Weekly Astrology Horoscopes for All Sun Signs March 5 to 11, 2017

Enjoy Reading Your Weekly Sun Sign Horoscope Dedicated to Your Zodiac Sign. Wishing you a wonderful week!

Aries: This week self worth becomes increasingly important for you. How much do you really value yourself, personally and financially? You can demonstrate your self-worth in many ways, and it will be especially helpful to actively pursue more money in exchange for your efforts as a way to affirm your value. You’re worth it. Remember your time is as valuable as anyone else’s and should not be taken for granted. Your relationship to others will represent key ideas that can redefine you this week. It’s a good week to improve your work schedule and get your life on track. Practical strategies will help you feel more grounded and energized. Brainstorm ideas on how to be of best service in the big picture of your life, so you feel fulfilled in the karma you create. Soul level relationships can feel freeing.

Taurus: Sometimes we just need to sleep more than usual to get in touch with that dreamy part of ourselves. Dreams can give you plenty of inspiration and ideas now that help you define yourself and your place in the world from a more celestially inspired point of view. You will come into your own, and recognize higher truths for your life now. Schedule in time to be creative late in the week. Get your tools out and explore new techniques and you’ll feel like you’re on the right track. Socializing with people that are empathetic, compassionate, kind and sentimental, can reconnect you to an essential, valuable part of yourself. Memories from your past can remind you of how much you've changed over the years. More confidence, passion and sensual energy is on the rise at the end of the week, taking you into the weeks ahead. A new personal mission can change your life.

Gemini: Inspiration for your career and your goals is sure to bring you to a whole other level of self awareness. To have a purpose in life, and a mission, just makes everything more fun and meaningful. You can turn your ambitions into accomplishments you can be proud of. Collecting information is your forte, so write down your most intriguing dreams and daydreams this week to help you with goal setting. There is much brilliance that can arise for you that can play a role in your growth towards your success. Enthusiasm for the big picture of your life story can lead to your best actions and help you to manifest the reality you deserve.

Cancer: Sometimes letting go of an idea, a routine, or a habit can be the most liberating experience that changes everything. New emotions this week can help you forge a new path that feels more in tune with what you really want. In career matters, if you’re not doing what you really love, this is the time to reflect on what your real goals are. Surrounding yourself with those who are upbeat, enthusiastic and responsible about money matters, can give you a renewal of positive energy that encourages prosperity. It’s a great time to dream about the perfect vacation, especially with a sweetheart.

Leo: Hidden information can come to light. Discoveries can change your thinking patterns. If you need financial resources, this is the time to do the research on your options. You could have a revelation and find brilliant insights that remind you of how much more there is to life. Be a sleuth. Ask the questions and you will find answers. The most creatively determined types will find that hard work coupled with inspired energy leads to good rewards and satisfaction. Career and money matter get an infusion of energy late in the week that will take you through the month. Focus on setting goals and following through with action for tangible rewards.

Virgo: You are destined to become more true to your calling over the next couple of months and finalize a growth period that focuses on you understanding your identity and role in life. Reevaluating how you relate to others on a heart level can help redefine you. Using your intelligence and your intuitive brilliance to serve others your best, will work in your favor, practically and on a soul level. Kind relationships with others are sure to lift your spirits and theirs, and improving good karma energy around you. Believing you have a purpose and a destiny helps you flow with everyday concerns and dissipates senseless worry. Focus on recognizing the magic of life around you this week. Putting energy towards money management is recommended if you want to travel.

Libra: Overthinking things can make it difficult for Libras to make concrete decisions. This is a great time for soul searching, but the dreamier ideas also need to be useful. Continue thinking about the big ideas, and mulling over your options, but for best results, think about using your time wisely to be productive too. A new schedule can set you on a new path towards even more brilliant ideas. Positive karma for yourself and others is a lifestyle choice. Having faith in yourself, coupled with good time management can make you feel much lighter. Rekindling romance and warmth in your relationships reawakens a part of your identity you may have been too busy to remember. An enthusiastic attitude about money can give you the motivation to take real action as we head toward next week.

Scorpio: Talking about, and thinking about metaphysical subjects and exploring psychology can lead to brilliant creativity this week. Studying or observing art and artists that have deep concepts and philosophical associations to their work can inspire incredible new ideas and significantly change your perspective on reality. Sparkly objects can take you off to dreamland. A new exercise routine can give you extra energy. Lack of follow through long term is likely, but a bit of exercise is better than nothing. Hard work coupled with your creative spirit can lead to financial opportunities. Soul searching this week inspires lifestyle changes that can turn your dreams into reality.

