Venus Retrograde in Aries and Pisces from March 4, 2017 to April 15, 2017

Venus stations retrograde in Aries on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 4:09 am ET.

Self worth and self reflection become highly prevalent as we redefine ourselves.

Venus wants to retreat from the hostile energy and get back in touch with the essential self, the true self. Venus retrograde reminds us to come back down to earth, reconnect with the sensual side of life, our senses and reestablish a love of ourselves and the grand scheme of life.

Venus looks in the mirror and asks, "Who am I really? Do I love myself? What do I really want and value in life?"

Venus retrogrades in Aries, then re-enters Pisces in early April 2017. On April 16, 2017 Venus meets closest with the wounded healer Chiron right as she begins to go direct in Pisces.

There are female and male energy within all of us. Our reality encompasses duality in all things and we all channel different archetypal energies in our personalities at different times.

Our feminine side prefers subtlety, comfort, material reality and receptivity. In active and masculine Aries, the feminine wants to retreat a bit to get back in touch with the self and then reaches back to identify with spiritual ideals, compassionate understanding and love of Pisces.

Now is a time where our feminine qualities look within to find personal empowerment and self acceptance. Our feminine side recognizes the value of resisting the temptation to follow the externalized masculine qualities of active force, direct willpower, and ego. This is important during this hostile time, especially with forceful energy of Mars meeting up with unpredictable Uranus.

Feminine, spiritual, healing energy becomes a more important part of our evolution. Sentimental feelings about the ones you love and the meaning of life on a soul level becomes more important for all of us.

Compassion and love are needed to heal the world. Being of kind and loving service is necessary to create changes on a heart and soul level.

More women will feel a higher purpose to the meaning of life in March and April especially, and may dream about or choose to try to get pregnant at this time. Family lineage and creating new life can become more of a central focus of interest.

Possessions and money matters are viewed from a self-worth and a more spiritualized lens. Attachments to less valuable material items could fade away, while attachments to sentimental items become more important, especially those items that have been past down for generations in family lineage and bring back memories. Pictures of past loved ones can bring nostalgia and a soulful experience of life.

What you value will change while Venus is retrograde. Love and relationships that didn't work out, could rekindle romance. Alternatively, distance in relationships can occur, while retreating, soul searching and developing personal self worth become prioritized.

A love and appreciation of flowers, fragrances and the subtle, feminine energy of beauty and caring makes life feel more calm and spiritual. It's a great time for self care like massage, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy. Your body is your temple.

Meditation on higher chakras from heart to crown can reawaken compassion, love and self worth, resulting in a higher state of self awareness.

Venus stations direct in Pisces on April 15, 2017 at 6:18 am ET to bring loving wisdom forward.

Release the past, reawaken new karmic roads and reach towards new beginnings this spring. Love - self love and a love of all can change everything.

Venus re-enters Aries on April 28, 2017 at 9:10 am ET and will be direct for the rest of 2017.

Though Venus would love to disarm Mars and bring him back down to earth, they do not officially meet until early October 5, 2017 in Virgo.

Jupiter is now retrograde in the sign of relationships, Libra. Read Jupiter Retrograde in Libra here.

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