New Moon in Taurus Weekly Sun Sign Horoscopes for April 23 to 30, 2017

It’s officially a New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 8:16 am ET.

The glorious sun is shining bright. The trees are budding, the birds are tweeting, the flowers are popping up out of the ground and people are out and about enjoying the warmer weather.

The New Moon indicates a new beginning. Over the next 2 weeks the Moon will grow in size symbolizing growth in our own lives. Spending time in nature and being more attentive to your physical well being, wants and needs is recommended to reduce stress and increase inspiration and vitality.

The environment is an abundant system that sustains us and deserves our respect.The beauty and majesty of nature teaches us much about acceptance and cycles of life, growth and appreciation of our time here. Enjoy your relationship with nature this week. It will change you.

I talk more about this New Moon and the others transits and aspects in your Sun Sign Horoscopes this week. Links to each Sun Sign Horoscope are listed below.

Also happening this week...

Mercury and Saturn are in positive aspect this week on Monday, April 24, 2017. Though miscommunications and mistakes are likely to arise, we can learn a lot of valuable life lessons from the barriers and challenges we face now.

Venus, now direct in Pisces, enters Aries on Friday, April 28, 2017 at 9:13 am ET. 

Mercury Retrograde meets with Uranus in Aries on Friday, April 28, 2017 at 10:49 am ET. 

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Aries: This is a time of self transformation for you. Listen to your gut instincts and think about how you can empower yourself by making smarter decisions and owning your power of self determination. If you allow others to direct your life, you are likely to just feel dis-empowered. Self reflection and self awareness are key for you this week. Mercury retrograde in your sign could bring ups and downs. Confusion, boredom or a lack of information can slow you down, but are also good prompts to dive deeper and learn more. When reading take notes, and highlight key points you don’t understand to help you retain and reflect on information better. If you’re a self starter or entrepreneur this is a good time to do more research and investigate your interests and goals. Reminders of adventures in life you’ve been missing out on can prompt you rethink your strategies. Whatever you have strong emotional attachments to this week can be the catalyst to new ideas and exploration. Later in the week your self worth becomes of primary concern. Money matters are in focus for you and indicate where your learning and growth develops best. Considering new financial options and ways to make your life feel more secure sets the stage for your next steps. There is much value in doing things on your own time this week. Don’t jump when others whistle or you may lose yourself. You choose when the time is right for you. Most of all, you are in a powerful process of redefining yourself these days. This week is a good time to go within and reflect on who you are and what you want your life to be like on your own terms. Read more about Mercury meeting Uranus in Aries this week here.

Taurus: Happy Birthday Month and Happy New Moon in Taurus this week! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s time to be outside enjoying nature. This is a great week to explore your dreams. Imagine a world where you have the resources to achieve your aims. Whether it’s the money you need, a new perspective on how to get from point A to B or the tools and supplies necessary to make it happen, spend some time dreaming and visualizing what you need to make your dreams a reality. Though you may not have all the answers yet, imagining the possibilities for achievement is a first step that can motivate and inspire a new you. Daydreaming can give you vitality and excitement that brings good energy your way. Think outside the box, and write down your dreams. Art, beauty and nature will help inspire you. Celebrate your life and enjoy making fantasies reality.

Your social life, partnerships and personal relationships are highlighted this week. Miscommunication is a big factor when Mercury is retrograde. Perhaps you don’t understand others, or others don’t understand you perfectly well. If there are differences of opinion, it’s worth listening and trying to see the other side of the story before making a judgment. These days, it’s easy for people to be stubbornly biased, only willing to see one’s own point of view. You can change this, and build bridges between yourself and others by reacting to others more responsibly. Discussions with other people can bring surprising information you may not agree with, but can also give you great ideas, or be catalysts to learning that is worth exploring further. You don’t have to take things at face value. Asking questions is key to learning more. The New Moon encourages you to spend some quiet time in nature to find yourself. Being grounded in the natural world will help elevate your consciousness to follow your dreams.

Cancer: You could change your mind often about work, career and goals you set for yourself this week. That’s ok. Mercury is retrograde so you’re bound to not have all the answers now, but it is great for thinking up different possibilities. If you have not been as focused on your responsibilities as you know you could be, this week can bring reminders of how you put obstacles in your own way. Considering ways to rework your schedule so your goals become prioritized is worthwhile. Wherever you may usually procrastinate, getting more serious about what you really want in life can bring meaningful coincidences your way. If you think you deserve a better financial outcome for your efforts, this is the time to contemplate changing how you value your time. A new set of friends, allies, acquaintances, peers and groups you partake in can change you. Getting outside to do things in the real world with others can inspire all new beginnings for your life.

Leo: As one of the more creative, expressive signs of the zodiac, the spring sunshine is great inspiration to let yourself shine bright. Though you may not be totally clear on the direction you want to go in, and your aims may be put into question, this is a great time to explore. Maybe one area of creativity and talent you thought was a sure thing, now doesn’t seem totally right for you. That’s ok. Your current perceived limitations or doubts are most likely setting the stage for you to try something new and different. The New Moon will bring inspiration for new goals to consider. As you explore the variety of palettes in your internal world of talents and creativity, different parts of yourself will be discovered, adding to your master creation - yourself. Keep working on exploring your goals and you’ll find your time becomes more evidently valuable.