Sagittarius: Defining yourself is your job, not somebody else’s. To be free, you need to be the one that creates your own identity. Getting in touch with your senses can lead to great creative liberation this week. Enjoying sights, sounds, tastes, fragrances and sensations of the world makes life more fun and is sure to inspire your inner artist. This is a great week to sing in the shower, or have an intelligent conversation while sitting in a hot tub. Sentimental feelings about family is healing to your spirit. Family dynamics always change, but remembering how short life is can bring you back to a compassionate, caring side of you. When you can bring joy and alleviate suffering you’re doing good.

Capricorn: Powerful dreams can take your mind on an all new journey. Talk about these dreams and try to decipher them. They are likely to hold a higher truth that is unique to you. Write them down so you don’t forget, as they can dissipate very quickly upon waking, leaving you with only a general feeling, but lacking details. Money matters put into question self worth. Rethinking your career with soul searching is recommended. Do you identify with the work or the value it brings to your personal home life? Contemplate and discuss where you see yourself in the grand scheme of things. What service do you want to bring to the world around you? Though ideas can be cloudy, the more you ponder them, the stronger the rays of light can break through the mist and brighten your spirit.

Aquarius: Taking a step back from chasing the wants of the ego can lead to meaningful soul searching now. You may think you want this or that, but actually you might end up changing your mind. Your worldview could go through an important transformation. New information can be freeing. People relate to money in countless ways, from fear and dread, to exhilarating liberation and everything in between. You could realize that your more vague ideas and beliefs about money don’t really cut it in the real world the way you may hope or imagine they should. Talk about it. What you say reveals how you value yourself.

Pisces: A new you is in development. Your birthday month is in full swing, and I hope you are celebrating your life. You are only going to be this personality for one lifetime, so be sure to express your truth. The people around you may change, and your goals may change, but through it all, you’ve got the gift of magic and you get to touch everyone’s lives with it. Welcome new people that wish to arrive and bless those that leave on their own journey. Be sure to spend time thinking about your soul calling and higher purpose this week. This is a good time to reevaluate your self worth and the value of your work. If a pay cut is happening, you’re probably worth even more, and it will give you the extra push to find better opportunities that align with greater inspiration for your life.

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Overview of Planetary Transits
and Aspects This Week

Venus is now retrograde in Aries as of March 4, 2017. You will notice her shining bright in the evening sky after sunset. Venus is now getting closer to the Sun each day, and in just a few weeks we'll be seeing her in the morning instead of the evening.

The New Moon in Pisces is still growing larger in the sky symbolizing much spiritual growth in our lives. Brilliant insights are likely early week when Mercury meets the Sun in Pisces! Hidden secrets can come to light and gossip can get a boost.

We are also in a period of tension with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter I've spoken of frequently over the past number of months that can lead to a major changes in the structures of society, in our relationships to others and in our own personal identities.

With Jupiter retrograde in Libra is in direct opposition from Uranus in Aries both in Square to Pluto in Capricorn, our identities are going through a metamorphosis. Realizations about who we are and are not are made most obvious through our relationships with one another. Interactions with other people with differing personal beliefs manifest strong opinions of one another. The complex issues and climate of thought the ruling powers of society - politics, laws, corporate interests and the media - all play a significant role, in our self discovery now.

Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter remain at odds, and such varied opinions and biases all around, especially notable in the media, make for much conflicting information. What is right and wrong, and what is true and false is the domain of Libra now. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra, we are in a period of soul searching regarding the truth. As we agree and disagree, it defines who we are as individuals in contrast to other people, "I am this. I am not that." This is the rebel archetype of Uranus. Pluto reminds us that we are in a process of powerful transformation that is out with the old and in with the new, and the change has a convoluted intensity to it. Realizations through all that is happening in the world can redefine who we know ourselves to be quickly and surprisingly thanks to Uranus in Aries.

For much of the circumstances of life, it is the power of our individual decisions that impact lives and create the ways of the world. This time reminds us that we can make better choices. Soul searching is recommended if we're to evolve.

Energizing Mars enters earthy Taurus later this week on Thursday, March 9, 2017. Practical strategies are the best way to go after what you really want.

Exercise and nutrition can give you the best energy boost your body deserves. Get your blood pumping and get in touch with your physical self. Determination and enthusiasm to accomplish much this week can improve your self worth. Accessing your strength and power can do you well.

Concrete actions toward goals can be constructive, or destructive, depending on if one chooses to access the lower or higher vibration of this. Those with big egos and warring minds can push the limits to get what they want and have real-world impact. 

Thank you for reading and sharing with your friends online. Wishing you a wonderful week!

Peace, Love and Light.

Where the Planets are this week:

The Sun is in Pisces
The Moon transits from Gemini to Virgo this week.
Mercury is in Pisces
Venus is retrograde in Aries
Mars enters Taurus on March 9, 2017 at 7:34 pm ET
Jupiter is retrograde in Libra
Saturn is in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto is in Capricorn

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