Sun enters Pisces. Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs for February 12 to 18, 2017

Eros, Greek God of Love. Happy Valentine's!

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Aries: Your intelligence is a beacon of light. It can build bridges. Connecting with those that have innovative ideas can motivate and inspire you to be your best. Meaningful friendships are positively highlighted. Talk about your vision and take aim. At the end of the week your dreams and imagination can be most enlightening.

Taurus: What are you determined to do? What are your motivations? Your highest wishes can only be attained when you identify what they are. Get inspired to discover your inner world of creativity and set goals. Dreams can only come true if you go for them. Creative, practical efforts are well supported. Climbing the mountain towards the rays of sunshine is freeing.

Gemini: It’s an excellent week for creativity. Working on a vision board is most recommended now. If you feel held back by those you relate to, it’s a good time to have a talk about what you are aiming for. Mature talks can change your relationships for the better and bring you hope. An active, energized social life brings brilliant ideas. Joining group activities does you well.

Cancer: If you want different results you’ll benefit from putting your thinking cap on and taking different actions. Money matters benefit from hard work. But you should be doing the type of work that excites you and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Borrowing money could work in your favor, as long as you have a smart repayment plan that is well suited.

Leo: This can be a great week for your love life. Talking about commitments can go over well. Getting excited about the prospects for your future, especially with a significant other, can light up your life and give you a positive glow. Hopefulness in your aims makes you feel lighter. Positive affirmations about love can create a better future.

Virgo: If anyone knows how to get organized it’s you Virgo. This is an excellent week for you to get your home and finances in order. A clear schedule and a longer term outlook can make your days brighter. Be proactive and innovative for best results. It’s not a week to be lazy or misguided. Get your thoughts and timing in order and you can enjoy less worry and more productivity.

Libra: A creative approach is highlighted for you. What are you waiting for? Talk about your best ideas, and get serious about making them happen. If you have children, encouraging their creative abilities can lead to your own revelations. A positive hopeful attitude makes love and relationships work best. Romantic conversations and sharing your future hopes and dreams strengthens bonds.

Scorpio: Restrictions in money can lead to excellent conversations with the wise. Look for information that gets you to think outside the box. Forging your own path can change everything. Organizing your home office space, files and paperwork, and getting serious about making money, can bring on the most brilliant ideas. Don’t forget to make time for romance.

Sagittarius: It’s a great week to go on a date, and Valentine’s makes it feel even more special. Letting yourself feel free to talk about subjects that interest you can improve your mood and esteem greatly. It is conversations that bring the magic this week. At the end of the week a sentimental feeling about home and family can remind you of the meaning of life.

Capricorn: Your dreams could be longer than usual, and bring the most brilliant ideas. It’s advised to write them down so you don’t forget. The messages can be surprising, inspiring and even have a serious message that reminds you of the purpose of life. Home can be a great place to enjoy romantic talks and passionate encounters. Real estate as a money maker is worth talking about.

Aquarius: The Sun is still in your sign. Your most intelligent ideas are best discussed with mature people that have great goals and aims in life. Your actions can speak for themselves, but explanations can help bring important clarity and reasoning so others understand your motivations. Find the higher purpose to your money making efforts to help your dreams become reality.

Pisces: The Sun enters your sign at the end of the week. With your birthday right around the corner, it’s time to think about solutions that can make 2017 awesome! Thinking about your future in your career is advised this week. Is what you’re doing giving you the life you really want? Think outside the box and daydream about it. Brainstorming actions to make more money is recommended now.

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