Your Daily Astro Advice Horoscope for December 1, 2016

Welcome to December! Jingle Bell Rock is already playing on the radio! This is a great day to work towards activating good energy in your life. Feeling good about the dreams and goals you have for your life will take you closer to manifesting them in reality.

It’s an excellent time to start an exercise routine to help you find balance and get your blood flowing. Caffeine in coffee, tea and dark chocolate wake us up to the activated energy of the day.

Mars in Aquarius and Jupiter in Libra are in harmony today. Of particular importance is strengthening a positive mindset. Putting energy towards innovative ideas and solutions that are optimistic and intended to bring peace and harmony can have a strong impact on your way forward.

Having a vision for your life, and a strong confidence in what you’re capable of can open you up to massive ideas now. Overconfidence is possible, as is a big ego, but prioritizing positive growth, peace, harmony in your relationships will energize you with a boost of good energy.

Using your intelligence and your willpower toward learning more about business endeavors is highly recommended for entrepreneurs and self starters now. If you’re talented, this is a great day to be extra confident in your abilities. Artists will do well to put in time practicing to create today.

A growing awareness of the impacts of war can reach more of us now, reminding us that what we really want is to find solutions towards peace and a better future for all.

Strong, loud, determined voices in the media have the greatest chance of reaching and impacting a wider audience now.

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