Weekly Sun Sign Astrology Horoscopes for April 16 to 22, 2017. Pluto Retrograde, Sun in Taurus...

The Sun enters Taurus on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 5:27 pm ET.

Pluto officially stations retrograde in Capricorn on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 8:48 am ET.

Mercury Retrograde re-enters Aries on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 1:37 pm ET.

Mercury stationed retrograde last week.

Mars enters Gemini on April 21, 2017.

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Aries: This week signifies that you may be thinking about greener pastures. More focus on your financial bottom line and reinventing your identity is in order. Reducing external distractions is recommended. Bringing more attention to your own needs, instead of trying to satisfy the whims and requests of everyone else is not selfish, sometimes it is simply necessary so you can find balance. But, if you say you’ll do something, be prepared to walk the talk this week. Contemplate before you commit so you are doing things you actually want to do. Your career, goals and reputation begin a transformation now that can impact your sense of self worth and your relationships. It’s a good time to rethink your resume, or rewrite your bio. Working towards clarity of who you are will take time, but can lead to a real sense of empowerment and freedom once completed. It’s a great time to start purging the unnecessary clutter from your life. Being less bogged down helps you reinvent the big picture of your life.

Taurus: Celebration of your life is just around the corner with your birthday month coming up. The Sun enters Taurus on Wednesday this week. As an earth sign, with light shining down on you, nature is your go-to place of inspiration. New buds should start arriving soon and flowers will bring you delight. As you get reaquainted with the natural world in bloom, your worldview will change. Sun shining on leaves, or sparking on water, the breeze in your hair and caressing your face will bring you back to knowing the real you. Reinvent and re-dream your life this week. More energy towards generating income is motivated by self awareness. Empathy and compassion can deepen bonds with casual acquaintances. Your schedule should include some time for daydreaming and contemplation of life’s big questions. People interested in holistic lifestyles and healing are great companions now.

Gemini: Nature is a magical place for you in the coming weeks. Rays of sunshine through a forest symbolize the type of dreamy energy coming your way. The world is a sacred place that benefits your well being and can bring you much creative inspiration. The importance and power of words and thoughts increases later in the week. Mars enters your sign and inspires a boost of self-esteem. Statements with power behind them can create big changes. Exercise is a positive way to guarantee self improvement. Being outside, feeling the air on your skin and the sweat on your brow can do you wonders. Getting reacquainted with friends and peers from your past can bring new ideas worth writing about and exploring further. A closer look at your finances can bring you a reality check and ultimately help you make better decisions. If possible, get rid of some debt to help you feel less restricted.

Cancer: Your social life becomes more dominant over the coming weeks. Spending time chatting and walking by a lake or river exploring the tree buds and flowers blooming in the sunshine will get you in touch with good energy. You could also find that talking and working with others on the same page as you brings up ideas for financial growth. Everyone needs money, and working together towards a common aim with financial smarts as the backbone can help bring stability. Letting go of the baggage in relationships can transform your life. Fixing career issues may be necessary, but be extra conscious of the fine print and hidden details if new agreements are up for discussion. If you have insomnia, exercise can help balance your chattering mind.

Leo: Your career, ambitions and bigger goals for your life come into focus this week. The mistakes you’ve made or issues in communications in your career sector can be the catalyst to make an important shift. However, Mercury is retrograde, so you still need to be extra attentive. If you want to make a change, do more research and double check the details before making any time sensitive or firm decisions. Pluto also goes retrograde this week, affecting your lifestyle, habits and work routines. It’s a good time to do spring cleaning and purge your office, your desk, your paperwork and all the rest of unnecessary clutter to help you make lifestyle changes. However, don’t throw anything out or make permanent changes while mercury is retro. Though it’s a great time to get started on the cleansing process, just make sure you still have access and wait to make a final decision on what to purge out of your life for good in a few weeks.

Virgo: A shift in your worldview is set to take place this week. Your appreciation for yourself, and the natural world around you can wake you up to life again, in a bigger way. If you’ve felt unsure of which way your life is heading, and are thinking more about the mistakes you’ve made or the things you’ve regretted or missed out on, don’t fret. Those seemingly negative thoughts are actually great catalysts to help you make a shift towards a different way of life. Thoughts that don’t serve you will melt away and make room for lighter ideas to fill up that space. Debts and financial issues also put a spotlight on self esteem and worthiness. More research on income resources can inspire great new ideas. You’re also entering a phase of transformation with Pluto retrograde. Everyone has the creative spark within them, but if your fears cause you to procrastinate on manifesting your creative ideas, you’re about to begin a process that helps you tread a different path.

