Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Signs for January 15 to 21, 2017

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Aries: Are you taking action towards your dreams? The resistance you feel will give you clues to the changes you need. The best goals are going for what you love. Imagine your future and your freedom.

Taurus: Do you have role models that inspire you to transform your life? Socialize with or learn about people that have experienced what you would like to achieve or experience. Think about your future and your career potential this week.

Gemini: Talking about money and financial goals shouldn’t be so taboo. Be open to learning to make progress. Talking about your hopes and aims with friends can inspire you about the future.

Cancer: Talking about health can improve your lifestyle. If life doesn’t seem as magical or as adventurous as you’d like, start thinking about making plans that are. Choices now, should support a future without debt.

Leo: Your relationships are best when you can discuss plans about reducing life’s obstacles to happiness. Thinking about a debt free lifestyle, helps you make better decisions and set smarter goals.

Virgo: Expressing your love for your partner through words is recommended. Love and compassion as your priorities, serves you and others best. More freedom in your daily routine brings smarter productive ideas.

Libra: Home and family life can improve significantly when you create a daily routine you love. Prioritize being loving and compassionate to serve your very best to others. Creativity opens doors to your future this week.

Scorpio: Money matters can bring up all kinds of emotions. If you’re a starving artist, be patient. Know that the process you're going through now will teach you much and can bring eventual rewards. Discuss what you love and what you want to manifest.

Sagittarius: Although the home is known as one’s castle, it shouldn’t define you, hold you back or be what you put all your energy into. Talk about your hopes for the future this week, so you don’t feel stuck in one place.

Capricorn: Secrets that come out in the open can be an emotional ride, so be careful what you say this week. Discussing spiritual concepts about love and money can transform who you know yourself to be.

Aquarius: Your birthday month begins. Welcome light into your life. Daytime energy and sunshine is good for your well being. Fantasies about money become reality only when ideas are put into practical use.

Pisces: You’re more alluring and attractive in subtle yet potent ways now. People in your life change for the better when you’re a more loving, compassionate person. If you’re not happy about the results of your goals, change your actions.

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