Mercury direct in Aries... Weekly Horoscopes for May 1 to 7, 2017

Welcome to May! 

It's my birthday on May 1st! I am so grateful to be alive! Thank you so much for your readership and your support. 

If you recall, in 2016 I talked a lot about the importance of getting your life organized and on track towards your destiny. Well, the North Node will only be in Virgo until May 9th, 2017. So, if you want to get your life in order, this is prime time!

Mercury also stations Direct this week on May 3, 2017 at 12:33 pm. All those things that weren’t working out should start to get resolved. If you’ve had any major life changes during Mercury retrograde, clarity on your forward direction should arrive this week. I talk more about Mercury in Aries here...

For so many of us, this is a period of new beginnings. The New Moon in Taurus last week set the stage for our growth this week. Valuing your time and being more mindful of your body and the natural world around you, along with gratitude can elevate your consciousness.

The Sun, now in Taurus, connects nicely with Neptune this week on Wednesday. The more imagination you have when you’re in touch with nature, the more magical life will feel. Now that the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the sun is shining, the magic of life is all around us to be enjoyed.

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Enjoy Reading Your Weekly Horoscopes for All 12 Sun Signs

Aries: Mercury stations direct in your sign this week. Going through a personal reformation can bring many gifts, and some will be in disguise. Know that you have the power to be great and to share that greatness. Epiphanies this week will put you on a whole other level of consciousness. Imagining your ideal lifestyle and how to handle the money necessary to create the life you want, is a great step towards your new beginnings. Independence is your strong suit. Redefine yourself on your own terms. Use your leadership skills this week to take yourself up the ladder towards your dreams. Think outside the box.

Taurus: A change of mind can give you the willpower and inspiration to make your dreams a reality. Remembering your past, will benefit your new ideas about the future. You’ve learned a lot of lessons over the past year. Thoughts about yourself that held you back should be released so you can redefine yourself in a new image. This is your time to shine, and move forward to create a higher version of yourself. Self worth, and aligning with the greater meaning of life, can bring you beautiful gifts. Your gratitude makes even the small things magnificent. Get ready to shine. People with good karma and gentle souls will enlighten you most.

Gemini: This is a week to redefine yourself and the people in your life as you head into the future. If miscommunication with others has been an obvious issue while Mercury has been retrograde, just remember that you don’t have to always see eye to eye on everything with others to have a valuable relationship. Disagreements are sometimes necessary to help you contemplate another perspective, and therefore grow because of it. Those that you think are too different from you now, may be the very people that bring about the most pivotal ideas. Consider this as you decide who you do or do not want to take along for your ride. Your willpower is capable of many feats this week as well. Set your mind to something and follow it with direct and focused action and you can achieve much.

Cancer: If you’ve been having issues at work, or have been thinking of changing careers or goals, clarity on your future steps should arise later in the week. If it’s going to be good, you’ll need to focus on what excites you and gives you a sense of fulfillment. Let go of old ideas that haven’t panned out, and set yourself up for success. Determination goes a long way this week and will infuse your life with great ideas. People that are down to earth and have an inner glow are the ones to connect with. They will teach you truths about life that you need to know now. Enjoy some more time in nature and in the light for your well being.

Leo: It’s time to reinvent yourself. If you had a vision board, what would be your top priorities and inspirations? Think about it this week, and the answers will come to you. An open mind, and wide open spaces give you the right energy to bring up brilliant ideas that take you beyond your usual worldview. When you broaden your horizons, and let go of past doubts, you can have incredible realizations. Career goals that bring good service to others and meaning to your life is such an important part of your development now. The money you need is best available when your practical efforts draw on your best resources. A down to earth, kind approach attracts wisdom.

Virgo: This is the last full week that the North Node will be in your sign, Virgo. Being organized and utilizing your natural skills is most empowering. A coincidental message could arrive this week that reminds you of how much magic and inspiration life has to offer. A trimmed down schedule can give you more time to focus on what’s most important. Being more forward thinking, and dreaming about the big possibilities for your future, along with a bright financial plan, can make your dreams align with your destiny. Responsibility and intelligence are keys to meaningful relationships now.

Libra: You won’t always see eye to eye with everyone, and for many Libra’s relationships have made this most obvious, especially with Mercury retrograde. What you thought you once wanted is changing. This week, start thinking about your future instead of dwelling on the past. You are most destined for greatness when your dreams are well thought out, and organized. A plan helps you keep focus. Dreams help you think outside the box. Find your balance this week between the logical and imaginative. Working towards your dream job and lifestyle can attract the resources you need.

Scorpio: Is your life in order the way you want it to be? This is the time to figure out where you’re going to focus your mind and your willpower. Procrastination will get you nowhere fast, and is draining to your mental and physical well being. Revamp your schedule this week so your time is not wasted. Same with your money. Keeping track of how you’re spending, or wasting, money each day will help you see how to reclaim your financial power. This is especially important if you’re an entrepreneur. This week, make sure your business and your lifestyle gain clarity so you have a much smarter process going forward. Getting in touch with emotional sentiments helps keeps your relationships connect on a soul level. Dreamy, romantic connections are quite possible. Fantasy and pleasure can light you up.

Sagittarius: Your personality is changing. Keywords you once used to describe yourself may no longer suit you as they once did. Words you overhear or that show up randomly in conversations this week can suddenly shift your frame of mind. Adding new words to your vocabulary can lead you to a new way of expressing yourself that feels refreshing and new. Conversations with people from your past, or remembering people from your past, can remind you of how much you’ve changed. Experiment with your words and your creativity this week and you’ll be heading in a new direction in no time. Your thoughts, words and lifestyle is going to change in May, and you will likely feel like you’re getting on track. Harmony between home life and work will make each day more meaningful.

Capricorn: Sometimes we don’t know the whole story. Try not to make assumptions this week about what people mean. It’s especially easy for conversations with family and those close, to get mixed up with miscommunications early this week. But, there is also a likely opportunity for clarity to arise that wouldn’t have been possible without the misunderstanding in the first place. Getting worked up will only fan flames. Just go with the flow as conversations unfold. Be a good listener, and you can turn things around. The more information you have, the better, but try not to come across as prying. Your best focus this week is on creativity. Natural surroundings will light up your imagination. Commune with nature for best results.

Aquarius: Miscommunication has been lingering for a few weeks. Sometimes silence is the best remedy so you can collect your thoughts, but sometimes silence is interpreted by others as the silent treatment. Regardless of the communication issues lately, this week doors to new thoughts and ideas will likely open bringing clarity going forward. If you’re an entrepreneur and felt like your wheels have been spinning, this week can head you in a smarter direction. If your finances have been murky or vague, family or those close could come through with a bit of extra help, or at least give you food for thought on practical changes. Recognizing money as a form of energy can shift you towards more trust and faith in how your own energy is an important part of the process of giving and receiving.

Pisces: We’re now into May flower season and it’s time to rise and shine. Thinking big and beyond the mundane will help you enjoy the magic of life. The beauty of nature will be a big part of your life lighting up this week, so pay attention to the songs of birds, and the cycle of sunrise and sunset. Sparkling rays of light floating on ripples of water is a suitable mental image of the energy between yourself and others when you’re in harmony. Set your intentions for good energy this week and you’ll shine. If you’ve been reconsidering how you make your income, this week should provide you with clarity. You may find applying for a new job, or getting excited about your potential helps you release the doubts of the past. Moving forward with new ideas is key to your growth as we progress through the week.

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