Weekly Horoscopes for All Zodiac Sun Signs for February 19 to 26, 2017

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Aries: You will be redefined this week. Choose the better definitions and those that agree. Opinions of your detractors are too subjective to count. This week you become wiser and your imagination can soar. The tension of egos can redefine your goals. A new belief about reality awakens your soul.

Taurus: Getting your life in order is most satisfying. Communicating and writing down ideas gets you on track. Worrying and excess tension can keep you up at night. Surrendering past mistakes helps you become renewed. Connect with compassionate, soulful creative types and you'll evolve.

Gemini: Thoughts are like clouds. They are always changing. Positive thinking is enhanced the more you reflect and imagine your hopes. It's best not to have mental battles with groups or ideologies you don’t identify with or get caught up in social ego games. Make your priority developing a path of new karma for your soul.

Cancer: Financial knowledge and discovering intelligent debt solutions can help you feel more balanced and secure. Vanity and conceit can be a problem. Protecting yourself from egotists is necessary for your soft inner core. The ego never brings true satisfaction, only division. Instead, prioritize wisdom, compassion and karma to bring you a new way of life.

Leo: Communication is the key to a flourishing relationship. Sharing inner truths helps you see more wisdom. What you wish for can require a purge of bad habits. Intuitive self analysis begins a new you. It's a great time to consult an oracle to uncover hidden wisdom.

Virgo: An intelligent discussion on money matters can shift you to a more hopeful, abundant perspective, dispel worries and encourage proactive solutions. Control and power issues can create psychological and physical tension. A new karmic path of service will elevate your spirit.

Libra: Working on developing your inner world of abundant gifts and thinking fortunately improves your self esteem. Solutions come best now when you are both logical and creative minded. Aggressive power games can feel uneasy. Learning better decision making skills is essential for Libras. You are most successful with new ideas on how to be of service.

Scorpio: The importance of your roots, ancestry and family can inspire you to communicate and connect more as part of your personal growth. Gossip or opinions about lifestyle choices could lead to conflict. Power plays at work can be unsettling. New philosophical realizations can bring much wisdom. A new creative direction can uplift you with faith and purpose.

Sagittarius: It's not always what you know. It's who you know that often counts most. Choosing the right social groups leads to wise, new ideas. Money issues can force you to take action, but don't compromise yourself. Letting your ego affect your behavior is a recipe for disaster now. A new, wiser you starts with taking care of yourself and being of kind service.

Capricorn: Those who are strong willed can change you dramatically. Take care to not let stress get the best of you. Ego matters and power struggles, especially those that relate to identity can make your blood boil but such tensions can become the catalyst to an all new philosophy on life. Talking or writing about existential concepts makes life poetic. Music that moves your soul can mark new beginnings.

Aquarius: Sudden insights can change your sense of identity quickly. You are in a new phase of reflecting on what your big dreams are and how to find real balance in your life. Fear and aggression can change your beliefs about reality and society.  A new dream can lead to intelligent ideas and a new flow of income but you'll have to recognize the difference between wishful fantasies and reality.

Pisces: Overly strong egos and pushy people could make you feel uneasy. Stay centered in your self awareness. We are heading toward a New Moon in Pisces as we get closer to next week. The world needs more of your compassionate, healing energy. In a topsy-turvy world a higher perspective helps us all evolve. Your being here reminds us all to improve our karmic direction. Allow yourself to be the wise example for all.

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Peace, Love and Light.

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