Virgo: Clarity and organization are so pivotal in your success. Yet, life doesn’t always work out in such an orderly fashion, so work needs to be done to get things in alignment. If house, home and family matters are taking up much of your time, you’ll need to prioritize. There are many time-zappers in life, and it’s important that you remember to value time as your most precious resource. Mercury retrograde can leave you indecisive about a lot of things, and that can be your biggest time-zapper now. Money matters and paying down debts are big factors highlighted for you now as well. Assessing where things haven’t been working out will help you make better sense of both your time and money management. Flush out those time and money wasters so you can set yourself up for new growth with the New Moon this week. The bounty of nature’s growth in springtime is a great reminder that when all the right elements work in harmony in life, abundance is the natural result. Tend to your garden for optimal growth.

Libra: Miscommunication and misunderstandings are likely this week, especially in your closer relationships. Mercury retrograde is reminding us that we need to work out the kinks and put in extra effort to be clear when dealing with others. Taking a step back, waiting to respond, and choosing your most responsible interactions is advised. Consider how all your actions, lead to reactions. Cause and effect is with you. You’ve got bigger aims in life than petty disagreements on trivial matters, so keep that in mind this week. Love grows better when respect is a core value. The New Moon sets the stage for growth this week and next. It’s not the best time to sign agreements or take out a new loan, but it is a good time to look at how to use your current financial resources optimally and responsibly. Keeping track of your finances is essential. When you give your financial picture attention, and track how you give and receive, your chances for growth increase.

Scorpio: Miscommunications can be obvious this week. Try not to get distracted or dwell on minor issues. If you’re bored with the work you do, or if your daily routine and schedule just isn’t giving you the life experience you want, this is the time to reconsider which way you’ve been heading. Taking a step back, pausing and reflecting on the lifestyle you’ve created for yourself up to now is certainly worth a bit of your time. Making money, usually requires much time and effort. If you don’t have the right information to make it happen, this is the time to explore your options and take stock of what hasn’t been working so you don’t continue repeating the same patterns. Removing bad habits and dead ends from your life that waste time and money is well advised. The changes and discoveries about your daily processes this week are likely to lead to an influential epiphany. New energy in your relationship sector indicates growth. Whether it is associated with romantic, platonic or business relationships, bonds with others can give you a sense of security that empowers you.

Sagittarius: You’re the happy go lucky sign that is known to be friendly, sociable and outgoing with a great sense of humor. But sometimes life can feel a bit more serious and doubts can creep in about yourself. Mercury retrograde can have you feeling confused and unsure, and so can Saturn retrograde in your sign now. Your mind could be all over the place or dwelling on faults more than usual. A change in your perception and approach is the eventual worthwhile benefit. You have natural talents and sometimes they can require more attention and more work blossom. Take that time now, and sit with your challenges. They will push you to explore more of yourself and the eventual result will be an increased self esteem and appreciation. Rewards come in time and are best when earned well. Accept the process of internal growth and life lessons. You are likely to have a eureka moment this week that shifts your way of thinking. A new way of doing things is set to begin that can empower your day to day lifestyle. Let yourself light up and grow like the seedling breaking through the soil to reach the sun’s light with the New Moon.

Capricorn: Dealing with people that are closest to us, particularly family, is not always easy. Misunderstandings, miscommunications and even a lack of respect can create odd circumstances and dampen bonds. Keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde now, so when it comes to dealing with people, know they may be thinking in a totally different way than you are. A variety of different beliefs, a lack of information, or wrong information can cause misunderstandings. But taking a step back, pausing and reacting responsibly can ultimately lead to new understandings that makes uncomfortable discussions worth it in the end. A good spring cleaning of your home environment can improve the energy flow. It’s a great time to purge old energy. New inspiration is sure to find you this week when you’re engaging with natural surroundings. Whether you are simply taking a stroll among the budding trees, getting your hands dirty planting new flowers, or doing sun salutations in the park, the beauty of nature can enliven you immensely. The new growth of spring can remind you of how the world offers abundance and satisfying relationships to life around you.

Aquarius: There are some special people in life that we can disagree with but ultimately retain important bonds. There are also acquaintance or superficial relationships that we could do without. Factors of communication this week will give you insight into who is and who isn’t a part of your team of confidants. Misunderstandings can be a good thing sometimes, as it shows you a different side of people and from there you can see how closely you really relate or not or how willing you are to make things right. People may share a variety of ideas with you this week, and not all of them will be keepers, but you’ll likely identify with ideas that free your mind. Mercury is retrograde, so it can be difficult making firm decisions overall. Just take your time as rushing ahead likely won’t turn out as expected. A new way of experiencing your home life is set to arise for you this week too. New plants and natural decorations is recommended for your home space to improve the energy. Cooking and enjoying the pleasures of home with those you love can warm your heart.

Pisces: Changing the way you think about money and your career can be good for you now. It’s generally not the best time to make firm decisions with Mercury retrograde, but if a message keeps coming up and you can’t ignore the repeating thought, it’s worth exploring further. If you haven’t felt that secure or confident in your job, or if you don’t feel like the income is giving you the bottom line you feel you need, it’s not a bad idea to look at what options are out there for you. You will find it beneficial to consider how to cut expenses as well. Going over your resume and your financial books, looking at the details more closely, can inspire you to consider different opportunities. If you feel stuck in a rut or in a routine that doesn’t feel totally satisfying this is your prompt to think outside the box. The New Moon indicates that a new financial outlook on life can help you grow. Listen and learn more about ways to grow your income in ways that would bring a sense of pleasure and security to your life, and you’ll feel more empowered.

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