Full Moon in Virgo. Weekly Astrology Horoscope Overview for March 12 to 18, 2017

It’s officially a Full Moon in Virgo on March 12, 2017 at 10:54 am ET.

Astrology, and life, are all about relationships. Whether it is a relationship with the people around you, the environment and objects you interact with, society’s rules and policies, or your relationship with your body, mind and spirit, it is how and what we associate with that greatly defines us and our experience of life.

The Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus T-square configuration brings a hyper focus to how we are all going through a personal revolution in relation to the people and world around us. All of which, prompts us to change and grow as we work towards defining who we are.

These days, there are many changes, surprises and revelations that awaken us to the reality we are collectively creating. We become wiser, but as we grow there is much dismantling of our past and the way things have been. Every day news headlines are reminding us of just how symbolic the sky is in speaking to what’s happening here in the world around us.

The Full Moon in Virgo reminds us to have a look at our relationships, what we’re doing with our time, and what we are doing to be of service to the process of life. The Full Moon in Virgo also puts a spotlight on the finer details. At this time we are becoming more aware of which way the world is heading, collectively, and in our own personal world, as a reflection of our thoughts and actions that create reality.

The Full Moon in Virgo stands across the sky from the Sun in Pisces. How are you being of service to the world around you? Where do you see selfishness demonstrated in the world, and where do you see selflessness?

Virgo teaches us to pay attention to the details. Like an accountant, there is always something to keep track of in life, and the details will help you make improvements as you go. Knowledge helps you make better choices.

As the week progresses and the Full Moon wanes, it is recommended that you release and let go of the things that don’t serve you well in the grand scheme of things. Habits, thinking patterns, schedules, health and wellness routines, can all use our attention and refinement as we release what hasn't been working. Perfectionists, worriers and those with obsessions to details could find this period of letting go relieving.

Purging whatever doesn’t serve your higher aims is recommended so you can prioritize your time. This is a time to change your patterns in the way you live your life. Where do you need to be more efficient with your time? It’s time to get real about your lifestyle and what your practical day to day activities are contributing to the experience of life for yourself and for those around you.

It's a good time to journal and reflect on life, and keep track of the changes you’re making to your habits and routines.

Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, is most active this week.

On Sunday, March 12, 2017 Mercury in Pisces connects with Saturn in Sagittarius, just before the Full Moon in Virgo. This further reminds us of where our thoughts and actions lead to the karma we create. An enlightened, wiser state of mind is not easy to develop with so many distractions and hurdles in life, but it is always worth the effort. Wisdom and knowledge is earned and comes at the right time, when you are ready.

Last week we saw how more secrets in communications are coming out with Mercury (information exchange) meeting the Sun (awareness) in Pisces (secrets). It’s not surprising at all that the CIA wiretapping issues are coming out in the open with Wikileaks, especially in these times.

Conflicts regarding bias, truths and untruths, censorship, information, power and hidden power, are all coming out in the open these days and so many are scrambling for their intended version, their side, to win the information war. This all strongly corresponds to the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus T-square. As as these dramatic changes are happening in our world, it’s amazing and fascinating to see how it is written in the stars. There is conflict between individuals, relationships, and the powers that be and it’s messy, just as Pluto promises it will be. Uranus and Jupiter promise there will be many more big surprises that lead to dramatic changes.

Mercury enters Aries on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 5:07 pm ET. This is good for new ideas, particularly for business, and can be helpful to those needing to give themselves more attention. This can have positive associations of inspiration and pioneering attitude, but on the other hand talk of war could become more obvious. Egos could rule minds.

We are just a week away from the Sun following along and entering Aries to mark the Spring Equinox!

The Sun in Pisces is in Square to Saturn in Sagittarius on March 17, 2017. Trust in a higher purpose can be challenged. When there is so much happening in the world, many can find themselves losing hope and faith in a higher purpose in life. But on the other hand, such challenges can motivate others to work harder get back in touch with spirit and find their true source and calling in life. The pendulum always swings.

Secrets are likely to come out this week, particularly in political and corporate matters. People are waking up to what's been unknown, hidden or denied.

This week is about revamping your life and moving away from the habits and thought patterns that hold you back from being of best service to yourself and life around you. Try not to worry too much about time. Get serious about working on your growth so you can face any obstacle and still share your light. Wisdom is earned. You create your karma.

If you are distracted from your vision in life you will likely come to an earned lesson now.

Yoga is the perfect act to represent pushing through the challenges and finding higher wisdom and self respect in the process.

Mercury meets Venus in Aries on Saturday, March 18, 2017. We are reminded of the importance of self love. Realizing just how much you value yourself and the people that matter to you can awaken a new identity. Speak words of love to help create a positive frame of mind that renews you.

Love yourself to love others. Namaste.

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Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends online. Wishing you a wonderful week!

Peace, Love and Light.

Overview of Planetary Transits
and Aspects This Week

Where the Planets are this week:

The Sun is in Pisces
The Moon transits from Virgo to Sagittarius this week.
Mercury enters Aries on March 13, 2017 at 5:07 pm ET
Venus is retrograde in Aries
Mars is in Taurus
Jupiter is retrograde in Libra
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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