Libra: There’s a crossover of energy happening this week in your relationship sector and one of your main financial sectors. Miscommunications and problems in relationships can alert you to what needs to be fixed in your life, and finances could be one of the major issues. Perhaps you can make some changes within yourself, but others will also need to change if balance and harmony is to become reality. Don’t put everything on your own shoulders. Relationships are a two way street. Financial stability becomes increasingly important for you, and having your significant other on the same page can be a big help in the bigger picture. To feel balanced now, you need the confidence of solid footing. Spending some time in nature can also remind you of the abundance that life has to offer, and can help bring you calm. Spring cleaning is highly recommended for you Libra. Purging the unnecessary clutter from your home can give you the change of energy you need. With less distractions in your way, you’ll be able to think more about your goals. Take a leadership approach in transforming your life now.

Scorpio: Your relationships are in the hotseat. Perhaps communications are off, or tempers that have flared lately are changing the landscape. The light comes on later in the week. You’re likely to realize that a change in your lifestyle is necessary, even if you can’t put into words what that exact change may be. Spending time reflecting on your day to day lifestyle can inspire new ideas. Not all the ideas will be keepers, but the process of reflection will undoubtedly lead to a new you. Fixing your schedule so that you feel like you have more freedom is also recommended. As you are going through an important change now, the people you usually talk to may also change. If the conversations are not in line with how you are transforming with, you may either retreat or find new people to converse with. New ideas on money matters could motivate you to take charge.

Sagittarius: Your work routine and lifestyle requires a shift. The same old routine just won’t work anymore. You need to look more closely at your use of time and schedule in more important tasks that light you up so you gain more satisfaction each day. It’s also important to look at how your mindset creates your reality, and get rid of the negative thought patterns that may hold you back from exploring your more exciting, creative energy. More planets are going retrograde, following the lead of Saturn retrograde in your sign. This week Pluto goes retrograde. For you, it is finances and a sense of stability and security that is changing. Reinventing your route to securing income is recommended, but so is your approach to money management. If you’re a frequent spender, you may need to reign it in and become more responsible and mindful. Money is largely a reflection of your choices. Get rid of bad spending habits, and get more alert to how your goals align with the way the world is changing financially.

Capricorn: Big changes on the horizon are not just out there, they are within you. Self esteem and self empowerment are going through a potent shift, and they largely begin this week. Much of the changes will happen internally, but those internal shifts will influence how you act and react to life around you, and thus your personal changes will surely make an impact, like the butterfly effect. Your leadership abilities are a natural part of your overall identity, but holding back aggressive demands, can be an important part of your self-learning. By being a bit more receptive, and listening more, you can bring greater balance to the world around you. Bosses are the types that tell others what to do and can often be at odds with their underlings. Real leaders, on the other hand, encourage and support others to be a part of something bigger. A lighter, creative approach can manifest a much better impact overall now.

Aquarius: Changes at home and with family are in focus for you these days. Reconsidering your sense of security can lead to a lot of contemplation. It may not be the right time to move, or sign a mortgage, but thinking about the options is recommended. More sunshine in your home environment, and bringing more of a light attitude to family members can make wherever you are feel more like home. Prioritizing reconciling differences and fixing miscommunications may become more important to you. Your fantasies about career and ambitions in life will start to make important shifts this week. What you think you wanted, may not be what you wish for any longer. Letting go of power tripping can change your entire worldview and help you rediscover a greater karmic path for your soul growth. Who you thought you would become and why, is going to transform significantly in the coming months.

Pisces: Venus is now direct in your sign. Self healing and self love are an important part of your transformation and as you develop these qualities further, you will become more true to a higher calling that impacts life around you. As your self worth goes up a notch, you will be able to communicate the lighter side of life with others more easily. Though new ideas on making money are worth contemplating, it’s not the time to discuss them with others now. Instead, discussions on abundance as exemplified by the natural world beginning to bloom again around you, makes for enlightening talks. Through such encounters with nature, you will come to realize a real sense of self worth that goes beyond the numbers. Your mission in life and the people you associate with can start to shift this week and your changing relationship to money is a most likely catalyst. Reducing debt can help you get on track to living more freely.

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Planetary Transits This Week

The Sun transits from Aries to Taurus on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 5:27 pm ET
The Moon transits from Sagittarius to Pisces this week
Mercury now Retrograde transits back into Aries on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 1:37 pm ET
Venus is now direct in Pisces
Mars transits from Taurus to Gemini on Friday, April 21, 2017 at 6:32 am ET
Jupiter is retrograde in Libra
Saturn is Retrograde in Sagittarius
Uranus is in Aries
Neptune is in Pisces
Pluto stations retrograde in Capricorn on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 8:48 am ET.

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