Mercury stations Retrograde in Taurus on April 9, 2017

Mercury officially stations Retrograde in Taurus on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 7:14 pm ET.

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Mercury officially left Aries and entered Taurus on March 31, 2017 at 1:30 pm.

With Mercury retrograde now, it is a time to bring your mind back down to earth and into the body. This will be especially notable for those of you that live too much in the busyness of the mind that you tend to neglect the physical world more than perhaps you should.

Sitting under a tree and meditating as the Buddha did, is a symbol to consider for this Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

Of course, yoga perfectly represents bringing the mind down to earth and in touch with the physical world. If you’re the type that has a racing mind or scattered thinking this is your opportunity to slow down a bit and get reacquainted with the present moment. It’s okay to appreciate the time you have now, instead of always thinking about where you’re going for the future. Life is short, don't let your experience of the world pass you by.

Mercury retrograde always signifies communications issues, breakdowns and misunderstandings, so do keep that in mind when you’re dealing with others. Discussing political issues almost always leads to disagreements. It has been said if you don't want to get into an argument, don't talk about politics or religion, there are too many differences of opinion to consider.

A lack of information leads to conflicting opinions. These days, with the Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus square, it’s difficult to discern what is true. Small bits of information and headlines that we are exposed to in the media often encourage biased, strong opinions, but we must remember that it is important to question information and the vested interests of the source rather than always simply taking it at face value, especially with Mercury retrograde plus Jupiter retrograde in Libra. Facts might be twisted or thrown out the window in favor of biased opinions.

Trying to inform others of what you think and know can be especially difficult now if they are closed off, stubborn, aren't willing to listen or are set in their ways.

Politically, we are likely to see plenty of examples of power figures prioritizing ego over logic. Looking back at mistakes and errors in policies is likely. Much of the world is in a messy state because people's minds are in a messy state. Our thoughts are the first step in creating the reality we see in the world. There's enough chaos in the world to remind us that obviously there are a lot of messed up minds.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus can also emphasize clutzy behavior, reminding you to get out of your distracted mind and get more in touch with the physical environment around you. Taking a slower pace, and being present will be helpful now.

If you’re up for a vehicle inspection, you may not get all the right diagnostics while Mercury is retrograde. Waiting a few weeks could be a better bet on getting a correct assessment.

Errors and whatever needs fixing becomes more obvious. If you’ve got a long list of to-dos it just might get longer.

Mercury retro not a great time for renovations. You can expect mis-measurements and calculations to be commonplace. Overlooking mistakes in the workmanship can lead to excess waste of time and money in the long run.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus is in Trine to the North Node in fellow earth sign Virgo.

This is a good time to have a look at your skills or lack of skills. Perhaps they aren’t up to par because you haven’t been spending enough quality time developing your potential. Could you be doing more? If you want to get good, you’ll need to practice more. Mistakes can teach you a lot. If you’re a musician, pay more attention to the timing and the importance of silence between the notes.

Experimenting with a different schedule and change of pace can also give you a different way of looking at things.

Considering how your lifestyle choices and habits have an environmental impact is recommended now as well. Are you buying excessive products that will just end up in a landfill eventually?

This is a great time for hoarders or collectors to get started clearing out and sorting excess material items as part of your spring cleaning routine. Getting rid of clutter can help the mind think more clearly as well.

It’s also a good time to use organic, natural, earthy products. Skip the plastic, or at least recycle whenever possible. Starting plants from seed is a great way to get reaquainted with the magic of life, and is especially great as a way to educate kids and get them interested in nature. Research on composting is also recommended. There are plenty of ways to bring your mind back down to earth and make a difference.

Money matters need to be looked at again and again. Confusion and disagreements of facts are highly likely. More news on problematic economic conditions and financial policies are likely to get more attention. In business, procedures that aren’t working may need to be addressed and investigated further. What isn’t efficient and how can the process be fixed?

Whenever you are dealing with financial issues, be sure to not gloss over the numbers. It can be easy for someone passing you a bill to overcharge or make errors, so do pay close attention to the details. This goes for any type of transactions you are dealing with, especially large purchases with contracts. Make sure you really know what you’re getting into before signing the bottom line. Remember, some people are sneaky, especially with the trickster energy of Mercury retrograde, make sure someone isn’t trying to pull a fast one on you.

Also remember that our system often results in highest profits for the lowest quality. Corporations are always trying to find ways to increase their profit margins, and in doing so, often cut corners or reduce quality unfortunately. Make sure someone doesn’t convince you to buy a piece of junk or unnecessary service just so they can meet their quota.

Most material items these days are designed to break down and be thrown away, become outdated and obsolete so you go buy the newer version asap. They don’t make products to last anymore and what we once appreciates as vintage and antique due to quality craftsmanship, is not a priority in today’s market. Will anything we buy now be considered worthwhile to label as an antique in the future? This throw-away society is an unfortunate methodology many have been convinced to embrace, considering how this simply leads to more garbage and pollution... as if the world isn’t polluted with nonsensical junk waste enough as it is already.

A lack of foresight, or caring about the future or the big picture, is commonplace in consumerist culture. With Mercury retrograde, those of us that do care are likely to find it frustrating when others mindlessly disregard the far reaching, long term consequences of their choices.

Exploring vintage and retro material items is recommended for re-purposing. Encouraging kids, or yourself if you’re a gamer or computer addict, to spend more time in the real world, outside instead of being glued to electronic gadgets is recommended. The mind and body need balance, and nature shall provide it for you well.

Taurus is a sensual sign, and enjoys pleasures of food, fragrances, touch, textures, and beauty. All of this, nature provides for us to enjoy.

Also remember that Venus is retrograde in Pisces, which reminds us to consider how we can be of service and bring love, care and compassion to life is enhanced when we’re being good stewards of the natural world.

Overall, it is important to slow down and appreciate the time you have. Life is short. Venus retrograde in Pisces further indicates the importance of getting in touch with nature and the sacred mysteries of life.

Mercury retrograde enters Aries on April 20, 2017 at 1:37 pm ET.

Mercury will be retrograde for about 3 weeks, and will station direct in Aries on May 3, 2017. I will write a report on Mercury in Aries to be published next week. Mercury retrograde in Taurus now is leading us up to personal realizations to come.

Thank you for reading and sharing this report with your friends online. There is more to come. I will be sharing the Full Moon report later today or early tomorrow. Come back to visit...

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