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Saturn Stations Retrograde in Sagittarius April 6, 2017. Political, Cultural, Financial Challenges and Changes.

Saturn officially stations retrograde in Sagittarius on April 6, 2017 at 1:05 am ET.

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Saturn will be retrograde for all of spring and most of the summer, from 28 degrees of Sagittarius until he reaches 21 degrees of Sagittarius on August 25, 2017. Saturn will then station direct for his final transit forward.

After 2017, Saturn will not return to Sagittarius until 2044... that's in 27 years!

Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius is a reminder for us to look at what is not working in our lives, and more importantly in the world. Jupiter retrograde in Libra also reminds us that this is an important time of soul searching and questioning beliefs.

What is holding us back from our higher aims, individually and collectively? What fears are keeping you from accomplishing your best? Or, who is holding you back? And more importantly, what exactly are our goals and aims anyway? Are our own aims guided by bringing betterment for all, for the planet, or just for our own egos and self centered wants and needs? Are we selfish in our aims or considerate of how we are impacting life around us too?

What you sow, so shall you reap. What you deserve is what is earned. Saturn retrograde does not indicate a free lunch, it requires real responsibility and facing where you have been lacking responsibility.

If you procrastinate and lose track of goals that matter in your life, it is more likely you will spiral into negative energy. Extra effort to create positive energy within and around you is required. Try not to dwell on the negative. Acknowledge the faults, but work on finding solutions.

Saturn retrograde also signifies learning the hard way, or through trial and error, is more likely.

While Saturn is retrograde we can expect to see more divisiveness culturally worldwide. Our differences will be emphasized even more than they have been, reminding us that we need to change course if we want to make the world a better place.

A deeper look at the consequences, deeper issues and restrictions of world affairs, politics, immigration, nationalism, restrictions on relationships, identity, and travel considerations are strongly indicated.

Saturn is also Father Time. Have you been valuing your time? Looking back, how could you have used your time better? What would you do over again if you could redo it? What mistakes did you make, and what did you learn? What karma have you created?

Venus retrograde in Pisces is also in contrast to Saturn in Sagittarius now. This indicates soul karma. Where’s the love? Where is the compassion? Where is it lacking in the world? If you turn on the news you will immediately be reminded that what the world really needs is more love and compassion. The result of egos, bombs and aggression only cause more devastation and is not a solution - so why do those that rule and have power use this approach? The simple answer is, sadly, because love and compassion is not a priority that guides decisions by those that have and want more power. The ego leads to power struggles and a need for domination. The unhealthy ego leads to the worst results of humanity.

When I see what’s happening around the world, how people are treating each other and how people’s aims and goals in life are so self centered that they turn a blind eye to the harm caused to others, it is of course saddening and maddening. Have so many people really lost touch with caring for their fellow human beings?

Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius reminds us that if we want to take responsibility for making the world a better place, we need to get serious about how we are contributing to the results. Ignoring what’s going on when it gets uncomfortable, doesn’t make what’s going on go away, it only allows suffering to continue.

With so much happening in the world that is devastating more people will lose faith in spiritual perspectives on life because of it. But, we are reminded that love and compassion can bring is a necessary antidote to relieve suffering. Read more about Venus Retrograde in Aries, and Venus Retrograde in Pisces here

Mars is also in Trine to Pluto on April 6, 2017 indicating strong effort towards practical changes can make big impacts. Does this mean it will be positive because it is a trine? Well sure, it’s possible if your intentions are good and your goals are positive, you have the potential and support to create positive changes. This can work great for taking a leadership role in your life and making practical changes. Exercise is a great example of accessing this kind of power.

But, for many areas of life Mars and Pluto in cahoots is not so positive, even when they are in Trine. This is power over the earth, and material concerns, and we all know that for many, when it comes to political issues and money matters, power corrupts.

Remember that both Pluto and Mars are rulers of Scorpio, a sign of dramatic, intense psychological implications, as well as financial forces.

Though trines are considered easy aspects, Mars and Pluto are not the most positive planets. Because these planets can be very ego based and emphasize aggressive qualities, it can be easy for such aggression to get a major boost. And, we all know what happens when the ego gets worked up… divisiveness and conflict.

Mars in Trine to Pluto alerts us to what kind of world humanity has been working toward manifesting. What kind of reality are we putting our efforts into creating and building?

