Mercury Retrograde in Aries April 20, 2017 to May 16, 2017. Miscommunications and more...

I wrote a lot about Pluto stationing Retrograde in Capricorn today, and it’s not always easy writing when Mercury is retrograde. Edits, deletions, distractions and pauses are frequent.

Here are some dates, quick tips and points of view for Mercury retrograde in Aries over the next few weeks.

Mercury retrograde re-enters Aries on April 20, 2017 at 1:36 pm ET.

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While Mercury is in Aries he will meet (conjunct) Uranus twice - on April 28, 2017 and May 10, 2017.

Mercury stations direct in Aries on May 3, 2017 at 1:33 am.


When Mercury is retrograde it’s not a good time to be accepting invitations, saying yes immediately or signing anything concrete, Be attentive to details and take more time to think things through. Look at things from different angles. If you don’t have to decide, put off the formalities and dotted lines until mid-May or later if possible.

It may not be the best time to start new business initiatives or promote a new idea, but it is a good time to do research and contemplate a variety of options and interests. Though not all ideas will be valuable, the process of inquiry can act as an important stepping stone towards useful information. You can then develop your ideas further in a few weeks.

It's a good time to investigate and look at prospects. Refining plans you've had or have put off, could be worth another look. Write down your ideas and take the extra time to try to keep them tidy and organized if possible as it's easy to misplace random pieces of paper and notes now.

Procrastination can feel especially heavy now and bring a strong sense of lethargy. However, it's also important to have quality time for yourself and not rushing towards goals so much.

Communications will be a big factor in issues that come up now. First words or thoughts that come to mind may not be the right ones. It is better to pause and reflect whenever possible.

Mindfulness practices can be challenging, but can also bring a lot of random ideas. Many may not be worth keeping, but you could definitely have some gems in there worth reflecting upon. Memory issues and forgetfulness are likely, so keeping notes is a good idea. Though first impressions may be off, if you feel you should write something down so you don’t forget the thought, then do so, or you may regret it.

Sleep patterns and insomnia can also be an issue. If you’ve got a chattering mind or you feel overwhelmed by anything in life these days, try mantra meditation instead of silent meditation. The sound will give you something to focus on. You could also count your breaths. If you can’t get your mind to slow down and stop chattering about worries or other nonsense, at least you spent some time to yourself. It will get easier over time. Don’t let frustration ruin a good thing.

Keep in mind the importance of Mercury in Taurus as well, as it is all part of the package of self transformation now.

Deep breaths to bring the mind down to the body and the moment is recommended. Exercise of many types can be awesome for the mind. It’s not advised to push yourself too far, but instead to trust your body and what your energy feels like.

During this retrograde cycle of Mercury in Aries, you will likely see yourself in a new way, a different way. It is certainly a revolutionary time for many. That goes for personally and on the larger scale of world politics.

It’s an important time of self awareness and mindfulness about who you consider yourself to be as an individual. Who is that mental image you have of yourself? Who really is that person looking back at you in the mirror? How would you describe yourself?

With Uranus in Aries, you could have epiphanies about yourself, like you’ve had a new awakening about your reality and your identity. A new you could emerge.

More of an interest in the past, in vintage items can inspire a part of your identity.  Retro cameras, phones, and typewriters can be especially interesting to work with or admire. Cponsidering the past can inspire a creative spark within you.

For many this transformation can lead to a sense of personal rebellion, or an assertion of identity in contrast to the false conditioned identity dictated by the ideas, opinions, judgments or preferences of others. Relationships and authority figures will be significant factors in our changing identities now.

Those who feel suppressed will most need to find ways to get inspired about life to regain vital energy.

As another reminder... Thoughts and ideas can be fleeting, or easily forgotten so it is essential to write things down when you think they could be important. Better safe than sorry and you can go back and expand on the ideas that draw your attention most over the days ahead.

Since miscommunications are such an issue now, don’t be surprised if opinions differ and cause disruptions in the energy between you and others. Egos are likely to be the main factor in miscommunications. Other most likely causes are a lack of information, biased views, naivety or a simply a lack of willingness to listen.

Issues brought on by those that can’t keep their crass and ill-thought words to themselves can escalate tensions. Aggressive talks can bring less than positive results. Mixed communications and misinterpretations are most likely.

An overarching theme will be the need for freedom. In this sense we are likely to see the more rebellious types to take a stand against things they disagree with, particularly political issues.

Journalists will continue to noticeably battle out their side of the story and mixed messages will be confusing. Biases are just too difficult to overcome for most. The Pluto-Jupiter-Uranus square is of course a factor in all this transformation.

I talk a lot more about that in the Pluto Retrograde horoscope for April 19 to September 28 here.

The next few weeks will likely bring up challenges that change how we think about ourselves and how we identify with others.

A me vs. them attitude creates complications in personal relationships and in international ones. If people could evolve beyond their ego a bit, it is more likely that we’d be able to have a more objective point of view of reality and better solutions.

Don’t expect great decisions to be made during Mercury retrograde especially by those that live according to ego. Power struggles will be evident in people's misbehavior. Words in the media could surprise and shock and have others shaking their heads.

Since people naturally decidedly have difficulty seeing the other person’s side of the story, he-said, she-said conflicts are likely to arise.

Some will find the need to be more introverted and to retreat into themselves to get away from the issues surrounding them. If you tend to think or worry too much, or are dealing with aggressive personalities, getting away for some quiet time is helpful.

We are all going through a huge personal transformation these days as much as a global one.

Assessing where you leadership abilities can be improved in your own life is advised. How are you taking the lead to become who you know you can be at your full potential and create the life and the world you want?

Mercury will be in Aries until May 16, 2017 at 12:05 am ET.

*I will be publishing a new Special Report mid-May about Mercury in Taurus...

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