Mars in Gemini April 21, 2017 to June 4, 2017. Thoughts, Words and Actions...

Mars officially enters Gemini on April 21, 2017 at 6:31 am ET.

There is a strong link and exchange of energy now with Mars in Gemini, and Mercury retrograde in Aries.

Mars is the ruler of Aries, and Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. So, they are in each other’s signs, amplifying each other’s influence.

This can bring varied energy to our thoughts, words and actions. It can be a highly reactive time.

Behavior can say a lot about someone. Body language can reveal a lot about what you’re thinking.

It's a highly important time to put energy towards changing behavioral patterns. Purge the negative thoughts about yourself. Work towards standing up straight as a symbol of your potential and self confidence.

Unfortunately, those with big egos will be the loudest subjects of attention and are likely to escalate differences of opinion. Selfishness and a my way or the highway approach can lead to extra tension. Some people may say one thing but do another.

Gossip, arguments, disagreements, or even aggressive thoughts and words can lead to big shifts in how we see other people and identify with them or not.

Those in leadership roles will be especially in the hot seat. As Mars is the warrior, we can expect such topics to grab attention. The media as well, with the Jupiter-Pluto-Uranus tension, could be pushing lots of forceful idea. Not only is it difficult to believe what is true or not these days, but Mercury retrograde also has us asking, do we really want the ideas they are trying to sell?

Headlines can be intentionally misleading, yet still be a main factor in people's opinions.

Quick words and rash decisions can create some complicated situations. Some people could be surprised, even shocked by the things others say. Do try to bite your tongue or wait before you speak.

Sometimes the best ideas are the initial ideas, but not always. Make sure you take the time to think before you go ahead and say or do something.

Busy minds, and lots of chatter can keep people up at night.

It can be a good time to do research on exercise, but to also try to practice what you learn. The athletic point of view can redefine your perspective on yourself and your body. Stamina can teach you a lot about yourself. However, it’s best to be knowledgeable before pushing yourself too far. If you don't have the right information before starting, take extra care... you don’t want to hurt yourself. With Mercury retrograde, it’s possible to be a bit more clumsy and fumbling.

Self driving cars may be put to question, but driving in general could be a topic to consider. The machinery of vehicles may deserve an inspection, but will they catch all the details?

Be extra careful when driving to avoid collisions or mishaps with those that aren’t paying enough attention to the road or are texting while driving. Stupidity can cause accidents. Use your turn signals when driving. Be attentive to other drivers and speed limits.

As your thoughts, words and actions evolve and change who you know yourself and others to be will also change. Your behavior says a lot about what you're thinking.

I’ve shared lots to think about this week in your Weekly Horoscopes.

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