Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for December 2, 2016

Mercury enters Capricorn today at 4:18 pm EST.

The Moon is already in Capricorn and meets up with Pluto today. The Moon is also in difficult position to both Jupiter and Uranus today.

In regards to your personal goals, this is a time to think more about your own higher aims in life and how your career and work life reflect what you really want or not. Practical thinking leads to best choices. Longer term planning with a focus on achievement is recommended now.

In the larger picture, astrologically speaking, these considerations symbolize changes in how we think about and identify with our goals in life, with a particular focus on business, politics, leadership, power roles and the media. If you’ve been following my weekly and daily horoscopes for a while now, you’ve noticed that these have been hot topics for the past few months.

Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn in late September marked a turning point in how we perceive and experience power roles through the structures of society. Jupiter entering Libra also marked a shift toward how right and wrong are debated in the media.

Now, with Mercury entering Capricorn, thoughts are directed towards these areas with more attention, particularly to the finer details. Mercury symbolizes the inquirer, and how we want to know more information. Lots of questions about what is true, and who is telling the truth are set to be on the rise.

However, Mercury can also be superficial. So, people making blanket judgments over a small sound-byte, a headline, or a tidbit of information can become the norm. It's easy to jump to conclusions on little info.

When new information is brought up, particularly about politics, business and economics, it’s important to ask, “Is that really true? Is this information biased? Who is sharing this information and do they have a particular agenda of their own to skew or slant information to their favor?”

Basing opinions on rumors or minimal information and state them as thorough facts when you don’t really know the whole story can become an issue. If someone shares information but isn’t giving you much insight, it’s advisable to ask for more details. Be careful of believing something is true, when it is simply hearsay.

We are witnessing changes in the political landscape and the media, especially regarding fake news and censorship issues. Regardless of your political affiliation, questions of trust are increasing on all sides and it’s important to consider how slanted information plays a role in swaying public opinion - otherwise known as propaganda. Mercury brings attention to how information is processed and exchanged.

Trust and discernment is becoming more important for us to understand the real truth these days. Pluto is a heavy hitter and transformation in the structures of society are largely in focus.

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Mercury enters Capricorn at 4:18 pm EST
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