Sun enters Pisces. Weekly Astrology Horoscope Overview and Daily Advice for February 12 to 18, 2017

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February 2017 Recent and Current Planetary Transits

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Your Weekly Horoscope Overview

Last week we had Jupiter station retrograde in Libra, Mercury entered Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo with a Lunar Eclipse.

This week, the Sun is in Aquarius almost all week before the Sun enters Pisces on Saturday.

Aquarius is a creative sign and the Full Moon in Leo we just had last week is great for recognizing your creative potential. We will be integrating the Full Moon over the next couple of weeks. Make the most of it! Continue to access your creative intelligence this week. Innovative ideas are on overdrive now. Put your mind towards the future you want to create.

Eclectic spiritual concepts, new age philosophies, sci-fi and space age interests can become intriguing to more people now. Futuristic, modern thinking can lead the way. It’s a great time to socialize with creatives and intellectuals to explore new ideas. I talk a lot more about Aquarius here.

Jupiter retrograde in Libra reminds us to go within to find our truth. Philosophizing is where some of your most brilliant, innovative ideas come from. Think big and look at all sides of issues to help you come up with great solutions.

This is a good week to make your life feel more activated, motivated and inspired by brilliant potential thanks to a nice connection Mercury is having with Mars on Thursday.

With the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius it’s great to be thinking about the future, but wishful thinking isn’t enough. Hopeful ideas are great, but should be followed by action. Thinking about the future you want helps gain clarity, but action is required to make it a reality.

There’s a lot of focus on the mind, energy and inspiration this week with air and fire elements dominating. Giving yourself something to look forward to is so important. Keep your energy and thoughts moving forward with excitement for what’s possible. Great ideas plus motivation can make your week remarkable.

A Quick Look Ahead - Later in February! 

As many of you know from reading my horoscopes each week, that Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto have been in strong tension, creating upheaval in politics, the media, power and issues of personal identity, and has been especially strong for the past few months. These are revolutionary times.

Mars will be heading toward Uranus in Aries at the end of February.

Mars will be meeting Uranus in Aries on February 26, 2017 at 7:19 pm EST.

Mars will be in close conjunction with Uranus in Aries, while Mars in Aries is in exact opposition to Jupiter retrograde in Libra on February 27, 2017 at 9:11 am EST.

Leading up to the end of February we are likely to see a strong increase in tension and flair ups. Disagreements could be plentiful. Questioning the truth and a mix of beliefs and opinions can stir the pot. The media and politics will likely become more surprising, over the top and sensationalist amping up emotions of large swaths of society. Protesting and a push back could become more intense as well. More people will want to lead by taking strong action.

While the Sun is in Pisces, it is a good time to connect with your spirit and the meaning of your life. With Jupiter retrograde as well it is a good time to work on looking more deeply on your philosophy and beliefs. It's an excellent time to get connected to your soul level of awareness, and connect with others with best intentions and good karma.  

What’s Happening Each Day this week!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Moon in Virgo connects well with Pluto in Capricorn today.

The beginning of the week encourages us to consider how we are using our time effectively and in meaningful ways.

It’s easy to dream about better days, but it isn’t very effective in manifesting the reality you want. Taking an authoritative role and practical, productive steps is best.

Being organized, on task, and implementing positive changes to your work and schedule can bring excellent results you can feel good about. Being emotionally invested in using your time well and taking steps towards creating new habits and routines are recommended now.

Though it’s best to try not to let perfectionism and hard rules become too dominant now, they do have their value in moderation. Accomplishments can change you today.

It’s a great day to use a chunk of your time to plan ahead and set goals for the rest of the week.

Monday February 13, 2017

The Moon has a difficult aspect with Saturn today, before entering Libra at 3:43 pm ET.

Trial and error with your plans can sometimes be frustrating, but it is usually rewarding. If you’re already finding some of your practical steps are not working out, trust your feelings to help you navigate new options. Obstacles can be gifts in disguise that teach you lessons and prompt you to do a work-around.

As the day progresses, it is recommended to enjoy leisurely reading. However, if you choose to zoom in on the news and the media, be prepared for mixed emotions. To feel better overall today, peaceful talks with those closest can bring a more balanced sense of well being.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoy a lovely day.

