Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Signs for December 4 to 10, 2016

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Aries: This is a great week for you to focus on what you want for your future. People that are enthusiastic and hopeful about life’s possibilities can energize and motivate you to see your future differently. Friends and acquaintances that you absolutely love to be around are recommended this week to give you an energy boost of positivity. Finding solutions should be right up your alley. Trusting your heart will help you find yourself. Introspection can lead to big breakthroughs of personal identity as the week progresses. Pay attention to words of the wise that perk up your ears later in the week. Realizing what has long held you back from an adventurous, exciting life can push you to get going.

Taurus: The future of your career is in your hands. It’s so important that you focus on the vision of your future now. What energizes you and excites you about life? What are your dreams? What makes you want to get up in the morning and take action toward creating a better future? Figuring out what your heart and soul wants is essential this week. You can’t just go through the motions, you need to have an enthusiastic love for what you do to be at your very best. You can come up with brilliant ideas on your own now, but also consider how you can make a difference as part of the collective. How you touch people’s lives is important. Financial restrictions can lead to brilliant solutions with long term rewards. Rest and relaxation at the end of the week is good for your well being.

Gemini: It’s time to set practical goals. It’s easy to rack up credit card bills with the holiday season now in swing. Taking a closer look at your financial situation, particularly your long term debt situation, can help you create a smarter plan. Sacrifices now, even small ones, can lead to better longer term outcomes for your future giving you a greater feeling of contentment now and in the future. Consider the reality you want to create from a bird’s eye view, and the karmic qualities of cause and effect. Being smarter about how your financial resources can be spread out longer term can help ease your mind about the future. Putting money toward what you need in your career can be highly beneficial for you in the long run.

Cancer: The wish for financial freedom becomes an essential part of your self awareness this week. Obstacles that seem to be in your way on a day to day basis, can prompt you to change your lifestyle. When you clearly see what isn’t working, it’s time to change course and put more energy into a routine you can get enthusiastic about. An epiphany about your career can change your motivation this week. What career is aligned with who you really want to be? It’s important that you are proud of your life goals and career choice. Your perspective on relationships will also be changing over the next few weeks. Being able to talk about deeper thoughts and feelings is essential to long lasting companionship.

Leo: Getting excited about life is highly important for your relationships. Enthusiasm and hope for the future makes life more enjoyable. Prospects of traveling can excite you and put you at a whole other energy level. It’s important to have things to look forward to and have stories to tell about your life experiences. Creating your life is a privilege. Consider how a new adventure can uplift your life now. Note where you have felt restricted in expressing yourself. Pushing beyond your self imposed restrictions will light you up. Organizing your finances and setting a budget is recommended so you feel less distant about your financial picture will ground you in reality and motivate you to set smart long term goals.

Virgo: Setting your mind to practical tasks and working with your hands is recommended this week. Put your creative thinking cap on and get to work expressing yourself. The more you practice any creative skill, the more you are to be transformed now and in the coming weeks. The process will change the way your mind works. Being creative will also lead to a good dose of sensitivity to thoughts and feelings of others, which is beneficial for your relationships. Making time in your schedule for freedom to do whatever your heart desires will give you a good boost of energy. If your home life has been dogged with responsibilities, make room for rewarding yourself by the end of the week.

Libra: How would you like to create your future? What does your heart hope to express? Put your energy in these directions this week. Finding innovative ways to create the life you want will give you hope for the future. Finding freedom through expressing yourself helps you feel more balanced and abundant. You may wish to spend more, perhaps as a way of expressing your love for those you care about, or as a way to make yourself feel a little bit glitzy and glamorous. Talking about the vision for your life can sometimes feel stifled, but this week you could have a brilliant insight that brings back a spark in you. Talk about your goals, think big, and don’t hold yourself back. By the end of the week, your understanding of how another person feels can inspire you to become more true to yourself.

Scorpio: Home is where the heart is this week as well. Make your home feel cozy, while also having a modern, up to date energy. A beautiful space can lead to innovative ideas that excite you about the future. The way your mind works is going to change a lot this week and it will continue for weeks to come. It’s a good idea to ground your thoughts by meditating and spending time connected to your body and nature. This will help your mind process information at a calmer pace and bring you down to earth. Feeling present in your thoughts will help you also feel more creative. A brilliant insight about making money can give you energy. A bonus or a raise are most welcome. Opening yourself up to possibilities of being rewarded financially for your work can give you a boost you deserve.

Sagittarius: You are in the swings of your birthday month. The Sun now in your sign meets up with Saturn and can give you a nice boost of esteem. Valuing your life becomes a more important factor of your well being. A new sense of identity is with you. A big, joyous life suits you well, so any hangups or lack of confidence you’ve had, shed a part of that karmic baggage so you can shine forward. If you have been putting anything off that you know is good for you, this is the time to shine a light on why you've been hesitating. Positive people with big dreams are good for you now. A connection with nature and comforts at home can bring a grounded energy to your thoughts. Smiles, a cheerful heart and enthusiasm for life brings out the best conversations.

Capricorn: Who do you think you are? That’s the question this week. You’re set to go through a transformation in this regard over the next couple of months. Who you know yourself to be is changing. Pay special attention to your dreams. They could be daydreams, but more likely, the dreams at night could wake you up to fantastic realizations. Meditation is recommended to help you be more mindful and centered in who you are. It can help calm thoughts if you are a heavy thinker. Your karma also becomes important. Giving yourself permission to leave parts of your past behind can lead to a new future you coming up in just a few weeks.

Aquarius: Drive and determination are essential in giving you a boost of esteem. Self love, caring and nurturing for yourself is an important part of the package as well. Finding your balance between self care and going full steam ahead helps create balance and a positive sense of self. Exercise continues to be an important part of your self confidence. The proper use of energy helps your ego find its center. If you’re really being you, instead of putting on a show, what you talk about and how you conduct yourself speaks volumes about your energy levels and how you feel about yourself. This week, be grateful for how important the people in your life have been in the grand scheme of things, even those that presented challenges. You’ll realize how you’ve grown.

Pisces: Dreaming the big dreams for your life also includes the need for a secure foundation. This is a good week to talk about your higher vision for your life and how to make your dreams a reality. Active pursuit of imagining your future and considering new options that feel exciting to you is essential. Consciously engaging in higher aims and ideals helps you to love your life. The end of the week is the time to connect with friends and allies. Conversations with people have the power to change you a great deal over the next couple of months. What you discuss could be brought up again in a few weeks. If you have any goals you’d like to achieve with others as a group effort, discussing details and timelines is recommended now. Small talk and chit chat about mundane life with friends and acquaintances can ground you just as well.

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