Your Weekend Astro Advice Horoscope for November 26 and 27, 2016

Mercury and Uranus connect positively on Saturday, setting the stage for the weekend. The Moon is also in Scorpio this weekend.

Uranus is retrograde in Aries until December 29, 2016. This is a time of internal self discovery. Who am I? What am I here for? What is my identity? Some time spent on self analysis is valuable now.

The world is a diverse place with many cultures, and each of us have been conditioned by our family, friends, culture, media and society we live within. Our beliefs and how we view the world is largely based on what we have been exposed to. What we do not know, we do not think much about. Much of what we think and believe has been taught to us by others.

We are seeing much discussion these days about issues about race and racism - which Saturn in Sagittarius emphasizes. This increased focus reminds us of our identities, in how we compare ourselves to others - how we are different and how we are alike.

At the root of it is our ego, and where there is ego, there is competition and comparison - “I am this, you are that.”

Lately, we are seeing a stronger reaction and call from some to identify more with those they recognize as most like themselves, as a way to preserve, protect and defend themselves. This reflects and indicates a fear of losing identity and an attempt to keep their comfort zone intact from external influences. While we see others want to build bridges, identifying with how we are all more alike rather than different, wanting a more accepting and inclusive approach to the diversity of people. This contrast will continue to be a strong theme in our lives as Saturn transits through Sagittarius and Uranus is in Aries.

It is no secret that humans are largely slow to grow emotionally. We have all kinds of technology, innovation and sciences that keep evolving at a fast rate, but emotionally people tend to grow slowly. Why is that? It may very well be that we are so distracted by our work, satisfying our wants and needs for pleasure, and technology and the like that consumes much of our time, that we spend little time developing our human qualities of emotional intelligence.

Considering that our lifetimes are relatively short - about 75 years or less for most of us - we need to consciously put in the effort to grow emotionally while we can. With Uranus retrograde in Aries, this is prime time to work on clarifying your deeper identity.

We are to see a lot more of these ups and downs of people struggling with their emotions and identities. Through it, we will evolve a little bit more in understanding each other's views and how we are each a part of the human family.

Uranus in Aries indicates a new identity can emerge, like a new beginning.

This weekend is a period that calls for reflection on your inner world to understand why you think and believe what you do about yourself and the world. Discussing and reading more about identity, race and cultures is helpful in understanding yourself and others now and can bring great epiphanies of self realization.

Perspectives on money, politics and finances can also transform this weekend as part of your new self awareness. You may enjoy yesterday's horoscope.

There is a New Moon coming up next week and I will be talking all about it in the weekly horoscopes to be posted tomorrow.

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