Mercury enters Aquarius Astrology Horoscope for February 7, 2017

Mercury has been in Capricorn for quite some time, bringing our attention to the transformative tension between Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus. It’s been an important time to get yourself organized, shift your thinking towards your priorities and getting more serious about the things that matter in your life.

Before leaving Capricorn, important talks about authority, power, security and the reality of the political, financial and business world are highlighted.

Now Mercury is moving on…

Mercury enters Aquarius on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 4:35 am EST. This is a lot of air (mental/mind) activity. This is great for new ideas and solutions. Innovative thinkers, scientists, inventors and techies are supported by brilliant insights. It’s a good time to talk about subjects that seem far out and eccentric to you.

Practicing positive thinking and a hopeful attitude can bring you better luck.

It’s a great time to socialize and join groups online or in person to talk up a storm. Gossip over the superficialities of life comes easy.

Getting your head stuck in your computer or phone for too many hours can be especially common for a lot of us. New information and trying new gadgets is extra intriguing now.

Artificial intelligence and sci-fi concepts are highlighted now, as are innovations in finances and technologies.

The Moon also enters Cancer today at 2:03 am EST, but is at odds with Venus and Mars in Aries today.

The determination and motivation to exercise is diminished for most now. A desire to just feel comfortable and relaxed is more likely.

Imagination is generally well supported today. The relaxed state can work well for dreaming up ideas. If Mercury in Aquarius has you thinking a lot, keep track of your brilliant thoughts by writing them down. It’s a good time to enjoy creature comforts and nourishing food.

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