Full Moon in Leo, Jupiter Retrograde. Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs for February 5 to 11, 2017

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Aries: The quality of your relationships becomes more meaningful to you. A positive outlook on the future can attract the energy you need to manifest your best. Be creative and think outside the box. A social circle of positivity will remind you that you are valued. Exercise is good for you.

Taurus: It’s time to do some soul searching. Finding balance in your routines, schedule and lifestyle is necessary. Make your time more meaningful. Efficiency is your friend. A positive attitude about your goals can make dreams come true. Feeling secure in your creative abilities is important to manifest your best.

Gemini: Recognizing the creative energy around you brings a more meaningful experience to life and your relationships. An excited, hopeful, enthusiastic mindset and social life can be enlightening. Dramatic topics of discussion grab your attention and make for lively conversation.

Cancer: A retreat to ponder the meaning of life and find inner balance is recommended. A more positive mindset about the future can alleviate hangups and worries now. Get enthusiastic about the energy you put out there, and you’ll attract rewards. A woman’s touch can inspire new goals.

Leo: To be alive is the greatest gift. Be proud of yourself. Be creative. Be authentic. Let your light shine. Your words can reinvent your relationships. Speaking of your deepest philosophies can inspire and empower change. Travel can do you good and alter your perspective of the world greatly.

Virgo: An objective, unbiased look your finances can lead to better decisions that help you find balance. Making money should be aligned with your core ethics and standards. An epiphany late in the week can be enlightening and change you. A daily hopeful attitude improves clarity and direction.

Libra: Your understanding of yourself and the meaning of your life is going to change over the next 4 months. This is just the beginning. A key message for you now is growth through creativity and social connections. Think outside your normal mindset, so you can create more. Hopefulness inspires your best. Follow your heart.

Scorpio: Looking more deeply at your subjective reality, from an objective point of view expands your consciousness. Mulling over the mysteries of life can bring incredible insights. A big idea on your career can be like night and day. Your leadership qualities can shine. Inspiration, intelligence and innovation is the foundation of your better future.

Sagittarius: Reconnecting with people can change your life and your perception of the world. Ideas and causes that matter to you could benefit from your extra attention. Talking about how to improve the experience of life for yourself and others can inspire great ideas. Creativity and enthusiasm grows the more energy you give it.

Capricorn: Reconsidering your goals can reveal how high or low you’ve been aiming. What you think about yourself has the power to change everything. Thinking more positively about money and believing in your future can help you feel more secure. A lit up mind brings solutions. If there’s drama in your life, use it as a gateway toward creative brilliance.

Aquarius: A change in your point of view is due. Introspection can greatly shift your beliefs about the world. Your thoughts about yourself and your relationships are in the spotlight. Discussing the challenges you face, highlights your values and motivations. The ego is a subject of attention now.

Pisces: Introspection on your faith and beliefs can bring up a world of information. Less time being distracted and more time expanding and enriching your internal world can bring the balance you need. Positive, hopeful thoughts about the meaning of life can inspire you to change your lifestyle. Your creativity deserves your time and energy.

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