Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 4, 2016

Sometimes the events of the world around us reminds us that we need to find our own personal balance in life.

The Moon and Neptune remind us that personal faith and spiritual practices can bring us back to finding ourselves. If you’ve been caught up in the happenings of the external world, retreating and spending a little time to yourself can help you remember your personal goals in life.

The world is a busy place and can take over our lives sometimes. Music, meditation, relaxation, massage, yoga, tai chi are always a good idea. But today, entering a place of calm and connection to your body and spirit can set the mood and tone that brings you back to realizing your real aims and objectives in life, the ones that really matter.

Spending some time in touch with your inner world today will help you see life from a higher perspective, so you can make better choices. Those who prioritize compassion and understanding can have the antidote to today's challenges.

Secrets revealed today can lead to big questions of right and wrong.

As the day progresses for some, the small things can feel like a bigger bother than usual. Things that aren’t working out at home or in your career can set the stage for life lessons now. If you are usually trapped by the busy life, and are finding you’ve been pushed to your limits with stress or responsibilities, the obvious need for rest can feel especially hard to ignore now.

The Moon and Jupiter remind us that you need to bring more peace into your life. A good place to start is in taking better care of your body.

Those who are sensitive to environmental issues can feel the emotional attachments to earth and land emphasized more today, encouraging a stronger resolve to make a positive difference.

It can generally be easier to notice how people's choices create problems now. The need to create worthwhile changes towards peaceful, harmonious resolutions is the benefit of today's challenges.

Issues of ethics, morals, power, justice, and truth can be emotionally touchy subjects later today. An overemphasis of differences in political and cultural beliefs can create tension.

It is noticeably becoming increasingly difficult for many people to believe in or relate to those in leadership roles these days. More people at the grassroots level will feel especially far removed from the world of high profile political life. The need for wanting to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to understand the full picture is highlighted as the day progresses.

Getting in touch with your spirit earlier in the day can help you to feel more emotionally balanced than others.

I know I wrote a lot today. :) I hope you enjoy it. I was up at 4 am as I couldn't sleep. I really enjoy writing these Daily Horoscopes for you. Please share them online with friends to spread them around.

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