Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs for January 22 to 28, 2017

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There's a New Moon in Aquarius this week, and Mars enters Aries...

Aries: Prioritize a more meaningful, even spiritualized purpose to your goals this week and you’ll realize your greater self worth. Your best ideas about the future will give you hope. Try to exercise more.

Taurus: Don’t waste your time and resources on those that don’t appreciate you. Focus on your career and your own goals to create a better future instead. Insomnia can inspire new activities.

Gemini: Your beliefs about money impact your decisions. Get real about your debts so you can manifest a better reality. Talk to people about your aims to get clear on a new direction of growth.

Cancer: Talking with others, or a significant other, can instigate bigger dreams and help you find meaningful goals worth your time. Discover the innovative, resourceful path to your future. Freedom awaits.

Leo: Creative ideas lead the way. Create a vision board with freedom as your aim. Organizing your financial goals by priority starts with reducing your debt. Take charge with a pioneering attitude.

Virgo: Your relationships benefit from fun and entertainment. Believe in your abilities and you can create magical results. It’s time to focus on future growth. A new lifestyle and social life brings freedom.

Libra: Imagine your home and family as you wish it to be, and you’re closer to making it a reality. A new creative streak can inspire your future. Coincidences will point to your new beginnings.

Scorpio: Money is a form of energy exchange. It is ultimately based on thoughts. You’ve got the magic. Plant the seeds of new ideas with feelings of hope, and your future will grow accordingly.

Sagittarius: Money and a sense of financial security can feel elusive until you sit down to make your calculations. Learn more about money now to take away the mystery. New ideas can show up out of nowhere.

Capricorn: You’re a smart cookie. Discuss your higher point of view on reality and wisdom is yours. Secrets are best left unsaid now. New ideas can lead to new income. An active home business could be the ticket.

Aquarius: It’s a new period of growth for a new you. Set realistic yet empowering goals. A vague sense of security could weigh on relationships. Financial issues in your social circle could teach you a lot.

Pisces: Listen to intellectuals and wise teachers, they are your best allies now. A career funk could play on your self worth, but keep your dreams alive. A new vision and higher calling can wake you up. Courage can bring more income.

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