New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse, and Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, February 26, 2017

It’s officially a New Moon in Pisces and a Solar Eclipse on Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 9:58 am ET visible mainly in South America and Africa.

Mercury has just entered Pisces as well, on February 25, 2017.

This New Moon in Pisces and Solar Eclipse can bring on a great awakening and reveal hidden secrets and new information. Personal revelations are likely that can put you on an all new path of meaningful soul growth.

More sleep may be necessary. More dreams are likely, helping you to tap into a different state of reality.

This New Moon is signified by light and water, the depths of the subconscious, to the ascent of enlightenment.

Imagination is at a strong peak and can work wonders for artists and creators of all types now. Understanding hidden meanings and symbolism is an important part of the creative toolkit.

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse can also be transformative for those with addictions to have renewed faith in getting on track and realizing the real potential of life beyond the addiction. A revelatory moment can alter your perspective and forge a new, brighter path.

This is a time of letting go of past mistakes to move forward and level-up to a higher state of awareness so you can be of great service to life.

Shame and guilt, and a whole range of internal, personal fears are often associated with addictive behaviors. Such feelings are signposts and reminders that what you’re doing in terms of your addictions, is not really in the best interest of your life or those around you.

A eureka moment can change everything this week and set you on a higher vibration tuning you into a more awakened, spiritualized, meaningful perspective of reality.

Excessive emotions can lead to a breakthrough of heightened awareness. Listening to music and writing poetry may open up another level of understanding yourself, humanity, and all life.

Hypnosis, dreams and dream interpretation, art appreciation, tarot readings, meditation and the like can reveal much hidden knowledge and wisdom now that bubbles up and wakes you up. We are reminded now that there is a great level of psychic and mystical wisdom threaded through our world that we can tap into.

This New Moon in Pisces occurs during a period of significant tension and changes in the world, which can be a strong catalyst to waking people up, leading to an evolution of consciousness. We are in revolutionary times.

We are reminded that compassion, empathy and care heals emotional wounds, dispels the ego, and transcends us beyond life’s trivialities.

A change and growth of beliefs is likely with this New Moon in Pisces and Solar Eclipse.

How we understand the world is largely dependent on the information we are exposed to from our environment (people, society, culture, media...) that develops into our beliefs about the world. Going beyond the information at face value, looking deeper and asking curious questions can take us on a journey to the next level of awareness and can alter our beliefs about reality.

Philosophers and spiritualists around the world recognize that what we experience and perceive in the world is largely an illusion of our own choosing, and that our focus and beliefs determine so much of the reality we live in.

Since people largely make choices based on their beliefs: ethics and morals, right and wrong, true and false, the resulting actions based on those beliefs continuously manifest the experience of the world around us. Beliefs are powerful ideas people hold onto. Once there is an emotional attachment to a central core idea it can influence just about everything one may think, say and do in the world, and defines, determines and affects everything around them.

When some people get strongly attached to an idea, it can cause many problems of bias that draws in the ego, which then often leads to competitive, egotistical points of view, anger, resentment and division.

The New Moon in Pisces reminds us to have another look at our beliefs and choices that have brought us to where we are today and how are they impacting the world. Do they bring out more positive, or negative results in the grand scheme of things?

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse can reveal a washing away of the old patterns of thinking to reveal all new beliefs. An awakening can take your life to a whole other level of living in tune with a higher calling. Some could finally discover their life purpose that satisfies and enriches on a soul level. You could end up waking up to a new you.

Mars meets Uranus in Aries on this day February 26, 2017, as well, highlighting sudden revelations and a revolutionary, rebellious energy.

A desire for higher consciousness to reign for more of us now can be prompted further as a counter-response to the tension and transformative powers at play between Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus now.

Mars is the warrior energy that takes determined action and Uranus is explosive, sudden energy that can be quite extreme. This has a very reactive energy to it. Competitiveness and egotism is likely to be on display this week, but can also be roiling within.

It has been said that life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it. Tension, ego, emotional power games can get intense now, but ultimately actions and reactions are choices we make.

Politically this is a time of strong power games. Politics is difficult to ignore for most as it can touch so many areas of our lives, and decisions can lead to dramatic impacts.

The Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter tension of world power, is on full display through media channels now. The power struggle in corporate, political, media spheres reveals that there are much selectively hidden from many different angles. The New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse can reveal deception, or the intention of deception and the struggle to hide and reveal the truth.

Mars meeting Uranus can lead to more people feeling angry about the state of affairs in the world overall. There can be intensity, anger, rebelliousness and strong egos that can literally be shocking on the world stage and in our personal lives. A brand image or marketing angle could come off wrong, be shocking, too forceful or get unexpected reactions.

For the higher vibration of this energy of Mars and Uranus, new self awareness can lead to strong action. New initiatives and motivation for entrepreneurs can be brought about by sudden realizations and epiphanies.

With Pluto in hard aspect to Mars and Uranus, this could be difficulties with bosses or authority figures, or letting go of a job or career. Alternatively this can also represent that you are self aware enough to realize that you deserve a raise, recognition, position, status or title for hard work you've done. You may be able to summon courage when necessary and can showcase your ability to be a strong leader in the face of challenges.

With this New Moon in Pisces and Solar Eclipse and the potency of tension, we can feel like we’re in a time of extremes. Such extremes can motivate us take a 180 degree turn and change our lives and get back in touch with our more life-affirming and spiritualized side of life.

This period can revolutionize our lives and change what we understand about ourselves and alter our identities dramatically.

Actions and reactions can impact perceptions of who we are greatly and suddenly. Being shocked or embarrassed by behavior is likely. What you do defines you to others.

This could be a complete shift of identity in relationships including romantic relationships, platonic and business partnerships of all kinds, and your relationship to those in positions of authority such as bosses or leaders.

Through all this, we always have the choice to tap into the lower vibration, where fears, anger and delusions of the ego reside, or we can raise ourselves up out of the ashes to create a higher energy of joy, love and peace.

To tap into the higher vibration consider, "How can I be of service and bring peace and compassion to those in need? Am I grateful for the people I love and those that love me?"

I am sending wishes and prayers of love and peace to all those out there that are suffering; the abused, the poor, the hungry, the lost, the scared, all the sick children, animals, men and women, creatures of all kinds that are mistreated and hurting. May we all find peace and love by giving each other peace and love.

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