Mercury Direct. Full Moon in Cancer. Weekly Horoscopes for All Signs for January 8 to 15, 2017

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Aries: Are you ready for adventure? Think forward, make a plan, and work on manifesting your big aims. Action with a higher purpose transforms you. Valuing family reminds you of your roots.

Taurus: You’re set to move forward manifesting the true you into reality. What you believe and care about speaks volumes of where you’re headed. Karmic ties to people you love lifts your spirits.

Gemini: Positive, adventurous relationships can inspire a different philosophy of life. Deciding to face reality about your financial situation, with a plan for dealing with debt can empower you.

Cancer: The Full Moon encourages reflection on your past choices that now define you. A smart plan and schedule will improve your lifestyle. Serious conversations help clarify your relationships.

Leo: Clearer thinking brings better creative output. This is your prime time to make a plan for 2017. Late night pondering should give you clues. But, an inflated ego can lead to flawed choices.

Virgo: Are you ready to think about the success you want to create in 2017? In your social sphere, choose those that care about what matters to you. Allies will help you manifest better.

Libra: The more you talk, the more you’ll learn this week. Think about the personal life you want to live to help you decide which direction you want to go in your career. Who do you want to be?

Scorpio: Minimize your financial worries by discussing and learning about making practical plans, and maximize your goals. You could wake up to realize the power of wherever you are located now.

Sagittarius: Self analysis turns into self awareness. Your focus leads you toward the goals and the results, so get yourself in line. Your feelings reveal a lot about your personal bonds and attachments.

Capricorn: Go beyond the limits of your beliefs. Self knowledge will transform your life. You are ripe to take the lead with excellent ideas. How much you care about others can be enlightening.

Aquarius: What you believe and what you say to others may be two different things. Hard questions about truth and life transforms you. How you really feel about work wakes you up.

Pisces: Self love can enlighten your spirit. A passion to serve others or volunteer can change the focus of your time toward practical, meaningful results. Creative inspirations will flow into your life.

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