Your Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Signs for December 18 to 24, 2016

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Happy Holidays!

Aries: What you do takes you into the future. This is a good time to imagine your dream life. What would you like to do? What actions can you take now to create the life you imagine you deserve? This is also an excellent time to practice martial arts, yoga and visualization to tune into your energy. Reconsider your goals this week with Mercury retrograde. Do you need to rethink your career ambitions? A new cycle of career considerations is ready to begin. Ideas about travel can lift your spirits and bring motivation towards higher ideals for your life.

Taurus: Seeking people that are interested in causes you are passionate about can inspire you immensely now. What are people doing that you believe in? This is a good time to take a closer look at the opportunities the world has to offer you. What you think about can manifest into reality but you’ll need to put in extra effort to be clear on what you want. Details could go amiss. If you’re traveling double check your luggage and itinerary. Reconnecting with earth and nature is good for your well being. Imagining your most inspired ambitions will help you turn dreams to reality. Watch for synchronicities that remind you of your good karma and important life lessons. Keep working on your vision board.

Gemini: Well you had your Full Moon last week, now Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn. This is the time to rethink your goals, in particular your financial goals, and the practical actions you’d like to take for best karmic results. You may need to purge some of your old ways of thinking to make room for new ideas. It’s time to reflect on how your financial choices have lead you closer to or further from your larger goals. It’s not the best time to borrow or go into credit card debt for the holidays. Double check transactions when you buy to make sure. Responsible spending choices will lead to a better chance of having long term ease of mind. Spend time with those you feel most comfortable around so you can be spontaneous and happily engaged in the season.

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Cancer: This is a good time to work on improving your communications with people you are connected to, whether it’s a romantic relationship, friendship or business partnership. Lack of communications can lead to misconceptions, so do try to be clear. Extra attention to common goals helps you overcome differences. If you’re away from a significant other, it’s a good time to reconnect online, but in person is even better. Last minute shopping could work out well for you, leading to surprising results, but do you want to take a chance? Getting off work early for extra time to tend to errands is most helpful. Vacation time will be extra appreciated by Cancerians.

Leo: A tight schedule means you need to be extra attentive to details. Making lists and timelines are recommended to help keep you from forgetting specifics. The pressure of the holidays gives you a chance to rethink how you use your time most efficiently and where you are lacking focus. Though it’s not time to commit to new habits, this is the time to brainstorm how you could make changes to your lifestyle and daily routines. Be sure to not spend too much when your gut is saying you aren’t sure. Hastiness can lead to doubtful feelings, and you want to stay feeling positive for the holidays. A spontaneous, creative idea could bring out new ambitions. A surprise adventure or vacation would be super awesome for you energy levels.

Virgo: Passionate, dreamy romance is right up your alley this week, while compassion for those in need, and volunteering your services invigorates your spirit. Reflecting on your creative goals is important for you now. Get back in touch with exploring creative ideas that you would like to manifest. Write down, and keep track of the artistic inspirations that come your way. Recycling and reusing materials can lead to fantastic results. Gifts from family are particularly meaningful. Be grateful for the foundation and resources available to you. Hard work that has paved the way to your advances and your future deserves appreciation. Spontaneity and humor bring wisdom your way.

Mercury goes retrograde this week. Be sure to double check transactions and the fine print when you’re shopping for the holidays.

Libra: When what you do each day puts your energy towards being of service, you will feel like you’re doing good. Though you could find yourself more emotional than usual, a steady routine can help you feel like you’re being productive with a purpose. It’s a good time to rethink your goals and priorities, especially regarding home and family matters. If you’ve been holding back on saying something that needs to be said, especially to a significant other, a breakthrough moment can alleviate pressure. When you understand where another is coming from, and talk about it maturely, it can be refreshing and rewarding.

Scorpio: You are one of the most passionate and mysterious signs of the zodiac. Use your emotions to activate your creativity this week. It is the deeper parts of you that are often hidden that can reveal your greater talents. Finding ways to express yourself can be empowering and put you on another level of awareness. Time to muse on your goals can transform you. Journaling is recommended to refine your goals. Setting yourself up with new routines can redefine you and lead to a greater sense of stability. Being open to potential sources of income can lead to new ideas on the work you’d like to do.

Sagittarius: Your home is your castle. Putting energy towards making your space feel both energizing and comforting is important for you now. It’s also a good time to reconsider what career goals and financial stability means for you. Your thoughts on what is a best route towards feeling financially stable could change this week. If you’re feeling like money is tight, perhaps considering downsizing could help give you greater sense of security. A closer look at your budget can transform your aims. A spontaneous approach this week can lift your spirits. New creative ideas can redefine you. Be proud of yourself and your capabilities.

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Capricorn: Mercury is stationing retrograde in your sign this week. Your thoughts and your use of words, will reveal much about you. So, pay attention to the words you use most. This self knowledge can be a great stepping stone to help you redefine and transform yourself. With your birthday right around the corner, this is the time to evaluate yourself more closely. Your more passionate, and compassionate words and actions are especially worth noting. Family can remind you of the dreams you have for your life and the possibilities you can achieve. Keep your dreams alive and focus on finding your freedom. Traveling can do you wonders now.

Aquarius: Self love continues to be a priority for you. This week, redefining your dreams is set to begin a transformation. What you think and believe plays a major role in the outcomes of your life. Your drive for money could become more bold and apparent, but it’s best when you consider how your actions are being of service rather than letting your ego do the driving. Visualization and fantasy can lead to big changes of priorities. People that are wise can enter your life. Give them your attention. Socializing with people that have solid aims are your best bet.

Pisces: Personal pride is on the rise for you. This is not arrogance, but an acknowledgement of your ability to do something meaningful. Your contribution to the world is important. Use your energy to be of best service and you’ll feel stronger and empowered. People you once associated with could go by the wayside as your social circle is set to change. Someone new could show up making you feel lighter. If there is any miscommunication this week, you may wish to retreat. If you stumble over your words, writing can help you get your thoughts out better. Smart, responsible financial and career choices can lead to a greater sense of freedom. Try not to overspend on the frivolous for the holidays.

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