, 2016

Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are positively aspected today. Many people could have a change of mind today. The truth leads to transformation of opinion now.

This is a good day for getting to the bottom of things in business and considering your longer term plans and goals. Taking a smart look at how your thoughts and feelings are helping or hindering you from reaching your aims in career is recommended.

The quality of research and discovery is highlighted now. This is a great time to do a self assessment test on emotional intelligence and looking at your psychological profile more closely.

More truth about the political landscape will be under investigation. The intelligence of the detective, leaving no stone unturned is emphasized today. Looking at behind the scenes business deals, finances, politics and corruption, particularly of leadership or those in the public eye will be under scrutiny.

Today is great for relationships to feel a closer bond. A spontaneous, fun adventure can bring hearts together. Coincidences can make partnerships feel special or fated. Those closest can wake you up to an important truth about yourself.

Thinking about life, death, rebirth and an afterlife, especially regarding someone you love, admire or look up to, can remind you of the meaning of your life and the importance of relationships now.

It's also a good day to think about your relationship to the environment around you, including your home space. Does your environment allow for clear thinking and energy flow or do you still need to get it organized?

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Wishing you all an awesome day!


Today's Spotlight:
Mercury and Pluto +
Moon meets Venus in Sagittarius +
Moon and Uranus +
Moon enters Capricorn 11:05 pm EDT +/-

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