Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Zodiac Sun Signs for February 26 to March 4, 2017

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Aries: Define yourself. Define your life. A push for personal freedom and renewed self worth is pivotal in your development this week. Your relationships are a big part of your definition of yourself. Other people’s ideas can trigger anger or brilliance depending on your mood. Your reactions can redefine you, especially if your buttons are pushed. Don’t let a hot temper make you look foolish, most especially at work. Aggressive behavior can be calmed by love and compassion. You may find achievement is yours even if you’re working against the odds this week. You may feel more tired and wanting to sleep more around this New Moon.

Taurus: New people that are more socially responsible, intelligent, wise, philosophical and have a mission to do something purposeful in life are good allies now. You could feel overwhelmed at times with so much on your plate, but try not to imagine the worst when surprises show up this week. Adventurous dreams or over thinking can keep you up at night. A schedule can bring you balance. You could come to realize what true love is.

Gemini: What you dream you wish to achieve can reach deep into your emotions and be on your mind. Being of service to help others can bring new successes. Disagreements or differences of opinion in casual relationships and your social sphere can redefine you and the people you want to associate with. The immaturity, hostility and a lack of emotional intelligence of others can have you suddenly rethink your relationships. Your behavior could go either way in a heartbeat, so do try to get centered for best results.

Cancer: Emotions could be especially heightened this week. Intuition is on high, but so is tension. You want to bring your best forward, and you can, but stress, particularly work related can get you hot under the collar. Your reputation can change quickly this week. Sudden choices and aggressive actions can be risky and require you to find ways to get grounded. If there is a sudden shift in direction, or excessive behavior issues to deal with, you may find a more passive approach works better.

Leo: New creative ideas can work well for your money matters. A bit of self analysis and researching new subjects of interest can turn over a new leaf. Excessive enthusiasm can be exciting but also lead to accidents or surprising outcomes, as can anger. Try not to be too obsessive. Your words or actions can lead to unexpected responses. Don’t believe everything you hear, but also be sure that if you have a point of view you’re passionate about, make sure it’s true, not just a biased opinion.

Virgo: Being of service to others, especially a romantic partner, can renew your faith. Behavior on the spot has a strong impact now on determining financial results. A get-rich-quick scheme isn’t likely to work in your favor now. Results will be unpredictable and can change quickly. Unexpected expenses can show up. Be careful with loans and credit cards to reduce debt stress. Knowing the value of your assets is important. Understanding the behind the scene reasons for decisions and actions could cause conflict, but also give you an upper hand in matters.

Libra: It’s soul searching time. Ask questions, dream, and imagine a new, higher potential. Redefining yourself relative to others is a major part of your life evolution now. Sudden reactions can have a strong impact on your relationships. To get anything done well, try to bring harmony and diffuse drama this week to help bring balance to situations rather than battling it out. What you stand against can be a lesson in self-improvement. If surprises overwhelm you, stepping away or making space will give you a better perspective.

Scorpio: Your creative edge is ready to grow. Movies that are poetic and visually stunning, especially with a mysticality, can inspire you to try new ideas. An unexpected change in your schedule, or extra stress out of the blue can fire you up, especially at work. Anger can lead to productivity, but it can also lead to accidents and misbehavior. A need for personal freedom can motivate you to change your routine on your own terms. Try not to use abrasive words or throw your ego around, as it could bring conflict. If you don’t love the work you do, get ready to redefine yourself. Do what makes you feel valued.

Sagittarius: Identity is not something that simply is. It is something that we create. Who we know ourselves to be can change in a flash. Our actions and behavior determines much of how others perceive us. One minute you could be angry, the next you’re most jovial, caring and loving. All the ingredients mix together and makes you, You. This week your most immediate responses and reactions can show a side of you that alters perceptions in your social sphere. If you’re going on a date, being too forward could cause a pullback. You’ll have to adjust your attitude often to get it right this week. Home is a great place to relax your mind and philosophize on life.

Capricorn: Philosophical discussions, dreams and daydreams can bring vast personal growth, a sense of emotional fulfillment and deepen relationships. Check your fire alarms this week. Sudden occurrences at home or in your family life are possible. Try to keep the energy in your space free flowing and don’t do anything crazy, like stand on a swivel chair on your high-rise balcony as you breathe in the fresh air proclaiming your personal power! Slow down if there is frenzied or foolish energy around you, as accidents are probable. Behavior of family could be a bit wacky or over the top. You may need to step away and find your own space.

Aquarius: New growth in income is possible, but you could also find yourself out of touch if plans are in the realm of ideas but not actualized in practical terms. Observation of materialism through a spiritual lens can help shift your views, especially if money owns your thoughts. Stress could reveal itself unintentionally in your mannerisms, words and attitude. Words and actions can lead to fast results this week and anger could be one of the most potent motivators. You may not get the results you want through conflicts, but you will definitely learn a lot. Your rebellious side may be on the verge of release, but self-love can redefine you best.

Pisces: Happy New Moon in Pisces and Solar Eclipse! You will awaken to a new you. Letting go of the past and focusing on your personal growth will redefine your magic. Your dreams and daydreams about the future can lead you to discover smart, new beginnings. Money matters can bring stress levels up, especially if you owe large amounts of debt. You may need to put in more energy towards making money, or cut back on spending. Even so, thinking positive, and being hopeful can set you up for success. Focus on what is of real value to determine better money management.

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