Your Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs for December 25 to 31, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy You Weekly Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign below. 

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Happy Holidays!

Aries: Your dreams can give you insights into your next career inspiring move. If you’re not usually the dreamy type, late nights brainstorming and writing about your goals and motivations is recommended. If you’ve got insomnia, use it to your advantage. Rethinking your career and the type of life you want to lead is suggested with Mercury retrograde now. New beginnings are always available, but the New Moon marks a more potent time to get in gear with your intentions for fresh beginnings. Thinking about your goals for 2017 will get the ball rolling. You could feel like reinventing yourself anew when Uranus stations direct in your sign. Sometimes you need to surrender a bit to where life wants to take you. Have a wonderful holiday Aries!

Taurus: What you want to do for your future is on your mind probably more than most other signs. Reminders will be frequent. If you could simply put away distractions so you could be that person you really want to be, and set those goals and achieve them, what would you be doing? What would you focus on? This is the time to think about a new plan, think beyond your limits and reinvent yourself. Keep working on that vision board. New aspirations and new aims await. Your future will be born from the choices that come from your heart. Make sure you envision a future full of love. If some things aren’t working out for you this week you may need to surrender control to find your peace. Have a wonderful holiday Taurus!

Gemini: It’s a good week for you to reflect on your life and your goals. Exploring your mind-body-spirit connection is recommended. Yoga would be perfect for you now. Getting back in touch with your physical self, eyes closed, in a meditative state can help you feel calm and collected. It’s a good idea to rid yourself of negative thoughts that may be holding you back, and practicing calm, surrender and forgiveness will help. The New Moon later in the week encourages you to get more grounded. Being conservative on spending on credit is recommended. A shift in who you identify as your friends is likely to set the stage for your New Year. Have a wonderful holiday Gemini!

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Cancer: Are you ready for renewing your relationships? If you are unsure of your commitments, this is the time to reflect on who you see yourself with going forward. If you don’t understand where another is coming from, ask more questions. As the week progresses your desire to change will increase. If you’re in a relationship, brainstorming and dreaming about traveling is helpful. It’s good to have something to look forward to. You’ll likely notice yourself being drawn more by interests for the future. Uranus going direct can inspire you to think outside the box about your career. If you’re an entrepreneur, don’t just do it for the money, do what you identify with most. Have a wonderful holiday Cancer!

Leo: A different train of thought will do you well. If you have repeating thoughts that keep nagging at you, it’s time to work on letting them go and surrendering your past. Instead, brainstorm how you can improve your lifestyle. Look at how a variety of people live to get ideas on new routines you can incorporate into your life. You may not stick with them all, but some of your new ideas could be gems that dramatically change your experience for the better. A new, better way to spend your time is set to begin. Take a look at your schedule and get rid of what wastes your time and replace it with goal oriented objectives. Do be extra careful when signing contracts now. You may want to wait until at least mid-January for such things. Distractions can take your mind away, so you’ll need to put in more effort to stay focused. Paying down debt to clear your karma is recommended. Have a wonderful holiday Leo!

Virgo: Spending time in personal reflection can reveal some of your more creative potential. When an inspired idea comes to you, track it or you may forget it. Doodling and drawing can lead to awesome random thoughts worth noting now. If you’re tired and don’t have the energy to write down the spontaneous ideas that come to you, chances are it will be gone from memory when you come back to your senses later. But, the bits you do collect could end up leading to goals that recreate and transform your life anew. If you’ve got secrets, the one you love may love you even more for sharing something so personal, but you still may feel like you've said too much. Consider an edited, shorter version for now instead of spilling all the details. You can always reveal more later if you'd like, at a better time. Showing your passionate and compassionate side is good for your relationships now. Have a wonderful holiday Virgo!

Libra: The holidays are here. Love is in the air. You can create your future with a lot more love, starting now. The energy you give out, is what you’ll attract. A sense of gratitude will give you a lighter feeling this week. It’s a great time for you to socialize and share the love with people you care about. If you’re having communications issues at home, things should get clearer after the new year. Spend most of your time with people that give you a warm feeling for best results. People that make you feel free, alive and ready to be yourself are the ones to connect with now. Have a wonderful holiday Libra!

Scorpio: Season’s Greetings! You’re the passionate sign, and sometimes the highly intense sign of the zodiac. If communications go wrong and you are unclear on which way you’re heading to manifest your dreams, take it easy on yourself and others. A compassionate stance has your best chance of creating a wonderful season for you. Music that moves your soul will inspire the creativity inside you. Having fun with cute, cuddly animals can bring out your sensitivity and remind you of the importance of connecting with life. Focus on creating good karma this season, and life can become more magical. If certain conversations are of no interest to you, changing the topic to something new is recommended rather than retreating. Changing your schedule and workload so you can feel more free is a great idea. Have a wonderful holiday Scorpio!

Sagittarius: The love others have to share with you is what matters. Surround yourself with good people that want you to feel loved and your holiday will be better for it. Do try to spend less money during the holidays if possible. With Mercury retrograde it’s not the best time to overspend. Consider your longer term financial outlook for best results. Check your accounts regularly to ensure there are no hiccups in transactions. The desire for a new income or job opportunity may be on your mind. Don’t worry about it, but rather allow it to inspire your ideas and new goals. Have a wonderful holiday Sagittarius!

Capricorn: It’s a New Moon in your sign as it always is at this time of the year. The Sun in your sign marks you birthday month and the Moon comes along and starts a fresh new cycle for you. It’s an important time to reflect on your self-development. With Mercury retrograde and Pluto in your sign too, you could be second guessing which way you want to go to make changes that manifest a real difference in your quality of life. Random insights will be peppered throughout the week that get you to rethink your life goals. Home should be your place of freedom. Big open spaces and fresh air will let the good energy in. Do a bit of Feng Shui on your space to clear up and refresh the energy. Turn up the feel good music and let it move you. Have a wonderful holiday Capricorn!

Aquarius: Self love continues to be the path to self understanding for you now. Talking about travel, goals, philosophy and life balance helps you to awaken to new ideas about who you are and where you're heading. Any obstacles to your social life is likely a blessing in disguise that can give you a chance to seek out new friends to connect with. Feeling prosperous helps attract the right ideas and sense of freedom that will lift you up and renew you. Dreams and daydreams have the power to reawaken new ideas and fantasies about your goals in life. Enjoy the process and the random insights that show up. Have a wonderful holiday Aquarius!

Pisces: The people you surround yourself with are likely to change, some may leave and some new people could arrive. Nostalgia of the good old days, and making new memories is good for you. Setting some new goals, and getting your mind switching gears by enjoying the company of different types of people is also recommended. Though you may not jive with everyone you encounter, you certainly could find diamonds in the ruff. Dreaming of a more loving future for yourself and the collective of the world is good karma. Exploring how love affects your psychology and helps you feel grounded and present is important now. Use your life force to create the goodness you want more of. Your compassion extended to others can make a world of difference. Have a wonderful holiday Pisces!

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