Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for November 10, 2016

Today is the Moon that is in focus in the sky, beginning with the Sun and Moon in harmony in the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces.

This continues a trend of personal, emotional, and spiritual reflection. Meditation and contemplation are a great start to the day.

Emotional intelligence starts the day better, with Mercury in the picture. Understanding the underlying thoughts and feelings of others, with a dose of empathy and compassion helps create clarity.

With the Moon and Venus at odds today, disappointment in personal relationships and in a larger social context is likely. Where there is a fundamental difference of compatibility, emotions can feel blocked and challenging.

Artists could find appreciating todays creations a bit more difficult. Channelling raw emotion into the process of creating art can feel more dissipated and unclear. Passivity, laziness or a lack of focus can create bland results.

The Moon enters Aries in the evening and harmoniously connects with Mars in Aquarius. A need to look toward the future and new beginnings is emphasized. A desire for individual freedoms increases. The question is, “Who am I and which way am I going?”

Entrepreneurs and inventive thinkers can be inspired to create and explore new beginnings. Helping others to feel empowered, comforted and invigorated by owning their personal power can strengthen confidence in those that usually lack self esteem. It’s a good time to consider new friends and allies for a fresh start.

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Today's Spotlight:
Sun and Moon +
Moon and Mercury +
Moon and Venus -
Moon enters Aries at 8:45 pm EST
Moon and Mars +

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