Happy New Year! Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs for January 1 to 7, 2017

Happy New Year!

Your Weekly Horoscope Overview explaining the overall themes for each day of the week is now published!

Read the Horoscope Overview with Daily Advice for January 1 to 7, 2017 here.

Aries: To make your dreams a reality, you’ve got to redefine yourself for the new year. Take action towards your highest aims and recreate the vision you have for your life.

Taurus: It is the people that demonstrate they are in tune with your higher purpose that are worth aligning with in the new year. Imagine yourself as the new person that lives according to your soul.

Gemini: You can recreate your world. Reconsider who is in your life. Those that light you up and excite you with a big vision can change your life. Let go of thoughts that hold you back.

Cancer: Your relationships will change and you will come to know your real self through the changes. People that ground you and bring you down to earth and reality are your best allies.

Leo: To transform your life, you’ll need to make a plan. Change your lifestyle and make your goals a priority. Let go of bad habits so you can recreate a new way to express yourself.

Virgo: Be the example. Your actions teach others. Love and compassion makes your life meaningful. Letting go of old thoughts, makes room for creative insights that matter.

Libra: People’s personalities can change in surprising ways. Serious questions will help you understand the views of others. To improve your lifestyle, prioritize doing what you love each day.

Scorpio: To transform your mind, get rid of thoughts and words that hold you back. Your imagination doused in positive, compassionate ideas can enliven you to fulfill a bigger purpose.

Sagittarius: Rethinking what you do to create a secure life will shift your identity. Release old ideas about yourself so you can grow. Creative people in your social life can free you of self doubt.

Capricorn: You’re in the midst of self transformation during your birthday month. Release what you once thought about yourself, and dream yourself a new life. You’ve got the power to change.

Aquarius: You’re heading into a new future. Talking about the new you can inspire great ideas. An obsession with money could be obvious. Memories of old friends can change your views.

Pisces: Love, passion, dreams, karma, you’ve got a lot of energy coming your way. Let go of an old perspective in career matters and a new vision soon arrives. A change in friends changes you.

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With Mercury retrograde, rethink your practical habits. I've added two new Daily Habits that are working great for me that will be super easy to take into the new year.

Veggie Plates: Every day I have a veggie plate to ensure I get an extra dose of nutrient rich, fresh, crunchy, watery vegetables for better health. They are simple and quick to make. I also use an all natural French dressing for an extra dose of healthy deliciousness.

Heart Health: Just 15 minutes of exercise a day, that's all it takes. Just 15 minutes of moving and dancing to music and it will get your heart pumping. It goes by fast and makes a huge difference in circulation and getting oxygen and nutrients working towards good health. Just make it fun and it's easy.

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