The Sun in Aquarius connects well with Saturn in Sagittarius today. A hopeful, positive attitude about the future can help you achieve and accomplish much today. In all that you do, and in any obstacles that you have faced, look to the benefits.

People that are unique, and eclectic are most interesting to socialize with now. Respect for those that are different than yourself can build bridges and lead to a positive experience. Giving others the benefit of the doubt improves relationships and brings more harmony to life.

This is a great time to work on a vision board to help create structure to your ideas. Whatever hasn’t been working can inspire you to take aim and get focused on what matters. This is not a day for mindless distractions. Take responsibility for your future today so you can make your dreams a reality. Intelligence coupled with discipline is best.

Creative ideas followed by practical efforts are well supported.

Group efforts to help those in need brings satisfaction. Philanthropy can inspire greater meaning in life.

The Moon in Libra stands across from Venus and Mars today. It is a day of love. It could be harmonious for many, but conflicting views in relationships can create some tension. The age old adage that women are from Venus and Men are from Mars can hold truer now, especially for the inexperienced in love. Listening with your heart to all sides of the issue can dissolve any conflict or confusion. If you're in love and getting along great, romantic passions can be heightened strongly now.

It's a great day to talk about your aspirations that get you excited about life and to work on your vision board.

The Moon and Mercury are positively aspected today. Keeping lines of communication open with a positive mindset creates better relationships and a more freeing future.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Moon meets Jupiter retrograde in Libra today and connects at odds with Pluto and Uranus. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotional conflicts presented in the media about politics and power issues.

Challenges can lead to soul searching today. Conflicted feelings lead to wisdom. Weigh your options. Look at both sides of the coin.

I've been talking about this a lot lately, especially when Mercury was in Capricorn and meeting up with Pluto.

With the Moon in good placement to Saturn and the Sun today, we are encouraged to work through the issues and bring emotional intelligence forward to help create a brighter future.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Moon enters Scorpio today at 1:41 am ET.

Mercury and Mars are positively aspected today. Mars in Aries can be surprising, ambitious and pioneering. These qualities can work to our benefit and bring excellent, innovative ideas forward.

Quick actions can lead to interesting and unexpected results. Initial thoughts and instincts are usually your best at this time, but some could be more irrational and feisty.

Loud voices about what people want for the future are likely to be heard.

If you’re an entrepreneur or an inventor, this is the day to think up a variety of ideas that you’d like to implement and take action on developing. Put your thinking cap on and take a solutions oriented approach with a positive, hopeful attitude.

Innovations in technology and machines, automobiles, artificial intelligence, internet business and communications get a boost of intrigue now.

It’s a good time to consider your financial future as well to find motivation and inspiration to grow. Talk about your most brilliant ideas. Intelligence followed by actions can have powerful results.

This can be a great time for creative thinkers to go ahead and act on their impulses. Socializing can bring an extra dose of excitement to life now.

Let’s also hope that those with war on their mind don’t get too excited by the prospects. We can think of a much better future and take action towards creating, rather than destroying.

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Moon connects well with Neptune and Pluto today, but is at odds with Mercury.

Not everyone has a positive outlook on the future. Sometimes our fears get the best of us. Today, try not to get too caught up in the dramatic side of life where thoughts and emotions get all mixed up.

For those with money issues, if debt is weighing on you, it could feel extra heavy and cloud your vision your future now.

To get out of a funk, remember that you have potential and abilities to succeed. Look at your hopes and dreams, and work on solutions now to remember your power. Take an authoritative role. Be the author of your life.

Pushing yourself to change your thoughts toward the positive can take extra effort now for many, but you have the power to do anything you set your mind to.

If your social life is in a downturn, focus on your career objectives and your higher wishes to get on track.

It’s a great time to go within to clear out emotional and mental rubbish so you can get back into a groove that helps you manifest your very best. Uplifting music is recommended to brighten your day. Meditation can be the key you need to find yourself now.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Sun enters Pisces today at 6:31 am ET. This is the final stage in the zodiac before the astrological new year begins. There’s only 1 month left of winter. Spring is on it’s way!

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Overview of where the planets are this week

The Sun enters Pisces on Friday, February 18, 2017 at 6:31 am
The Moon transits from Virgo to Sagittarius this week
Mercury is in Aquarius
Venus is in Aries
Mars is in Aries
Jupiter is retrograde in Libra
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

All Times are in EST

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