Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs for January 29 to February 4, 2017

Enjoy Reading The Weekly Horoscope Dedicated to Your Zodiac Sign. Have a wonderful week!

Mercury is the big mover this week, meeting Pluto, and connecting with Uranus and Jupiter... Read about it in This Week's Overview here.

Aries: This is a good time to work on a business plan. Asking tough questions and weighing pros and cons of career options will help you make smarter decisions. Focus on your self worth and take action.

Taurus: A different perspective on money can change everything. Do away with fears, and embrace growth. Be of service and use your time efficiently, and you’ll be setting yourself up for good karma and success.

Gemini: A financial reality check can help you get in line. People you admire or associate with can help you think outside your usual box. Your thoughts and words are extra powerful now. Use them wisely.

Cancer: What others say has the power to change your mind significantly this week. Though you may be tempted to make hasty decisions on home or career matters, try to weigh your options well first.

Leo: All talk and no action won’t get you there. Big ideas and dreams could be plentiful, but you’ll do best to make a plan. You’ll need to change your routines but the effort will be worth it. Use your leadership abilities well.

Virgo: Debt and bills can hinder your creative ideas if your mind is too preoccupied with such mundane concerns. Try to keep your thoughts on task for best results. Don’t sign the dotted line unless you’re absolutely sure.

Libra: The way you think about yourself, your relationships, your home life and your sense of security is changing. If you feel stuck, take practical effort to get organized. Partnerships can inspire new beginnings.

Scorpio: Thoughts and words are like magic. Your changing philosophy on life can lead to big shifts in your lifestyle, and vice versa. Focus on your goals this week and talk about ways to manifest them.

Sagittarius: Who you talk to can change your mind. Be aware of biases in points of view and decide for yourself. A desire to create a new beginning and a new perception of money can change your life. Find your freedom.

Capricorn: A big shift in how you think about yourself is ready for you. Not reaching your biggest goals yet can give you a push to think different so you can make it happen. If you’re stuck inside, getting out more can change how you see your life.

Aquarius: Challenges will lead to your new growth, so embrace the lessons and you’ll find your freedom. Nighttime can bring you ideas that transform your perspective of reality. Watch for meaningful coincidences for guidance.

Pisces: Prioritize self worth and self love this week. Dealing with your own, or other people’s insecurities or financial issues could weigh on you, but teach you valuable lessons. Smart decisions about debt can change everything.

Practical Recommendation for All Signs

Here’s my easy practical recommendation to help you get on track this week with good habits:

Get a physical book and start journaling.

Although a phone app for tracking notes is great, with Mercury in Capricorn now, a physical book is also a good idea. Though Mercury rules communications of all kinds, Mercury at odds with Uranus could spell some tech glitches that can just get in your way. Plus, one of the biggest habits people have is using their phones and computers constantly for everything, which can be highly distracting. A physical book can help you stay grounded and not get sucked into distractions on the internet, while also giving you a chance to start a new habit.

To start getting yourself organized, it’s important that you become more aware of what your habits are.

1. Distractions: In your journal, make a list of all the things that you do on a daily basis or as part of your regular routine that you think are distracting you from your bigger goals.

2. Goals: Then, make a list of all the things you want to accomplish. This list can be as large as you'd like, from short term goals to long term goals. The key is to brainstorm and write it all down in a list so you can refer to it regularly.

3. Gratitude and Accomplishments: At the end of each day this week write down at least 3 things you achieved or are grateful for that day. It could be small or large, like how you decided to say no to a distraction, any practical action you took that you're happy about, or something that you're grateful for that day.  

Using your book every day will create a new habit and put you in a mindset of success and goal oriented thinking and help you recognize how you are prioritizing the use of your time.

To transform your life, transform what you think about. 

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