Political and financial concerns are in focus as Saturn stations retrograde, which indicates big changes could gain in intensity.

Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus are still at odds and speaks directly to the conflicts of relationships and identity with political and financial powers now. Pluto in Capricorn is a powerhouse of political changes that is reaching right into our personal lives and impacting relationships around the world. Bias and propaganda are the norm in journalism these days, while truth, beliefs and lies are the foundation of debates. What we are lead to believe or choose to believe may not necessarily be what is true.

In a nutshell, the world has become a place with many messes, and it’s our responsibility to clean it up. There is great conflicts of power in the world. Power in politics is not harmony. Power is rule and dominion.

It is obvious that there is a lot that needs to change and Pluto in the crosshairs is revealing a lot every day of how much work it’s going to take to transform the world. Pluto goes below the surface and behind the scenes. We can expect a lot of struggles politically and financially to come out from hiding.

Pluto signifies that transformation comes out of chaos. The phoenix rises from the ashes.

Pluto is going to be in Capricorn for a few more years and we can expect major challenging changes politically and financially.

With Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius and Jupiter retrograde in Libra in square to Pluto and opposing Uranus, trust in corporate media and mainstream journalism is likely to come further into question asking who is responsible for what, and who is really telling the truth and who is not. A trend toward rethinking information provided with more scrutiny is likely, and looking to alternative points of view for a different point of view on world events is likely.

Saturn retrograde also reminds us to pay our debts, financially and karmically. But we also have to remember that we are in a system designed by debt, so how is that even possible? If everyone pays back their debts, the economy will essentially collapse. The system requires that we pay interest to the banks in order to keep the economy going. This is why, when 9/11 happened, the first thing Bush told everyone to do was to go shopping, instead of hoarding our money out of fear of the unknown. Without spending money to keep the economy going, it is a house of cards ready to fall. Saving money is discouraged in the grand scheme of things.

Too much to think about? Too negative? Saturn retrograde and cosmic companion Pluto are reminding us that unfortunately reality isn’t all roses and sunshine when we look more deeply at the big picture of what’s really going on in the world. We need to look at the hard stuff that makes us uncomfortable, in order to make better, more responsible decisions.

We need to focus on positive solutions, but we also need to acknowledge the magnitude of reality that is not positive to have a real grasp and starting point to create effective change from the negative toward the positive.

Saturn retrograde indicates that we need to take the time to think things through and recreate new goals that are better aligned with more positive, meaningful, impactful aims we have in life. We need to consider the whole picture.

Today, most people are easily lost in the temptations of materialism, addicted to consumerist culture, buying more and more to try to find happiness, while ignoring the bigger picture of reality. That cheap shirt you may have bought, could have been made by child slave laborers in a foreign country.

Karma is a natural law, you can’t live in blind ignorant bliss forever pretending everything is wonderful just because it feels good. Ignoring reality has consequences and impacts the lives of others. Just how many problems in the world are created by ignoring the impact our choices make?

I know this is a heavy report. We all want to hear the positive, life affirming answers, and that is great, I often share the positive, but the universe embodies all possibilities, an entire spectrum of positive and negative that we have to deal with in life. Until we face that reality, instead of ignoring it, and learn to take what is and work towards co-creating positive results, we will just manifest more of what we have been. Change happens first within, and spreads outwards impacting the lives of those you touch, seen and unseen.

In a nutshell, where we see that the world is a messed up place, it is because people are messed up, uncaring, selfish and inconsiderate of each other. It is people’s choices that create the world. We need to elevate our lives and the lives of those around us by being the positive change we want to see in the world. It’s a long process but we can start with where we are now to create change. We must if it is to become a better place. What humanity has been doing to each other, and the planet is not leading us in the best direction. A small change to be more conscious of your karma, the results of your actions, is a great place to begin and can have bigger impact than you realize.

We can't always know all the impacts of our choices, but we can at least try to be informed instead of turning a blind eye so easily. Helping to reduce suffering in the world whenever possible, is worth the effort. As Maya Angelou said, "When you know better, do better."

With Saturn retrograde, don’t ignore what’s happening in the world but also don’t slip into despair. Each of us have a responsibility and ability to create positive changes. Acknowledge what isn’t working for the better, and focus on what can bring positive experiences for yourself, for those you love, and for all those around you. We each play a small part, but together we can change a lot.

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