Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 9, 2016

Mars entered Aquarius this morning at 12:51 am bringing emphasis to our feelings about the future. Mars has been in Capricorn since September 27th adding a lot of heated attention to the political world. Now he’s moving on, into the sign of the future, Aquarius.

Mercury and the Sun currently in Scorpio, ruled by both Mars and Pluto, indicates a lot of questions and curiosities about what kind of actions and reactions the future holds.

Aquarius is a hopeful, solutions oriented sign, touched by innovation, and personal freedom. This is a good time to think about what you want to do about the future and who you want to become. Discussions among peers and in social circles are sure to gain an extra dose of energy now.

The Moon connects with Neptune, Saturn and Pluto today as well. This signifies a reality check is with us. Some will want to slip off into worlds of fantasy as an escape, while others will daydream about bigger world issues.

Fatigue can set in with the Moon in Pisces at odds with Saturn in Sagittarius today. If you feel depleted, definitely take some time to rest.

For many, a Moon in Pisces square to Saturn in Sagittarius, both signs of which have an element of faith to them, can make it difficult coming to terms with the election results. An aura of disbelief or amazement is highly likely for many now, regardless of which side you are on. Saturn at odds with the Moon also signifies cultural divides in the world being an emotional area of concern for more people today.

The Moon and Pluto connect as the day progresses. More people will consider how karma and political ideologies relate. Questions of ego, power, compassion and spirituality are indicated. Emotional intelligence, can lead to wisdom.

It's a good time to do yoga, to find your center, connect with your body and spirit, and access higher consciousness.

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Today's Spotlight:
Mars entered Aquarius at 12:51 am EST
Moon and Neptune, Pluto +
Moon and Saturn -

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