Full Moon in Gemini. Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Signs for December 11 to 17, 2016

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Aries: The world has a lot to offer. Who you define yourself to be plays a strong role in how big your vision for your life is. This week talk about what you want and the kind of person you want to be. Talk about your dreams and your bigger aims. What is all the effort, time and energy you put in worth and what rewards do you deserve? This week begins a phase of redefining yourself and your goals. Think well outside the box. Travel opportunities can catch your eye. Imagine a grander life experience to get closer to it.

Taurus: Your dreams and musings can reshape your perspective on yourself. Money matters, especially those that have felt restricting, can push you to create important changes. Taking an honest look at how your decisions have defined your wealth, or lack thereof, can wake you up and prompt significant shifts. Those in your social circle can motivate you to step forward. What they are capable of, you can be too. Time rethinking your aims is necessary. Creating a vision board is a great way to look at many different angles and opportunities to change your life.

Gemini: You are about to begin a new cycle of redefining yourself. A realization of who you are and who you can be is most likely to arrive. An epiphany can motivate you to take charge and create the good life you deserve. It is worthwhile to shine a spotlight on yourself and your relationships. Since you become the company you keep, consider who your biggest allies are. How do your peers reflect the life you want to lead? Your financial goals will start a new phase of changes helping you to redefine what you value and want to achieve.

Cancer: Your day to day routine, work and career lifestyle are in focus this week. Your internal changes are redefining the lifestyle you want. It’s time to get honest about the life you’re aiming for. Talk about it. Daydream and muse about it. Get excited about a new way of living. The possibilities are endless, you just need to define what you want to get the ball rolling. Who you talk to can help you change your thinking patterns. Communicate with a different set of people to get a different perspective. It will help you gain clarity on what you want to achieve.

Leo: It’s time to take your creative potential up a notch. Let go of all those self doubts and redefine the creative life you want to lead. It’s not for anyone else, or to prove to anyone what you’re capable of. Do it for yourself. Know your own potential and go for it. Reignite excitement for what you can do and be. Keep your eyes open for inspirational role models that light you up and put your mind in a direction of abundant possibilities. Take charge and access resources that strengthen your imagination. A shift in your schedule will help you redefine your goals.

Virgo: Having a strong foundation is important for you. Whether it’s family support or finances, getting clear on where you stand matters. Knowing what resources you can tap into for best results can redefine your aims. Career goals are important to discuss this week. If inspiration turn on a light bulb, discuss it, write about it, ponder it further. In relationships, attractions could heat up this week taking you to the realm of fantasy. Most importantly, reconsider your goals and the life you want to create. How you express yourself is set to go through a transformation. Shedding outworn ideas is an important part of the process to reawakening your goals.

Libra: Relationships are in focus for you. Communication is essential to defining your partnerships. Your big ideas matter and you should share them. Helping others understand where you’re coming from is important for you to clear the way toward reaching your aims. Talk about the big dreams you have for your life and you could wake up a part of you that has long been dormant. Motivation to be of service can set the stage for a new routine. Get excited about the direction you’re taking your lifestyle. A different perspective is set to begin a new phase of how you think about home life.

Scorpio: Work and money are the primary focus as the week begins. A good income can improve your lifestyle options. Considering new ways to bring in money is important. If you’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit, this is a good week to redefine your objectives and wishes. It’s important that you are proud of the work you do, and feel good about using your skills and talents. A light bulb moment can wake you up to smart choices regarding debts and loans. The motivation to create is with you. Your imagination gets a boost. Talking about your goals, and writing them down is an important part of how you change now.

Sagittarius: This is a week of redefining yourself. It is your creative inspiration that helps you to understand yourself better. Think of your life as a work of art that you are excited to create. Words, ideas, and information shared by others can wake you up to realizations this week that you never thought of. Keep your eyes and ears open. Being of service at home, and being supportive to those in need is good for your soul growth. Financial goals will do well to have extra attention. Going over paperwork to ensure you’re on track is recommended. Make sure you have extra cash on hand in case of technical glitches and delays with your banking.

Capricorn: It’s good to reach out to family members and those close, especially as the holidays are arriving. Sharing good karmic intentions helps solidify and define relationships now. More sleep and more dreaming can alter your perceptions of yourself. Talking about work, schedules and lifestyle routines can reveal how far you’ve come to manifesting the life you want. It’s a good week to focus on your health, and learn more about a healthy lifestyle. Talking about your wishes will help you redefine yourself. If you’re unclear about who that is, take this time to write down some new definitions of who you are.

Aquarius: Connecting with people in your social circle, even acquaintances like neighbors or cousins can help you redefine who you are. Your personal growth is most blessed by tapping into your creative potential. Inspiration from films, movies, arts, music and media of all kinds can wake up a part of you that you’d be glad awakens. More motivation to increase your income and create a secure foundation is likely this week. How you are being of service is a great motivator. Understanding your place in the world is set to enter a redefining phase over the next few weeks. Reconnecting with your spirit and dreaming more can remind you of the magic of life.

Pisces: Career and income considerations are positively aspected for you this week. Redefining yourself and your goals, so that you feel secure and self sufficient, is worth your attention now. Conversations with family and those close that have been needing to discussed can turn on a light bulb of heightened awareness for you this week. Self empowerment becomes more important. Exercise is recommended to build your self esteem. It’s also important for you to redefine the people you want to have in your social circle. Look for role models that are aligned with who you know yourself to be. Shedding old ideas will make room for you to create a new vision and set new goals.

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